Date Published: 2021-07-07

Got A Gas Mask?

Got A Gas Mask?

By Adelia Ladson

Why Do I Need A Gas Mask?

Out of all the military surplus items out there, a Gas Mask is the most valuable piece of equipment you can own. It will never lose its value because there is always a possibility that a situation will arise that you will need the protection it gives. The reasons gas masks were originally designed and manufactured for have not gone away over the decades since they were developed. A gas mask will protect your face, eyes and respiratory system against chemicals and biological agents that are harmful or even deadly. There’s no way to predict when having a gas mask is the difference between life and death.

What Kind Of Gas Masks Are Available?

We have a few different models of like-new military surplus gas masks, all with never used filters and transport bags. Each mask is built with full-face coverage and protective eye lenses to protect you against gases, vapors and aerosols. The gas masks are from a variety of different countries and vary in design and shape. There are gas masks that have screw-on can filter systems, gas masks with cheek filter systems, gas masks with one large viewfinder and gasmasks with two round eye-pieces.

Russian Civilian GP-5 Gas Mask

If you are looking for the ultimate protection in a gas mask, our Russian Civilian GP-5 Gas Mask is it. Not only are you getting full-face coverage, but it gives you entire head coverage with its “shower cap” design. Built specifically for the civilian population, it is lightweight and easy to manage, which is extremely important when things are happening quickly, and time is of the essence. It uses a screw-on 40mm canned filter cartridge. This really is the best gas mask choice for supplying every one of your family members with one.

Polish MC-1 Gas Mask

Now, if you’re one of those folks, who can’t stand the thought of having your entire face and head covered, the Polish MC-1 Gas Mask is built much like the GP-5. The filter system is basically the same as are the protective eye lenses, but it only covers the face and is secured with adjustable straps. An added feature is that it has an integrated speech diaphragm so that you can talk through the mask, which is important when you’re trying to give directions to your family to get them to safety if a catastrophe happens.

The Fernez By Wilson Gas Mask

Even better, the Fernez by Wilson Gas Mask, a more modern version gas mask, has a visor that fits well away from the face, making it seem less claustrophobic. This gas mask is perfect for the pharmaceutical, chemical, processing, petrochemical, agricultural and automotive industries. It has an airtight, panoramic visor to protect the respiratory system, eyes, nose, mouth, and chin but it still gives perfect, wide visibility. The main body of the low-weight mask is made of EPDM and the inner mask is made of PMMA and it has a vocal membrane for better communication. The face part and half-mask are a universal size and a five-point attaching system of straps allows for a perfect fit. The Rd40 x 1/7” thread connector allows using a 40mm canned filter, absorber and absorber filter (filter included).

Czech M-10 Gas Mask

The main advantage of the Czech M-10 Gas Mask is that it’s a little more compact than the rest. The filter system is on each side of the mask instead of protruding out of the front like the screw-on can filters. It is a full face mask with adjustable straps and the larger eye goggles are replaceable. The cheek filters fit snugly on the inside of each side of the mask. Included with the mask are spare eye goggles and cheek filters filter.

Polish MP-5 Tan Gas Mask

The Polish MP-5 Tan Gas Mask is also another more modern style of gas mask and it features a drinking tube system. The face of the mask is made of plastic, and it has one large view-finder. The absorption mount is located at the bottom of the mask and there is also a voice diaphragm. The mask is designed for an FP-5 filter (NATO standard thread) and other filters with NATO standard threads can also be used. It comes in a heavy-duty vinyl transport bag with multiple pockets and two nylon webbing straps with MOLLE compatible clip hooks.

Final Word

You may never need to use your gas mas for the chemical and biological warfare that it was originally designed for but, in the light of current worldwide developments, you just might need it for new respiratory dangers.

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