Date Published: 2020-08-19

Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge Is Power

By Adelia Ladson

Arm yourself with knowledge! Knowledge is one of the most important tools to have in a dire situation and the ultimate key to survival. We have a selection of Survival Books And Guides that covers a wide source of topics to help you explore valuable skills, develop them and add to your library of personal knowledge.

One of the most important books that we have in our warehouse is the Army Survival Field Manual. Hundreds of years of military survival expertise have gone into this reprint of the actual manual issued to soldiers, who have faced adverse situations in every environment on every continent. They are unquestionably the highest authority on survival. It provides insight into survival tactics in general, as well as, survival tactics for special areas like the Arctic, the desert, the jungle and the ocean. The softcover book has 288 pages of detailed diagrams and illustrations that breaks down all aspects of survival into easy-to-follow instructions. The official Army Survival Manual is your survival Bible!

The Beginner’s Guide to Lockpicking is a simplified folding guide to the basics of lockpicking because you just never know when that skill might be needed. We’ve all used a padlock at one time or another to secure things and the keys are always small and easy to misplace. It’s really a pain and a waste of a good lock if you have to cut it off. Just having the basics in lockpicking under your belt can save you time and money. This laminated and durable guide includes sections on common lockpicking tools, different types of locks and detailed illustrations with easy-to-follow instructions. The folding guide is compact so that it fits perfectly in your bug-out gear, vehicle or even in your back pocket, making it ideal for field use, if necessary.

When you go camping with your family, making sure everyone gets fed easily without the convenience of a conventional kitchen is definitely one of your goals. And Just because you’re out in the wilderness roughing it, there’s no reason that dinner always has to be dehydrated fare. The Camp Cooking in the Wild Cookbook is an essential read whether you’re wondering how to create a menu and set-up a kitchen in the wood or you’re an experienced camper looking for new recipes and techniques. The 220-page, softcover book was authored by experienced guides and is full of delicious recipes that are easy to prepare at any primitive campsite. It has colorful photographs, clear instructions, and a lot of great recipes that make it an indispensable guide for anyone who wants to eat well in the wild.

The Trailblazer Booby Traps Field Guide is a great little guide on how to easily secure your home or property by setting up perimeter alarms and deterrents. The simplified folding guide gives you the basics of setting up a few simple, well-placed measures including non-lethal booby traps with detailed illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions. This compact, waterproof guide is a portable source of practical information that is laminated and durable so that it’s ideal for field use.

Ever wanted to learn a trade skill? Our Farm and Workshop Welding Book gives you everything you need to know to weld, cut, and shape metal! It’s a comprehensive and practical, visual handbook for welding in farm, home, blacksmith, auto, or school workshops. The book has ten sections that describe all the major types of welds before progressing into trickier methods. With this comprehensive guide, you’ll understand everything you need to know, from arc, TIG, MIG, and gas welding to plasma cutting, soldering, welding plastics, and more. The soft-cover book has 160 pages of step-by-step instructions and includes full-color illustrations and photos. It will help the beginner to improve and the intermediate operator to broaden their technique.

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