Pack Your Bug-Out Bag

By Adelia Ladson

One of the most important things you can have in your home is a Bug-Out Bag. Times are uncertain and you never know what tomorrow will bring. For those of you who might not know, a bug-out bag is basically a backpack or any suitable easy-to-carry bag that is packed with survival essentials for you in case of an emergency or catastrophic event. It’s designed to get you to where your bug-out location (BOL) is, since that safe place should be a remote place where you can establish a secure living environment. Remember folks, the supplies in your bug-out bag are not supposed to be what you expect to live off of forever. Make sure your BOL is stocked and ready to live in.

Here at CH Kadels, we want you to be prepared for the worst, so we specialize in carrying survival essentials you need to fill your bug-out bag. There are so many items you need that you may not think about. Take a minute to look over our list of Bug-Out Bag Essentials. When things get dicey, you just won’t remember all those important things you need to survive the trip to your BOL. Don’t waste time trying to throw supplies together at the last minute. Do it now and have it ready to go at a moment’s notice. Like the Boys Scouts say, “Be Prepared!”

Of course, the first thing you need is a good sturdy backpack or bag. I prefer a backpack but if you have another option, that’s easy to carry, it will work, too. Remember, though, we’re talking about something you can just grab and go – not a suitcase, even if it does have wheels. Just a great all-around backpack we have on our shelf is the M48 OPS All-Purpose Backpack. It’s made of 600D durable black nylon, with sturdy but comfortable adjustable arm and waist straps, which will make a huge difference if you have to literally “head for the hills.” What I like is that it features a place to secure a blanket or bedroll. It has two, deep outside pockets and lots of MOLLE webbing, plus, compression straps. At approximately 21 1/2” x 15” x 10 1/2”, you can pack everything but the bathroom sink in this backpack!

Main Compartment
The first thing you need to put in the very bottom of the pack is a rain poncho because it makes a good bottom liner for your pack since it’s waterproof. Having a rain poncho with grommets, so that it can also be rigged up as a shelter in worst case scenarios, is a must. Then, go ahead and put in the Readywise Two-Day Meal Kit, which comes in its own reusable dry bag and will take up the most space in your pack. This kit contains four entrees, two breakfasts and two snacks, which should be sufficient to get you to your BOL. Then, slide in next to the kit our three-pack of SHTF Survival Flasks (folded flat), so that you have water containers, if necessary. Drop in a hank of paracord and a rechargeable flashlight. Next, you will pack your other supplies in gallon-size zip top plastic bags and arrange them in the main compartment of the pack.

Gallon Zip Top Plastic Bags
In one bag, place the Three-Pack of Emergency Blankets. In another bag, place two rolls of toilet paper that has been flattened as much as possible. Place the Compressed Towels, coffee filters and aluminum foil in a bag together and put the Trailblazer Utensil Set and wet wipes in another bag together. Then, put the Sunblock, lotion and insect repellant together in a bag. Last but not least, extra gallon zip top bags and grocery bags go in a bag.

On top of your zip-locked supplies pack the Kaito Voyager Solar Radio and Folding Solar Charger And Power Bank. These are items that you want to have easy access to since you need to know what’s going on out there and you want to expose your solar charger to sun whenever you can. The last things to consider packing are a change of clothes, underwear and a couple of pairs of socks. Once again, your BOL should be a place that’s realistic to get to within a couple of days, preferably part of the trip by vehicle.

Large Outside Pocket
The large outside zippered pocket will be where you put items that I consider survival tools like duct tape, zip ties, a multi-tool and a fire starter. Also add the Amazon Jungle Survival Knife, a great fixed blade that has a twine-wrapped handle, which houses a mini survival kit, including matches, fishing line, a hook, needles and thread, a safety pin, and striking paper. Our Intense Utility Blanket, which has a nylon side to use as a ground cover if you have to sleep out overnight, goes in, too. Last to go into the pocket are a pair of M48 Kevlar Gloves and a pair of Global Vision Ballistic Safety Sunglasses, which can be tucked into one of the gloves.

Small Outside Pocket
In the small outside zippered pocket store a notepad and permanent marker and then, drop in our BugOut Mini Monocular. This would also be a good, easily accessible place to put your extra pair of socks, in case you need to stop and change them. If you’re going to be walking a fair distance to your BOL, it’s important that your feet stay dry.

Blanket Secured With Straps
Like I said before, this backpack has straps to secure a bedroll or blanket. I suggest our Trailblazer Swiss Army Wool Blanket because there is nothing like wool when it comes to keep you warm and insulate you against the elements, even if it is damp. Then, also roll up in the blanket, our Intense Self-Inflating Pillow as it provides some mental and physical comfort in a difficult situation. Just nice to be able to lay your head on something soft, if you have to “rough it” on the way.

First Aid Kit Secured To MOLLE
The Elite Hikers First Aid Kit has straps that can be attached to the MOLLE webbing on the pack or, if you want, it can be worn around your waist. I would just rather attach it to the pack. This kit has a variety of first aid supplies that are specific to what injuries may occur if you’re hiking or camping. There is room in the kit to add a tube of antibiotic cream, lip balm, rubber bands and a small bottle of hand sanitizer. Also put in a plastic baggie filled with packets of our Water Purification Powder and a baggie of Fish Penicillin, just in case you meet some sick goldfish on the way.

The last things you need to have with you is some emergency cash and any personal documents (birth certificate, passport) that you think are necessary. These DO NOT go in your pack. They need to be carried on your person.

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