Date Published: 2015-11-27

Three Simple Lighting Systems For SHTF

SHTF Black-out
SHTF Black-out
By Adelia Ladson

I don’t know about you but I will definitely not be left in the dark when SHTF happens. I am fully prepared to be able to keep things bright when night falls. In the meantime, I’m also prepared for natural disasters that pop-up and cause black-outs. Really, folks, it’s not that difficult or expensive to have lighting systems ready for when things happen. Here are three good systems that I have and have used in a variety of situations, both emergency and mundane. You can choose all three, like I have, or just one. The important thing is that you stock up on a system, now, because you don’t want to be without the comfort and safety of light at night.

Mossy Oak Utility Light You get up to 36 hours of ultra-bright light.
Mossy Oak Utility Light You get up to 36 hours of ultra-bright light.
You have a couple of different options when it comes to having a light source without electricity – battery powered or just good old fire. Like I said, I have three systems in place and the two choices of light source above is the reason why. When it comes down to it, you have to be prepared for the long-haul. Batteries won’t last forever, even though you stock up on them, and eventually you’ll be left with what our ancestors used – candlelight and firelight. So, if you want to skip the battery-operated altogether, go ahead. Me, however, I want to ease into that time and have artificial light as long as possible. So, let’s start with the battery-operated super bright LED systems first.

The Mossy Oak Utility LED Light is just a great tool to have around and use on a regular basis in your home. We’ve all got those areas, whether it’s a storage shed or poorly designed pantry or closet, that just don’t have enough light. Use this as a solution as a handheld flashlight (it’s got a great hand-held design), hang it up by its hook or use the magnet on the back. The 28 ultra-bright LEDs won’t let you down and this light will give you up to 36 hours of light on three AAA batteries. So, you should get, at the very least, one for each room in your house. Actually, they’re so cost effective, you can get two for each room or however many you feel will help you retain a sense of normalcy at night. To me, that’s really important. If it happens that you don’t have the ability to shelter-in-place, these lights are easy to just toss in a bag and go because of their sturdy, compact design. They will hang anywhere or stick to any metal surface as your circumstances dictate.

UCO Candle LanternThis lantern is a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts.
UCO Candle Lantern This lantern is a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts.
My second pick for battery-operated light is the 15-LED Hurricane Lantern. It has the traditional look of the hurricane lantern but has 15 LEDs instead. It is also lightweight in ABS instead of metal. These are pretty great for camping, aside from emergency use. Just like their predecessors, they have the handle so you can hang them anywhere. And a feature that I really like is that they have a dimmer switch so that you can adjust the brightness, as needed. It’s pretty convenient for a room you’re not in but don’t want left in total darkness. This lantern uses three AAs.

Finally, the last system, which I have in place, is my UCO Aluminum Candle Lantern. These lanterns are compact because they’re collapsible and they have a handle and chain to hang them. The basic candles from UCO will each provide you with nine hours of light and that’s incredible longevity for a candle. However, I spent a little extra and stocked up on the UCO 12-Hour Beeswax Candles because of the 12 to 15 hour burn time and the reduced dripping. They also produce less smoke, which is really important to me. When it comes down to it, you want a lantern construction that is going to maximize the brightness of your flame and this is it. UCO specifically engineered it to this purpose and it has been a consistent favorite of outdoor enthusiasts. So, absolutely take a couple of these along on your next camping trip. As with the other systems, you need to get a least one for every room or what will provide you ample light for those long winter nights. Since these lanterns were made so compact and durable for outdoor activities, they are especially perfect if you have to be on the move when SHTF happens. I cannot stress enough the importance of having a good lighting system to get you through the hours of darkness. Be Prepared!

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