Date Published: 2020-04-08

Take Your Family Camping With Intense Gear


By Adelia Ladson

When you take your family out camping, make sure you have only the best gear available. That may sound like a no-brainer, but I’ve heard nightmare camping stories from my friends because they decided to use something, they “just picked up at the store.”

When it comes down to it, you don’t want your loved ones huddled under a collapsed tent that’s leaking water all over them. You don’t want your kids shivering in a sleeping bag that’s not up to an unexpected cool front coming in at night. I’ve been there. It’s not pleasant.

Hands-down, especially, when it comes to tents, the brand you can depend on is Intense Wilderness Survival Gear. It specializes in compact and lightweight tents that are easy to transport and set up. The most annoying thing ever is to start out a camping trip wrestling with an uncooperative tent while your kids are standing around watching and wondering if they’re really “okay” out here in the wild with you. Also, the ultra-durable, rip-resistant polyester material, that Intense tents are made out of, have an advanced weather-resistant coating that wicks away moisture and guards against damaging UV radiation, which pretty much guarantees that you’re ready for any weather condition.

Not only one of my favorites, but also a customer favorite is the spacious Four-Person Teepee Tent, which is perfect for family outings because kids absolutely love that it looks like an Indian teepee. It easily accommodates four full-sized sleeping bags or even a king-sized air mattress (if it’s just you and your honey), with plenty of room left over for clothes, water, flashlights and other gear. Since it packs up lightly and tightly in a compact carry bag, it also works perfectly for an individual backpacker, who just wants some extra space to stretch out or stow gear.

Now, speaking of the individual backpacker, Intense has something for you that I absolutely love, and think is really cool! Their Mosquito Net Covered Hammock Travel Bed takes up almost no room in your pack and is perfect for someone, who doesn’t want to pitch a tent and wants to be off the ground, away from those creepy crawlies, like I do. The lightweight, breathable hammock bed is made of strong, parachute nylon and the fine mesh mosquito netting is built right into the hammock and secured with a heavy-duty zipper. You get two steel carabiners, two nylon webbing suspension straps and two hanks of 10’ guy line rope to hang the hammock and support the net section way above you, allowing you to sleep soundly and safe from mosquitoes and insects. If you think there’s a possibility of rain, you can make sure to bring along the a>Waterproof Camping Tent/Tarp that Intense has and rig it over your hammock bed or pitch it like a regular pup-tent. It comes in a stuff sack and there are four nylon straps for staking it out at the corners and two straps for the line that runs along the top of the tent. You also get four metal stakes and six bundles of cord to pitch it or hang it with.

Now, when it comes to a good, all-temperature sleeping bag, you just can’t go wrong with the Intense Three-Season Mummy Sleeping Bag. Unless, you’re an avid camper who likes to try yourself in the coldest camping conditions, it’s perfect for spring, summer, fall or even winter in milder climates, with a temperature rating of 41 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s made of waterproof, rip resistant 190T polyester with plush m2 hollow fiber filling and it’s surprisingly spacious for a mummy bag because it fits someone up to 6’6”. And, like all of the Intense Wilderness Survival Gear, it’s ultra-lightweight and compact when it’s packed into its drawstring stuff bag. Every member of your family will thank you for getting them one after they have that cozy night’s sleep!

Although, we want our camping weather to be absolutely picture perfect, as I mentioned above, that’s not always the case. So, it’s really important to keep your supplies and gear protected against inclement weather. Here’s where the Intense brand scores another homerun! The Waterproof Drybag Backpack is what you should be carrying and storing your gear in when you go camping or even hiking. It has a PVC tarpaulin construction with a roll down top, secured with quick-release buckles and the main compartment has a 35L capacity. Since the adjustable straps are padded and there is an integrated padded panel for extra comfort, plus, a chest strap, even your kids will be able to carry it with relative ease.

A camping trip, whether it’s with a family or solo, should be a pleasurable outdoor adventure spent relaxing and having a good time. All you have to do to make that happen is just have quality gear that you can count on. Now, go make some memories!

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