Date Published: 2022-05-18

Cooking With Toaks Outdoor Gear

Cooking With Toaks Outdoor Gear

By Adelia Ladson

What Or Who Is Toaks?

Taking their name from where they were established, in Thousand Oaks, Calif., Toaks has 20 years of experience with outdoors cookware production. Each piece was designed and engineered by staff members who put in hours of research to assure that it could be used on any journey. Environmentally conscious, the company has designed and manufactured its cooking products influenced by the idea of reducing emissions and harmful waste.

Why Should I Cook With Them?

Titanium. That’s the simple answer. The cookware is made out of tough and lightweight titanium with silk-like finishes. This camping gear is truly built to last a lifetime of camping and hiking trips and the smart design makes them the most packable pieces on the market. The pots, stoves, cups and utensils can all nest neatly in one pot. This has made them the favorites of minimalist backpackers since every ounce counts when you have to carry it.

Put Together Your Own Set

Whether you’re a solo camper or a family of four, you can put together a set of Toaks titanium cookware that you’ll be happy with for many years to come. Below are the basic pieces and, remember, they’re conveniently stackable and the pots and pan come with mesh storage bags.

375 ML Cup

Let’s start with making sure everyone in your camping or hiking party has something to drink water from or coffee or cocoa. The 375 ML Cup has handles that will fold flat against it and, since the entire piece is titanium, it only weighs 2.2 ozs.

750 ML Pot

Boiling water is essential to camping whether it’s for purifying drinking water or cooking meals. The 750 ML Pot is especially well-suited for a solo or partner camping or hiking trip. It also has folding handles and comes with a lid that has vent holes. The pot weighs-in at 3 ozs and the cup above will fit in it neatly.

1100 ML Pot With Bail Handle

If you need or want something a little larger to cook in, the 1100 ML Pot features a removable bail handle so that you can hang it over a campfire. It has the requisite folding handles, a vented lid and it still only weighs 5.1 ozs.

Frying Pan

I think of the titanium Frying Pan as a companion to the pot above because it will stack right on top of it. Its folding handle has a heat-resistant cover on it so that you won’t burn yourself when you’re cooking one of those camping skillet meals or bacon and eggs.


Moving on to the utensils, the TITONGS Set gives you a spoon, fork and camp tongs—all in one! The titanium spoon and fork are conveniently connected with a flexible, nylon u-shaped connector to form a set of tongs. You can use the tongs while you’re cooking those bacon and eggs or skillet meal in your frying pan and then separate the utensils to enjoy your meal.

Folding Spork

Who doesn’t like a spork? It’s one of the handiest eating utensils because it combines a fork and a spoon in one compact, unit. The Toaks Folding Spork is an elegantly practical rendition of the iconic eating utensil. The spork’s head is polished, and the folding handle is designed to be sturdy enough to absorb severe impact. The handle locks into position by pushing down the sliding block and then, slides up to unlock so that the spork can be folded in half. The spork is 6 1/2” when unfolded and 3 3/4” when folded, fitting in any Toaks pot or cup.

Folding Knife

When you combine the Folding Knife with the spork, you have a complete camp dining set. The serrated blade is matte-finished, and the handle is designed and works the same way as the spork. As the knife is only 4 1/4”, when closed, it also will fit in any Toaks pot or cup.

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