Date Published: 2021-12-29

Start The New Year Clean With A Bug-Out Sanitation Kit

Start The New Year Clean With A Bug-Out Sanitation Kit

By Adelia Ladson

The start of a new year is the best time to reevaluate your SHTF preparedness. There are always ways to improve on your plan that you already have in place. More than any other part of your plan, you need to make sure that your bug-out bag is rock-solid. It’s crucial that it contains all of the necessary tools to help ensure your survival. So, this year, if you haven’t already, you need to add a sanitation kit to your bug-out gear.

Why Do I Need A Sanitation Kit?

In one word: germs. Just as deadly as any other danger you’ll face, germs are invisible adversaries that you’ll fight along with everything else that you have to contend with when SHTF happens. Germs cause infections and, when all hell is breaking loose, you can’t afford to have an infection of any kind. They can be broken down into four categories: bacteria like pneumonia, viruses like measles, fungi like athlete’s foot and parasites like malaria. Your first line of defense against all of these is by simply making sure that you stay clean. And the way to do that is to have essential hygiene tools and sanitizing products with you wherever you’re bugging-out to.

Putting Together A Sanitation Kit

The first thing you need is a container to store and carry your sanitation essentials in. It needs to be water-proof and large enough for your essentials but small enough to fit easily in your bug-out bag or family bug-out gear. If you’re bugging-out with your family, there’s this really great impact-resistant polypropylene ammo crate that has a tongue-and-groove O-ring seal system to keep water out. The container is strong enough to hold 85 lbs, although, you definitely should not be filling it to that weight if you’re bugging out. If you’re looking at a one bag and just yourself situation, you can find smaller hard plastic containers out there to fit your needs. Once you have your box, here’s the essentials to put in it.

Personal Hygiene Essentials

History has taught us that personal hygiene is absolutely necessary to maintain the body’s overall health. So, it’s even more critical to continue your personal hygiene routines when you’re likely to be exposed to germs more than ever. The most basic essential you can have is a bar of soap for your and everyone in your family. Add to that a couple of packs of compressed towels and you have the tools that you need to bathe. If you’re packing for a family and using a larger container, you can add a camp shower, which you can find any place that has camping gear. Include wet wipes as a back-up for when you can’t fully bathe yourself when a water source isn’t available. You also need to add a few travel-size bottles of hand sanitizer to your kit. I would have a couple for every member of your family. Don’t forget to include a toothbrush, tooth paste and floss. Your dental health is just as important since rotten teeth and an infection in the mouth can cause just as much trouble as other injuries. By the way, floss is an excellent survival tool as it can be used for other things. Last but not least, a few packets of travel-sized tissue packs need to be added to your sanitation kit for use as toilet paper. If you have a larger family-sized container, you might be able to also fit a couple of flattened rolls of actual toilet paper.

Environmental Hygiene Essentials

Making sure that any place that you’re sleeping, eating or just taking shelter, for any length of time, is completely sanitized is also important. You need to add environmental hygiene essentials to your kit. One of the best tools for that is good old bleach, which can also be used as a water-purifying agent. You can find bottles of concentrated bleach in small sizes that will fit in your container. Afterall, a little bleach goes a long way. You can also find travel-sized cans of Lysol pray, so you should add a couple of those to your supplies. A folding entrenchment tool and a box of heavy-duty trash bags will help keep your trash and human waste buried and disposed of wherever you are. Nothing breeds disease like living and breathing in filth as history has shown over and over again.

Water Sanitation Essentials

As I said above, bleach is an excellent water-purifying tool but also consider adding water purification powder as it comes in pocket-sized packets, making it quick and easy to use on the fly. If it’s only you and one bag, you should consider a personal pump water filter.

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