Date Published: 2023-03-01

Cooking While Solo Camping

Cooking While Solo Camping

By Adelia Ladson

Campsite cooking doesn’t have to be messy and difficult. We have some great cookware and ready-to-eat meals from Ready Hour that will make breakfast, lunch and dinner a breeze when you're solo camping. You can spend less time cleaning up and more time enjoying the activities you came out for in the first place. Here are steps for the perfect campsite dinner.

1. Heat Source

The first thing you need is a heat source and I don't mean a campfire. Save your campfire for warmth if it's cold and for light a night. Ready Hour has a Folding Camp Stove that's easy to pack in your backpack, lightweight to carry and easy to assemble. The small, coated steel stove can stand-up to heavy pots and pans. Now, you need some Solid Fuel Cubes Each fuel cube generates about 1,400 degrees of intense heat and will provide about 10 minutes of useable burn time. Set-up the easy-to-assemble stove, open the door and put a solid fuel cube in the tray. Light the smokeless, odorless tablet, when you're ready to cook and close the door, which will protect the flame from wind.

2. Cooking Gear

I'm going to stick with Ready Hour for the cooking gear since their Mess Kit is a match made in heaven with the above folding camp stove. The five-piece kit includes a pot, a pan that doubles as a lid, a BPA-free plastic mug, a pot scrubber and a mesh drawstring bag. Both the pot and pan are made of stainless steel with silicone-coated handles for a heat-free grip and all of the pieces stack seamlessly together in the carry bag. Pour water in the pot and sit it on top of the folding stove. Now, you're ready to light your stove to heat your water.

3. Meal Kit

Since we've come this far with Ready Hour, I'm going to suggest their 72-Hour Food Kit, which is well-suited for a weekend camping trip. Believe me when I tell you that today’s ready-to-eat meals have come a very long way from the military-issue MRE’s. Grown and packaged in Salt Lake City, Utah, Ready Hour has a long history of providing calorie-rich and delicious nourishment that you can count on. So all you need to do is open a pouch, pour it into the water in your pot and stir until cooked.

4. Dining Tools

Now that your delicious meal is cooked, it's time to serve it up and enjoy. The Camp Tableware For One includes all that you need to dine comfortably. The set includes a plate, bowl, cup and a full set of dining utensils. Each piece is sturdy, but lightweight TPU and the plate and bowl are pretty much the size of your dining ware at home. Dinner is served!

Cooking While Camping

Gone are the days of burned fingers while trying to cook a meal when you're camping. Here's what you need for a less mess, less stress experience!

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