Date Published: 2023-05-03

Bushmaster: The Ultimate Bushcraft Knives

Bushmaster: The Ultimate Bushcraft Knives

By Adelia Ladson

Acquiring and developing skills that will help you survive in a natural environment is a great way to add to your survival toolbox. Bushcraft is the use and practice of these skills so that you have the confidence to face an environment that you have no control over. Skills that are the basis of bushcraft are building a fire and shelter, tracking and hunting, foraging and fishing, woodcraft and knot tying, navigation and finding and filtering water. They also include knowing how to use tools like hatchets, saws and bushcraft knives.

What Is A Bushcraft Knife?

A bushcraft knife is the most important tool to have in your outdoor and survival gear. The best bushcrafting knives have a handle that's securely attached to the tang and is tough enough to stand-up to hard-use, while the blade needs to be beefy enough to handle whatever cutting or chopping task you throw at it. When it comes to bushcrafting knives, the Bushmaster brand is the best! It's at the top of my go-to list for tough gear that will stand up to any environment or weather condition.

Why Bushmaster?

Bushmaster has had customers covered in any intense situation since 2013, whether they’re braving the Amazon or simply out on the hunting trail. Razor-sharp blades and premium handles make these knives reliable companions that can take the abuse in any situation. These knives cover all the bases, providing you with a durable tool that can tackle anything that comes your way. When you go out in the wild, You Better Have a Bushmaster!

Backcountry Kukri Knife

Using a tried and true design, Bushmaster has crafted its Backcountry Kukri Knife to be the perfect tool for hacking through brush or any cutting task when you’re out in the wilderness. It has a full-tang, carbon steel blade that's a full 10" in length with a rough-forged finish and the traditional curved kukri profile. This blade was absolutely built for tackling brush, undergrowth and small branches for building fires and shelters. The hardwood handle scales are secured to the tang with brass pins, guaranteeing that they won't come apart, and there's a brass lanyard insert so that a wrist lanyard can be added for extra control over the knife. One of the most important features of a bushcraft fixed blade knife is a sheath so that it can be carried easily at your side and a premium leather belt sheath makes that happen with the Backcountry Kukri.

Bushcraft Explorer Fixed Blade Knife

The Bushcraft Explorer is a smaller fixed blade knife at just under 10" in overall length. It won't take-up much space on your side, in its leather belt sheath, or in your gear. The richly veined zebra wood used for the handle is known for its hardness and durability, which is definitely what you're looking for in a bushcraft knife. The handle scales are secured to the tang with brass pins just like with the kukri knife above and it also has a lanyard hole. Combine the incredibly strong zebra wood with a 1095 high carbon steel blade that’s razor-sharp and you have a knife you will use for every situation.

Bushcraft Explorer Pocket Knife

A great companion to the Bushcraft Explorer Fixed Blade is the Bushcraft Explorer Pocket Knife. Zebra wood was also used to craft this handle, along with the brass pins that secure the scales to the liners so that you won't have to worry about its reliability. The pocket knife's just over 3" blade is made of S35V steel, and it can be quickly accessed using the ball bearing pivot lock opening mechanism. The rugged pocket knife has a sturdy metal pocket clip for ease of carry.

Omnivore Multi-Tool

Not a classic bushcraft knife, but the Bushmaster Omnivore Multi-Tool definitely belongs with the bushcraft knives. The compact, lightweight multi-tool has a tough-as-nails stainless steel construction with no-slip, polymer handle scales. Cutting, sawing, filing and prying. There's practically no bushcrafting job the Omnivore can't sink its teeth into. The tool has spring-loaded pliers, wire cutters, file, 2 1/4" knife blade, 1" knife blade, Phillips head screwdriver, flat head screwdriver, wood saw, bottle opener, can opener, multipurpose awl/detangling tool, and ruler. The multi-tool has a 4" closed length and transport is a breeze, thanks to the included heavy-duty nylon snap pouch.

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