Must-Have Camping And Survival Axes

Must-Have Camping And Survival Axes

By Adelia Ladson

Why Do I Need An Axe?

When you’re going camping or packing a bug-out bag or survival gear, a good, solid axe is an absolute necessity. There are tasks that you’ll encounter that need an axe to accomplish, especially, cutting firewood and building a shelter, if necessary. If you’re bugging out, you never know if you’ll need to break through a barrier or break into something to survive. In a dicey situation, an axe isn’t a bad self-defense weapon either.

What To Look For

A good camping axe or hatchet needs to have a solid base that’s why I prefer a tough TPU, ABS, fiberglass or steel handle. Wood is traditional but sometimes it just won’t stand-up to the elements. Also, the handle needs to be attached to the blade with heavy-duty screws or pins so that there’s no danger of the blade coming loose when in use. The handle needs to have a comfortable, no-slip grip and, of course, the blade needs to be beefy enough to get the job done. The blade itself should be at least 3” in length and made of stainless steel, which is a more rust-resistant steel. Although, you can find a carbon steel blade that has an anti-rust coating like titanium or black oxide. Another thing to look for is a sheath. The axe or hatchet should come with a sheath to protect the head and blade.

Our Absolute Picks

I have chosen a few camping and survival axes that are top-performers on the market, based on customer reviews of their performance.

Ridge Runner Tactical Hammer And Axe

The Ridge Runner Tactical Hammer and Axe is at the top of the list because it is packed with extra features. You’re not just getting an axe. First off, the black, oxide-coated, stainless steel head has a massive 7” blade on the front side and a textured hammer head on the back side. It also features a variety of hex wrench slots including 8, 10, 14, 17, 19 and 22 mm. The handle is tough TPU, just like you want, with a paracord-wrapped grip that extends into a wrist lanyard for an extra measure of security when you’re swinging the axe. Heavy-duty screws attach the sturdy handle to the tang of the axe head. It also comes with a nylon blade sheath. Overall, the Ridge Runner Tactical Hammer and Axe is a great little tool to carry when you’re camping, to include in your bug-out bag or to keep in your vehicle for emergencies.

Schrade Titanium Survival Axe

You know you can count on quality with a name like Schrade, and the Titanium Survival Axe is no exception. The real appeal for this axe is that, with its titanium-coated, 3Cr13 stainless steel head, it’s rock solid and almost indestructible. If SHTF, you can count on this survival axe to back you up whatever the job and last through the entire Apocalypse! It, too, has a textured hammer head on the back end. The ergonomically, contoured handle is glass-fiber filled with a TPR rubberized grip for supreme control. An added benefit is that a sharpening stone is included and there’s a firestarter in the handle. The Schrade Titanium Survival Axe can be carried, conveniently at your side in a heavy-duty nylon belt sheath.

Black Legion Camping Hatchet

Another tough contender against any job that may come up when camping or bugging-out, the Black Legion Camping Hatchet has a 4”, extra-thick axe blade. Whether you’re splitting wood or drywall, it’ll get the job done in record time! The axe head is made of carbon steel with a black oxide coating, and it has a flat backend that can be used as a hammer. The handle is made of strong fiberglass, and it has a slip-free rubberized grip. Built for tough use, the Black Legion Camping Hatchet is a nice and compact 14” in overall length, making it easy to just drop-in your pack or bag.

USMC Field Axe

You can’t get a better recommendation for a camping axe than one that is officially licensed by the United States Marine Corps. The USMC Field Axe is the most compact tool on this list, coming in at 11 1/4” in overall length. Its smaller size, however, doesn’t mean that you’re getting less chopping power! It has a thick, stainless steel head with a stonewashed finish and a 3 1/2” blade on the front, which narrows down to an edged point on the back end. The handle is a solid ABS that is wrapped in black paracord, extending into a wrist lanyard. Three heavy-duty screws secure the handle to the axe head and the head snaps securely into a TPU belt sheath for easy carry. The USMC Field Axe can tackle either chopping or penetrating tasks, giving you a versatile, must-have survival tool.

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