Date Published: 2022-06-01

Must-Have Tools For Your Campsite

Must-Have Tools For Your Campsite

By Adelia Ladson

Before you can enjoy the wonders of the outdoors and commune with nature, at your campsite, there are tasks that must be accomplished to set-up camp. To do this quickly and effectively, you need the right tools and the two most important are a camp axe and a survival shovel.

Camp Axe

A camp axe or hatchet is a necessity for cutting wood for your campfire, hammering in your tent stakes and even as self-defense in an emergency. One of the most important things when shopping for one is that it be lightweight. You’re not going to haul the regular sized axe, that you use at home, on your camping trip. The axe also needs to be fairly compact in length and able to withstand the elements.

Black Legion Camping Hatchet

The Black Legion Camping Hatchet has an extra-thick carbon steel blade with a hammer-back, making it an invaluable tool around your campsite. It’s built for tough use with a sturdy fiberglass handle supporting the axe head. The handle has a rubberized grip that gives you a comfortable and secure hold in any weather condition. The Black Legion Camping Hatchet comes in at only 14” in overall length so that it won’t take up much room in your camping gear.

Extreme Take Apart Camp Axe

If you’re solo camping or backpacking, the Extreme Take Apart Camp Axe is perfect for you. The metal handle breaks-down into two pieces by unscrewing them and rubberized grips make the handle slip-free even with hard use. The rough-forged steel axe head has a hammer-back and it screws onto the handle. A nylon belt pouch with a snap closure holds the pieces for easy transport. The Take Apart Camp Axe is 13 1/4” overall and only 7 3/8” when housed in the pouch.

USMC Field Axe

Who knows more about setting-up camp then the military? The officially licensed USMC Field Axe is only 11 1/4” in overall length, allowing you to carry it on your belt without it getting in the way. The tomahawk-style axe head is made of stainless steel with a black and satin edged finish. The tough ABS handle is secured to the head with heavy-duty screws, and it has a paracord-wrapped grip, which ends in a wrist lanyard. A TPU belt sheath snaps onto the axe head for easy carry.

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Survival Shovel

A survival shovel is important for a variety of tasks around the campsite like digging a latrine, a rain trench around the tent and a fire pit. Just like the camp axe, it needs to be compact and lightweight, yet tough and sturdy. Also choose one that has other features like a saw-edge and a penetrating point.

M48 Folding Entrenching Tool

The M48 Folding Entrenching Tool completely folds in half and comes with a nylon belt pouch for carry. The 18 1/4” overall shovel has a solid, 1050 high carbon steel construction with a black, heat-treated finish and an aluminum turn-cap to secure it open. The shovel head features saw serrations on one side and footsteps on each side. The saw side is useful for getting rid of roots that get in your way when you’re digging.

BugOut Multi-Function Folding Entrenchment Tool

This little survival shovel has a lot going on. The BugOut Multi-Function Folding Entrenchment Tool packs several useful tools into one compact package. It has a stainless steel shovel head that has an integrated saw, knife, ruler, wrenches and a bottle opener. The textured, heavy-duty aluminum handle breaks down into three sections and each houses a tool including both a flat head and Phillips screwdriver and a saw with a cord-cutter. The pommel unscrews to reveal a fire striker/emergency whistle and there’s a compass set into it. The multi-function tool is 33” in overall length and a steel lock secures the shovel head in place. The length can be adjusted for need by using either one, two or all three of the sections. A durable nylon pouch with a belt loop and an adjustable strap lets you carry it with ease and a nylon sheath is also included for the shovel head.

M48 Tactical Shovel With Axe

M48 knows tactical gear and its Tactical Shovel With Axe is built to withstand vigorous use in punishing conditions. The cast stainless steel head was tempered for strength and flexibility and then it was black oxide-coated for corrosion-resistance. Each edge was uniquely designed and sharpened for a specific task. Concave beveling on one side gives you chopping power and the serrations on the opposite side makes quick work of sawing jobs. The shovel also has a penetrating point. The handle is made of glass-fiber-reinforced nylon with ridges for a slip-free grip. A custom nylon sheath protects the shovel head when it’s not in use.

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