Date Published: 2023-03-08

Easy-To-Carry Survival Tools You Need

Easy-To-Carry Survival Tools You Need

By Adelia Ladson

Survival in adverse situations requires a survival tool or tools that have different uses neatly packed into one easy-to-carry package. One or two of these survival tools are a necessity for your bug-out bag, emergency kit or survival gear. There are larger tools for big survival tasks like chopping and digging and smaller tools for tasks like fishing and fire starting.

Pouch-Sized Survival Tools

The best and most efficient large survival tools are ones that fold down to fit in a carrying pouch that can be easily dropped in your bag or carried on your belt.

Folding Entrenching Survival Tool

Offering the versatility of both a shovel and a dibble pick, the Folding Entrenching Survival Tool is a must-have when you need to build a shelter and make camp. The lightweight tool is made of tempered steel with a no-slip rubber grip and a folding design. At 16" overall with a 5 1/4" axe head, it's sized for any digging or picking task. Folded into its nylon storage pouch, this entrenching survival tool can be packed in any bag.

5-1 Multi-Purpose Survival Tool

With multiple functions, the 5-1 Multi-Purpose Survival Tool is the one that I like the most. Integrated into one complete tool is a shovel, axe, bottle opener, wood saw, hammer and pick, plus, there's a compass in the handle. The survival tool has a stainless steel construction with a black-coated finish and a no-slip rubber handle grip. When it's fully-extended, it is 13 1/2" overall and it breaks down to fit neatly into a nylon pouch.

Pocket-Sized Survival Tools

I love survival tools that can fit in your pocket. That means that you can carry a few of them around with you at one time either in your pocket or in your bag.

Trailblazer Multi-Function Survival Tool

The Trailblazer Multi-Function Survival Tool has a lanyard cord that makes it easy to attach to any bag or your belt. It consists of a fire-striking rod on one end with an integrated compass and an emergency whistle on the other end. It has an injection-molded ABS and TPR construction that's grippy so that you can keep a firm hold when you're striking the rod.

BugOut Fishing Gear Survival Tool Card

The beauty of a survival tool card is that it can be carried in your wallet. The BugOut Fishing Gear Survival Tool Card has an arrow head, sewing needles, large and small fishing hooks, trap buckles and a small fork. With the tools on it, you'll be able to fish, trap and even make a spear or arrow so that you can catch, trap or bring down food. It has a black-finished stainless steel construction.

Trailblazer Mini Pocket Multi-Tool

At just 1.7 ozs, the Trailblazer Mini Pocket Multi-Tool still packs the same power as a larger multi-tool. The ultra-light, pocket-sized tool has 10 tools including a knife, file, bottle opener, micro, small and large flat head screwdriver tips, Phillips head screwdriver, pliers, nail puller, and a ruler. The tools are made of rust-resistant stainless steel and the handles are made of aluminum to reduce the weight. At an unbelievable size of only 2 1/12" when it's closed, the mini pocket multi-tool can be carried anywhere.

BugOut Arrow Head Survival Tool Card

The BugOut Arrow Head Survival Tool Card is another one of those great little gems you're going to want to have in your wallet. It's one of the most complete survival cards on the market with a long trap buckle, conical needle, survival blade, arrow, two-way fishing hooks, small fishing hooks, large fishing fork, arc saw, sewing needle, small trap buckle and small a fishing fork.

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