Date Published: 2020-06-10

Get Your Dad Something He Can Actually Use!

Get Your Dad Something He Can Actually Use!

By Adelia Ladson

Does your Dad ever wear those ties or shirts you got him for Father’s Day over the years? What about that engraved pen set that sits on his desk? Your Dad doesn’t really, really want that stuff. So, this year, why don’t you give him a gift that he’ll actually use?

The Casio Pro Trek Quad Sensor Watch will really “Wow” your Dad, this year! When it comes to watches, Casio has always been way ahead of the times. The Pro Trek’s ability to combine the best that technology has to offer, and innovative design has made it the timepiece of choice for hikers, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. It has Bluetooth capabilities that enable data communication with a smartphone running the Pro Trek connected app, for the ultimate in ease-of-use. The Quad Sensor system uses compact sensors that make it possible to pack compass, altitude/barometer, and temperature measurements, along with an accelerometer that keeps track of your step count, into a compact configuration. The app automatically records altitude data measured by the watch and route information acquired by a smartphone’s GPS, and you can manually plot altitude points along your route using a Trekking Log feature. If your Pop is an outdoorsman, he’s going to absolutely love all the practical features packed into this watch!

If your Dad is an avid hunter or shooter, the M&P Compact Rifle Cleaning Kit is definitely the way to go for Father’s Day. It allows him to clean his rifle virtually anywhere because the zippered carry case is compact enough to fit in a magazine pouch and it contains all the tools needed for your .22 and .30 caliber rifles. The kit includes an AR chamber brush, multi-function bolt scraper tool, cleaning pick, nylon cleaning brush, collapsible 36” stainless steel cleaning rod with rotating T-handle, 3 Star chamber cleaning pads, patches for .22 or .30 caliber, nylon brushes for .22 or .30 caliber and jags for .22 or .30 caliber. This is a gift he needs but would never buy for himself!

My favorite gift, however, is the Never Stranded Emergency Jump Starter. It really tells your Dad that you love him in a way that he’ll completely understand! It’s a 12,000 mAh battery power bank that gives him and you the confidence that he will never be stranded on the side of the road. Not only will it jump start a car, but it will provide charges for notebook computers, cell phones and other electronics. The kit includes jumper cables with rugged alligator clamps, a notebook charger cable with 8 different adapters, USB charging cable with adapters for apple and android products, and an AC charging cable and car adapter charging cable for the unit, all of which fits in the included convenient storage case. By the way, this also makes a great graduation gift for a son or daughter who’s going away to college.

If you’re Pop isn’t already an airwave-surfing radio junky, the Uniden Base and Mobile Scanner is a great little electronic toy that will have him completely hooked on scanning! It monitors 300 channels and its impressive frequency coverage includes the most interesting “action” bands on which he can listen in on area law enforcement, EMS/ambulance, fire, amateur radio, public utilities and weather. Uniden’s own innovative "Close Call" RF capture technology instantly tunes your scanner to signals from nearby transmitters, resulting in increased local chatter. The mobile scanner is excellent for home or on-the-go and includes three power options: an AC adapter, DC power cable and automotive power outlet plug. If your Dad is like mine, he likes to be prepared and know what’s going on. This scanner will allow him to stay on top of local “happenings”.

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