Simple SHTF Lighting Systems

Simple SHTF Lighting Systems

By Adelia Ladson

I don’t know about you, but I will definitely not be left in the dark when SHTF happens. I am fully prepared to be able to keep things bright when night falls. In the meantime, I’m also prepared for natural disasters that pop-up and cause black-outs. Really, folks, it’s not that difficult or expensive to have lighting systems ready for when things happen. Here are five good systems that I have and have used in a variety of situations, both emergency and mundane. You can choose all five, like I have, or just one. The important thing is that you stock up on a system, now, because you don’t want to be without the comfort and safety of light at night.

You have a couple of different options when it comes to having a light source without electricity – battery powered, solar powered or just good old fire. Like I said, I have five systems in place and the three choices of light source above is the reason why. When it comes down to it, you have to be prepared for the long-haul. Days of cloudy weather aren’t good for solar power and batteries won’t last forever, even though you stock up on them, so eventually you’ll be left with what our ancestors used – candlelight and firelight. So, if you want to skip the solar power and battery-operated altogether, go ahead. Me, however, I want to ease into that time and have artificial light as long as possible. So, let’s start with the battery-operated and solar-powered super bright LED systems first.

Trailblazer Pack-Away Camping Lantern

The collapsible Trailblazer Pack-Away Camping Lantern is a great little battery-operated light. It’s so compact and portable that it will fit anywhere, making it great for your bug-out bag, too. It’s twice as bright as many LED lanterns of twice the size. It boasts 360-degrees of intense 250-lumen light that’s more than enough to flood a room with bright light. It has an extraordinarily durable ABS housing that’s water-resistant. It features two pivoting metal handles on top and magnets and a hook on the bottom so that it can be set-up anywhere. The beauty of these lanterns are that they can just be quickly picked-up and moved from room-to-room.

Trailblazer Tri-Folding Solar Camping Light

The Trailblazer Tri-Folding Solar Camping Light can be used in your rooms during the day and you can use your battery-operated lanterns at night. This combination helps save your batteries. It’s a propeller-shaped light designed to completely conform to your needs and the solar light features three lighting modes including low, high and SOS. Each of the three 18-LED light panels can be adjusted independently to direct the light towards a specific direction and the hidden hanging hook design allows you the versatility to hang it anywhere. Use it as a flashlight when it’s folded closed or as a lantern when it’s completely unfolded. The tri-folding light has a built-in 680 mAh lithium battery, which can be fully charged via the micro USB port and included cable or charged with the three built-in solar panels.

Rayo Emergency Lantern Heater Cooker

Moving to the flame-powered lights, the first one I want to mention is the Rayo Emergency Lantern Heater Cooker. It uses kerosene or lamp oil so that’s something you’ll need to stock-up on. The beauty of this lantern is that it tackles two jobs in one compact package. In addition to providing dependable light, it can heat water or small meals with its removable cooking utensil with lid. It’s brighter and more efficient with advanced pre-heated air flow and a 12” extra-tall, heat-resisting chimney. A simple lever lifts the chimney out of the way for easy lighting and the adjustable, 2” flame is bright enough to light a small room and it lasts all night. It also features a wide base to prevent it from tipping over and it has a durable, powder-coated finish.

UCO Nine-Hour Candles

Just a basic, classic system which I have in place, are my UCO Nine-Hour Candles. These candles will each provide you with nine hours of light and that’s incredible longevity for a candle. They also produce less smoke, which is really important to me. All you need is just get a stable candle holder, which they’re a pretty standard diameter, so you can find one to fit anywhere. As with the other systems, you need to set up at least one in every room or what will provide you ample light for those long winter nights. Since these candles are compact and durable for outdoor activities, they are especially perfect if you have to be on the move when SHTF happens.

UV Tooblite Glow Stick

Okay, I’m going to round out the lighting system list with this unique source. The UV Tooblite Glow Stick is a compact, high-performance glow stick that charges during the day by absorbing energy from any light source. And I mean ANY light source including a high-intensity flashlight, which will charge if pretty quickly. Then, it will stay illuminated for about 12 hours, gradually fading. It’s made of non-toxic materials and is water-resistant, reusable, last forever and works in any temperature. There are just too many uses for the Tooblite to mention. You need to stock up on a few of them.

I cannot stress enough the importance of having a good lighting system to get you through the hours of darkness. Be Prepared!

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