Date Published: 2020-09-02

Let’s Go Fishing

Let’s Go Fishing

By Adelia Ladson

One of America’s great past-times is fishing. I mean, most people have gone fishing at least once in their lives. Grandparents take their grandchildren. Fathers take their sons. It’s an American tradition. So, that’s why, here at, we always carry a variety of fishing gear. Here are a few of our staff’s favorites!

The first thing you need to get when you’re planning a fishing trip is bait, of course. But why pay for live fishing bait when you can catch your own for free? Trailblazer’s Foldable Bait Fish Trap makes it easy, requiring little time and almost no effort! It’s perfect for catching minnows, crawfish, shrimp, smelt, bream and countless other prized bait species. The collapsible trap has a polyester mesh and metal construction in an umbrella-style design, which opens quick and easy. There are two rows of fish entrances around the circumference of the trap and it features zippered access to the catch. The 37” diameter bait fish trap also has a tether attached so that it can be firmly secured in place where you set it. With all the cash you’ll save at the bait store, it could even pay for itself after a single use!

Now, if fishing is part of your meal plan on a camping trip, the Automatic Reel Fishing Yo-Yo allows you to do other things around the campsite. It’s simple and easy to use. With a stainless steel spring and 60-lb test nylon line, the Yo-Yo catches and holds automatically. Just add a hook and bait, then, hang on a branch over the fishing spot and drop the bait into the water. When the fish strikes, it automatically reels in the fish to the surface of the water.

For those unplanned fishing escapes, you can fish anywhere, anytime with the Fishing Rod Pen. It’s a compact rod neatly contained in a realistic-looking ink pen case and a full-sized reel that’s pre-loaded with fishing line comes with it. The rod is made of aluminum alloy and fiber glass and expands to 39” in length. This compact rod and reel set is perfect for fishing off of a boat, a dock or on the ice. Just drop it in your gear and go or keep it in your truck for those last minute escapes to the pond.

So maybe you just wanna lie on the bank and relax but still want to come home with a decent catch? The Automatic Telescoping Fishing Rod and Reel does all the work for you! Just mount it deep into the side of the bank with its two, strong 8” metal prongs. Drop your hook, set the spring and wait for it to pop when a fish strikes the line. The black handle is padded for comfort and it gives you a secure, no-slip grip for when you’re pulling in that big catch.

Having the right knife when you go fishing is important because there are so many tasks that need to be taken care of while you’re out there. The Wahoo Killer Multi-Purpose Knife is the perfect addition to your tackle box, camping gear or even your survival bag. The thick, razor-sharp blade will stand up to any job that comes up and the checkered pattern, rubber handle gives you a no-slip grip in wet situations.

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