Date Published: 2020-09-30

Campsite Cooking Made Easy

Campsite Cooking Made Easy

By Adelia Ladson

Getting out and enjoying the Great Outdoors is something we enjoy here at, so we understand exactly what you need to do that! We know that having gear that you can absolutely count on is a necessity for having that great camping experience, especially, when you’re cooking over an open fire. Campsite cooking doesn’t have to be messy and difficult. We have some great cookware that will make all of your meals easy, plus, clean-up, too.

The first and most important thing you need is a reliable source of fire or you won’t be doing any cooking. Our BugOut Survival Plasma Beam Lighter is quick and easy but most importantly, completely reliable since, it’s electronic. The flameless lighter is windproof so, there are no adjustments required for altitude or weather. The compact lighter is powered by a USB-rechargeable, lithium-ion battery. It has a tough, water-resistant casing with a water-tight O-ring seal, and it comes with both a lanyard and a carabiner.

I’m going to give you two cooking options that are lightweight and won’t take-up that much space in your camping gear. And, actually, you might just want to bring both of them along to expand your meal options. The first one is the Esbit Solid Fuel Stove And Cook Set, which is for boiling. It’s perfect for MRE’s that only require water or for making coffee and tea. It’s completely self-contained, made of anodized aluminum and has silicone grip handles. You get a pot with lid and a solid fuel, windshield-type stove that stacks inside of it, all fitting into a mesh stuff sack. The second option is the Compact Folding Camping and Tailgating Barbecue Grill. With this, you can use charcoal or wood, twigs and leaves as fuel to grill or cook in a pan or pot. It has a one-piece, steel body construction that stands on four removable legs and it will hold a maximum weight of 6 1/2 lbs on its 9 3/4”x 10” grill top. The grill folds completely flat for storage and weighs-in at only 3/4 lbs.

Having something to eat your meal on and with that will last through many camping trips is a better investment than paper and plastic. I like the U.S. Military Spec Aluminum Mess Kit that we keep in stock. You get a dining tray and a cooking pan that are secured together with a hook, which also acts as a handle for the pan. The mess kit is lightweight and fits neatly in your pack. As far as dining utensils, the Gerber ComplEAT Multi-Tool has all the bases covered with a fork, spoon, spatula, and a four-function multi-tool that nest for transport, as well as, snap together to convert into functional tongs. As always, Gerber has delivered an innovative tool that solves everything from prep to clean-up. The spatula is made of high-temp nylon, both fork and spoon are anodized aluminum, and the multi-tool is stainless steel, guaranteeing many years of use. The multi-tool includes a bottle opener, vegetable peeler, serrated package opener and a can opener. The utensil set and multi-tool nest together for slim storage and weigh less than 2 1/2 ounces.

For clean-up, you need the UST FlexWare Sink, a collapsible TPR container that holds up to four gallons of water. It has two handles and both rim and base are sturdy plastic for stability. Washing dishes at your campsite won’t be a problem.

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