Date Published: 2022-11-09

Collector Worthy Military Helmets

Collector Worthy Military Helmets

By Adelia Ladson

Military surplus and militaria reproduction items are great conversation-pieces to collect and can be quite useful, too. Some of the most useful pieces of military history that you can own are helmets, which can be found on the market from different eras and military forces. If it’s good enough for a soldier on the front lines, rest assured it’ll withstand the most punishing use you can dish out! Here is a selection of military helmets that rate high with collectors.

British Military GS MK6 Helmet

From the 1980s to 2005, the British Armed Forces issued the GS MK6 Helmet to its soldiers. It was manufactured by NP Aerospace and designed to be wearable with modern ear protection, communication devices and respirators. The helmet is made of ballistic nylon and has an adjustable liner and chin strap, plus, inside padding. You can find these in gently used condition.

Japanese WWII Tetsubo Helmet

The tetsubo helmet or “steel cap” was worn by soldiers of the Imperial Japanese Army during WWII and were covered with camouflage nets, especially, in the Southern Theatre and Pacific Island Campaign. Our Japanese WWII Tetsubo Helmet is a high-quality, accurate reproduction. It's crafted of 18-gauge metal with a painted olive drab finish and an olive drab cord net. Inside the replica helmet is a genuine leather and nylon webbing liner.

German WWII Paratrooper M38 Helmet

The first German paratrooper units, the Fallschirmjagers, which translates as “parachute hunter”, participated in large-scale airborne operations during WWII. They wore the M38 Helmet and our reproduction is made of 18-gauge metal with a painted olive drab finish. The high-quality replica helmet also has a genuine leather liner and chin strap. You won't be able to tell the difference between a military surplus M38 helmet and this reproduction except that it is in pristine condition.

Cold War Era Hungarian M-70 Helmet

You can find an actual Cold War Era Hungarian M-70 Helmet on the military surplus market. They're in pretty good condition for helmets that had been issued to forces. This model of helmet is made of solid steel with a glossy, olive drab finish. The helmets have a leather lining and adjustable chin straps. These are great for military performances or costumes because they look great with their glossy finish.

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