Date Published: 2022-12-28

Ten Products To Stock-Up On In 2023

Ten Products To Stock-Up On In 2023

By Adelia Ladson

Time To Stock-Up

With a new year coming, it's time to take stock of the gear and supplies that you have. You never know what 2023 could bring but you can know that you'll be prepared for it. Here are the top ten products that you need to stock-up in 2023.

Polish MP5 Gas Mask

If you only have one gas mask in your gear or none at all, now is the time to get one or another one. They're good for a variety of situations including a fire emergency, earthquake, airborne pathogen disaster, civil unrest, biological terrorist attack and in the event of nuclear fallout. Our like-new Polish MP5 Gas Mask is a model that protects against gases, vapors, aerosols, smoke, and dust. It consists of a plastic facemask with one, large viewfinder and it's designed for an FP-5 filter or other filters with NATO standard threads. It has adjustable straps that secure the mask to your face and head. The gas mask comes with a heavy-duty vinyl bag, which has pockets for extra filters.

Ready Hour Whole Egg Powder

In a disaster situation, it's important to still eat nutritiously and getting enough protein is especially important. Ready Hour Whole Egg Powder is a great way to stock-up on emergency food that's high in protein. It requires no refrigeration and is packaged in a water- and rodent-proof steel can that gives it a 10-years shelf-life. Each can contains the equivalent of 72 eggs. The freeze-dried eggs can be prepared with an equal warm water to powder ratio for the number of eggs wanted.

Aquanest Fish Penicillin

Having a sufficient supply of antibiotics on-hand to treat your family of fish is essential if professional medical treatment becomes unavailable for them. Aquanest Fish Penicillin is a broad-spectrum, bacterial antibiotic that comes in 500-mg capsules. We have them in bottles of 100 capsules.

MRE Meals 12-Pack

An easy way to stock your emergency food supply is with the MRE Meals 12-Pack. These ready-to-eat-meals are fully cooked so that they can be eaten hot or cold, depending on your circumstances. You get six different kinds of 8-oz entrées in the 12-pack case. Each aluminum, thermostabilized pouch contains an average of 1,100 to 1,300 calories to keep you going in a disaster situation and the pouch provides a long shelf-life without refrigeration. Along with the entrée, the pouch contains raisins and mixed nuts, dry fruit, sugar cookies, drink mixes, coffee, sugar, creamer, a spoon, salt, pepper, napkin and a wet towel. You really are getting a complete meal!

ReadyWise Survival Freeze-Dried Meat Kit

Another option for your emergency food supply of protein is the ReadyWise Survival Freeze-Dried Meat Kit. The easy-to-stack container has 60 servings of gourmet seasoned, freeze-dried meat that's low in sodium and trans-fat and absolutely tasty. Giving you a variety of proteins to choose from for your meals, the kit includes are Southwest Style Chicken, Cheesy Beef, Savory Ground Beef, Stroganoff Beef, Teriyaki Style Chicken and Roasted Chicken. You're also getting 20 bonus servings of long-term, emergency rice.

Variety Heirloom Seed Pack

The Variety Heirloom Seed Pack is a great way to get started on that survival garden in 2023. With 35 varieties of non-GMO seeds from green beans to watermelon, the pack offers all of the most common fruits and vegetables. The high-quality, non-hybrid seeds are grown under natural conditions and packed so that they will be viable for 3 to 5 years if kept cool, dry and out of direct sunlight. The pack of seeds can also be frozen to extend the life by 10 years.

Trailblazer Practice Suture Kit

Any medical skill that you can have under your belt, in case immediate medical attention isn't available, is important. The Trailblazer Practice Suture Kit allows you to learn and practice stitching up a wound, which is an essential first aid skill to know. Inside of a zippered case that keeps it all neatly together, you'll find an imitation skin block, packages of non-absorbable sutures, sterile single-use carbon steel blades and stainless steel suture tools. So that you have the real feel of suturing flesh, the skin block is made of silica gel. You just never know when you might this important medical skill!

Military Emergency Tourniquet

Your first aid and medical emergency kit isn't complete unless you have the Military Emergency Tourniquet. This fundamental emergency medical tool provides real circumferential pressure to the extremity to effectively stop life-threatening bleeding. The tourniquet is reusable and can be quickly and easily used in all weather conditions. You need to have one in each one of your first aid kits!

Winter Bug-Out Mystery Bag

Our Winter Bug-Out Mystery Bag makes it so easy to stock-up on some survival essentials at a great price. Contained in a Czech M85 rucksack, you're getting a variety of survival tools that will be necessary if SHTF happens. Also included are a high-quality wool blanket and a camping hatchet, which are completely indispensable in a survival situation. Both the wool blanket and the camping hatchet can be attached to the rucksack with nylon webbing straps. The Winter Bugout Mystery Bag is an incredible deal on must-have Winter survival gear!

Russian Civilian GP-5 Gas Mask

The Russian GP-5 Gas Mask was specifically designed for use by civilians, which makes it perfect to have for each one in your family. It offers full-coverage with a "shower cap" design that gives you full face and head coverage. The dual eye-openings have sealed, protective eye lenses and the gas mask uses a screw-on Soviet 40mm, canned filter cartridge. It also comes with a carrying and storage bag.

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