Date Published: 2021-11-17

Eat Well, Even After A Disaster

Eat Well, Even After A Disaster

By Adelia Ladson

Are You Food Prepped For A Disaster?

When a disaster happens, you need to be able to feed yourself and your family without a lot of hassle. Where your next meal is coming from needs to be the least of your worries, regardless of what type of disaster happens. Knowing that when your family looks to you after whatever the day holds, you’ll be able to put a warm meal in them, is solid peace of mind. With all of the options of survival food out there, you can assure that you’re completely prepared and eat well, even after a disaster happens.


Today’s ready-to-eat-meals are definitely not the military-issued MRE’s of your grandfather’s generation. If you’ve ever eaten one of these food rations, you know that, while it’ll keep you going, it leaves much to be desired in taste. Emergency food manufacturers have made exceptional strides in creating ready-to-eat meals that are both nutritious and delicious. The basic concept of having a meal that can be prepared in minutes, using either hot water or a chemical heating element, is the same.

ReadyWise Grab-And-Go Gourmet Food Kit

ReadyWise, one of the leaders in the market of emergency food, takes a unique and innovative approach, using a combination of dehydrating and freeze-drying to give you the best taste and quality, plus, a 25-year shelf-life. The Grab-And-Go Gourmet Food Kit contains 60 total, hearty and delicious servings sealed in four-serving, air-tight Mylar pouches. This gives you two meals daily for one adult for a month or two meals daily for four adults for a week. The kit contains a variety of meals including savory stroganoff, pasta alfredo, chili macaroni, teriyaki rice, creamy a la king and rice, creamy tomato basil, loaded baked potato casserole and creamy vegetable rotini.

ReadyWise Grab-And-Go Breakfast Food Kit

ReadyWise offers several emergency food kit options including a variety of serving quantities and meal choices. The Grab-And-Go Breakfast Food Kit contains 120 total servings, also in four-serving pouches, of a variety of breakfast items. Included in the breakfast kit are strawberry granola crunch, brown sugar and maple multi-grain cereal, crunchy granola and apple cinnamon cereal.

XMRE Blue Line Meals

Specially formulated for medical facilities, universities and emergency preparedness agencies, XMRE Blue Line Meals are the only ready-to-eat-meals out there that were created with the help of medical professionals. This means that they really are one of the best options in a survival situation. These are meal kits that you need to have in your bug-out bag if a disaster forces you out of your home. Each 800 to 1,200 calorie meal kit is specifically engineered to give you balanced carbohydrates to help you maintain the energy that you need in a survival situation. Hydration packs, which have added electrolytes, are also included with the meal kits. There are six menus per the 12-meal case with entrees that include beef, tuna, chicken, pork, pizza or vegetarian options. The kits also contain a bread item, two or three side/snack/dessert items, a beverage and an accessory kit. They are sealed inside a water-proof pouch, giving them an extended shelf-life. All of the components are fully-cooked so that they can be eaten right out of their pouch without requiring water to reconstitute the food.

Ready Hour Case Packs

Ready Hour brand offers case packs, in a variety of serving quantities, with emergency food that you and your family eat the most. You can get cases of spaghetti, mashed potatoes, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, soups, stroganoff, alfredo pasta and even pancake mix. The food is sealed in resealable, heavy-duty pouches that have a 25-year shelf-life unopened and a one-year shelf-life once opened. Just whisk the contents of the entrée pouches in water, bring to a boil and then simmer for a specified time (follow preparation instructions printed on each pouch) to have a quick and easy meal just about anywhere.

Canned Food Staples

Also stocking up on canned staples or other canned goods will assure that you and your family will eat whether the disaster is going to disrupt conventional food sources for a few weeks or whether it’s going to become a permanent situation. These, along with other non-perishable food supplies, will allow you to continue to prepare meals in a more or less normal fashion. Not only should you stock-up on canned vegetables but you also need to stock up on canned meats. However, you need to invest in canned meats that are going to last for the long-haul and not just the average commercial canned shelf-life. This also goes for your staples like eggs, butter and milk.

Yoder’s Survival Bacon

I admit, I did raise an eyebrow when I first saw this product. Then, I opened up a can of Yoder’s Survival Bacon and it was absolutely delicious! The reason is because it’s 100-percent US bacon slices cured, cooked, hand-wrapped and packed in the US. The bacon slices are fully-cooked and ready-to-eat right out of the can or they can be warmed up to serve with breakfast. Each can has 40 to 50 slices and, unopened, it has a shelf-life of ten years. Yoder’s Survival Bacon makes a perfect addition to your emergency food supply because who doesn’t love bacon!

Yoders Taco Beef

Yoders Taco Beef is also a tasty addition to your emergency food supply. The Mexican/Tex-Mex seasoned, USDA-inspected ground beef is also fully-cooked and ready-to-eat. No prep is required but it can be warmed up before serving with your family’s favorite Mexican dish. Each 28-oz can has a ten-year shelf-life, requiring no refrigeration.

Ready Hour Whole Egg Powder

An important staple that you need to stock is powdered eggs, which are another excellent source of protein. Ready Hour Whole Egg Powder is easy to prepare quickly with warm water and is made of high-quality, US freeze-dried eggs. The steel cans are waterproof, have a ten-year shelf-life and contain the equivalent of 72 whole eggs. No refrigeration is required and the can stores easily in your emergency food supply pantry or closet.

Future Essentials Powdered Butter

Another US-canned product, Future Essentials Powdered Butter is a must-have staple for your emergency food supply. All you need is warm water to reconstitute it or add the powder directly to your dishes. Butter is something that you don’t want to be without. Think of all the things that you use it in. The Future Essentials Powdered Butter will stay safe and delicious for 25 years in its 12-oz can, when stored properly.

Ready Hour Powdered Whey Milk Case Pack

Milk is another food item that you don’t want to be without and, with Ready Hour Powdered Whey Milk, you won’t have to. This great, versatile powder can be used in your cereal, for creamer in your coffee or anywhere that you would use milk. There are a total of 96 servings in the case pack and the cans have a 30-year shelf-life unopened and a one-year shelf-life once opened. No refrigeration is required for this emergency food must-have.

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