Date Published: 2022-11-23

Seven Select CH Kadels 2022 Gifts

Seven Select CH Kadels 2022 Gifts

By Adelia Ladson

Shopping for holiday gifts can be stressful and I always feel like I'm running late every year on doing it. Not this year! This year, I'm looking forward to giving some of CH Kadels Seven Select Gifts to my friends and loved ones. Nothing could be easier, and this list has something for everyone!

BugOut Portable Air Pump

The BugOut Portable Air Pump makes a great gift for any adult in your family. It's such a thoughtful gift because you're looking out for the welfare of your loved one while they're on the road. The air pump is rated up to 120 PSI, inflating everything including vehicle tires, sports balls, pool accessories and bicycle tires. The easy-to-use tool has a large LCD digital display, and it features intelligent pressure detection. It will automatically shut-off when it gets to the tire pressure that you set on the digital display. The 2,000 mAh, rechargeable Li-ion battery will give you 40 minutes of power per charge. The air pump has a compact, lightweight design made of tough ABS and it features two, bright LED emergency lights. It come with the inflatable tube, a variety of valve adapters and the USB charging cable. The BugOut Portable Air Pump is powerful, works in minutes and it can be carried anywhere.

Mini Rechargeable Chainsaw

Don't get the special man in your life, whether husband, father, brother or best friend, another flannel shirt or sweater for Christmas! Practical but also under the heading of cool and fun, the Mini Rechargeable Chainsaw makes a terrific gift. Powered by a 1,500 mAh, rechargeable lithium battery, the small chainsaw will cut through branches around your home or any other cutting task that needs more than a machete to cut through. It will get the job done lightning fast and at only 2 1/2 lbs, the tool won't fatigue your hand before the job is done. The mini cordless chainsaw has a 4" chain, a tough ABS body with a soft, anti-slip grip, a trigger-style switch and a TPU safety cover to protect your fingers. It also features an automatic oil lubrication system.

Pulsefire Long Range Torch

If you want to give a gift that will be remembered for years to come, give someone a Pulsefire Long Range Torch! Yes, it's a handheld flame thrower with a range of up to 25-feet. Just a press of the button sends out a blast of fire that's truly impressive. Although, a cool toy to play with, the compact and lightweight long range torch is a practical tool to have for combatting weeds and control-burning brush and undergrowth. Also, use it to get rid of insect hives and during the winter to quickly clear your sidewalks and driveway. The six-pound Viton and aluminum unit has a powder-coated finish, and its non-pressurized reservoir will hold 1/4 gallon of gasoline or a gas-diesel mix. The system consists of a high-pressure fuel pump that draws fuel from the reservoir and sends it through the nozzle. It doesn't need an open flame or a pressurized canister feeding a pilot light because it has an arc ignition system. The handheld flame thrower has a rechargeable battery that will power if for at least 15 full tanks of fuel. The voltage gauge on the side lets you know the battery level. If you wanna see someone's face light-up when they open their gift, the Pulsefire Long Range Torch is guaranteed to make it happen!

Hammock Camper Starter Set

If you have a camping enthusiast in your family, the Hammock Camper Starter Set makes the perfect gift for them. It has absolutely everything they need to go solo camping from the shelter and sleeping bag to a firestarter and mess kit, all contained in a military-style backpack made of cotton canvas with nylon webbing shoulder straps. It's like several gifts inside one! First off, the set has the spacious Intense Mosquito Net Covered Hammock Travel Bed, the Three-Season Sleeping Bag and the Bivy Tarp, all from the same high-quality camping brand. Each of them pack neatly in its own stuff-sack so that it takes up the least amount of room in the pack. The hammock bed comes with everything needed to hang it and the comfortable sleeping bag makes the perfect liner for it in most weather conditions, keeping you warm and dry. The water-resistant bivy tarp can also be pitched, with its included hardware, above the hammock bed as an extra level of protection from moisture. The set also comes with dining gear including the compact and foldable Trailblazer Camp Stove, a pack of solid fuel tablets, a lightweight aluminum mess kit and a Trailblazer Three-Piece Utensil Set that's made of tough Lexan. To complete the premium camping kit, the BugOut Arc Lighter/Flashlight is included. Both wind and water-proof, the plasma lighter and bright flashlight is powered by a USB rechargeable battery. You won't find a better value on camping gear than the Hammock Camper Starter Set!

Vehicle Emergency Kit

Keeping along the same vein of thought, the Vehicle Emergency Kit is also a great value when it comes to gifts. Everyone who owns a vehicle needs one of these. It has the most common vehicle emergency tools that someone might need. The most important tool that's included, and could actually be a gift by itself, is the Portable Car Battery Jumper/Power Bank. It can jump a vehicle about 20 times on a full charge and the power bank will retain a charge for approximately six months. All fitting inside a zippered case, included are a multi-head USB cable for charging electronic devices, a home and a car adapter plug for charging the power bank and the jumper cables. Next, you'll find the M48 Entrenchment Tool, which is invaluable in case of a winter emergency. It has a round point shovel head with saw serrations on one side and footsteps on each side. The tool folds down compactly to fit in its nylon pouch. An emergency kit for your vehicle wouldn't be complete without a tow strap. The BugOut 20-Foot Tow Strap is bright, orange reinforced polyester webbing with a heavy-duty steel hook on each end, giving it a 2 1/4-ton rating. The Vehicle Emergency Kit is contained in a rugged and durable M48 Gear Tactical Duffle Bag.

Trailblazer Buffalo Plaid Weekend Bag

The Trailblazer Buffalo Plaid Weekend Bag makes a great gift for just about anyone on your list. Everyone can use at least one good piece of luggage for weekend trips, business trips or annual vacations. The Trailblazer bag is canvas on the inside with the attractive buffalo plaid carpet bag material on the outside and a leather bottom. It is spacious on the inside with two zippered pockets and the outside has a zippered pocket on one side and two, zippered slot-style pockets on the other side. The high-quality bag has two leather handles, leather accent straps and leather zipper pull-tabs, which are complemented by antiqued brass-colored metal claw hooks, buckles and the zippers. The removable and adjustable brown canvas shoulder strap gives another carry option.

AK47 Glass Decanter Set

Looking for something unique for that gun-lover who has everything? The AK47 Glass Decanter Set is the gift that you've been looking for. A premium glass decanter that's been expertly crafted in the shape of an AK47 rifle will hold 33 ozs of your favorite beverage and each of the four high-ball glasses is crafted with the illusion that a brass rifle bullet is piercing its side. To keep your beverage cold without watering it down, a set of nine, all-natural whiskey stones are the perfect complement to this bar set. The entire set can be displayed on its included premium wooden stand.

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