Date Published: 2021-07-28

Emergency Tools You Can Count On

Emergency Tools You Can Count On

By Adelia Ladson

What’s An Emergency Tool?

When you’re facing an emergency situation, whether it’s a vehicle accident or a medical emergency, it’s absolutely necessary to have the emergency tools that you need to either save your life or someone else’s. Tools that will break a vehicle window or breach a barrier to get to a trapped victim and medical supplies that are ready for any trauma are what you’re looking for to be prepared for disaster whenever it falls. Put together an emergency bag for your vehicle and emergency gear for your home.

Vehicle Emergency Bag

Putting an emergency bag in your vehicle is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Automobile accidents are the most common emergency situations that you can be faced with in your daily life. What you do could be the difference between life and death.

Smith & Wesson First Response Rescue Pocket Knife

Since entrapment is one of the main consequences in a vehicle accident, one of the first things you need to put in your bag is the Smith & Wesson First Response Rescue Pocket Knife. It has both a glass breaker spike and a seat belt cutter in the end of the handle, which has a textured G10 grip for a no-slip grip. The rescue knife also has partial serrations on its razor-sharp, 7Cr17 steel blade. A stainless steel thumb plate allows for easy one-handed opening for both right and left handers.

M48 Tactical War Hammer

Next, you need to include the M48 Tactical War Hammer because, in some cases, you may need more brute force to rescue a victim. The combination hammer and axe can breach just about anything. It has a black oxide-coated, cast stainless steel head with the hammer head on one side and a piercing spike on the other side. The handle is made of fiberglass reinforced with nylon and it has a ridged grip to keep it securely in your hand. The head is attached to the handle with heavy-duty metal bolts and the M48 Tactical War Hammer is 15 1/2” overall, making it a nice compact size for your gear. Also, included with it is a Vortec head cover to protect the rest of your gear from the spike.

Advanced Trauma Bleeding Control Kit

A must-have for your vehicle emergency bag is the Advanced Trauma Bleeding Control Kit. It has all the necessary tools needed to combat a medical emergency where controlling profuse bleeding is a matter of life and death. It includes a combat tourniquet, an emergency pressure bandage, compress gauze, a pair of trauma shears and an emergency blanket.

Home Emergency Gear

Emergency gear for your home should cover a wide variety of medical emergencies and natural or manmade disaster situations. Hurricane or tornado, a fall from a roof or a house fire may give rise to the necessity of you rendering emergency aid to a neighbor or a family member.

Elite Tactical Trauma Kit

One of the first things that you need to have as a part of your home emergency gear is an all-inclusive, quality first aid kit. The Elite Tactical Trauma Kit is one of the best and most complete kits you’ll find out there. The bright, red backpack contains more than 230 first aid supplies that can address both life-threatening and non-life-threatening situations. Some of the basic supplies it has organized in the easy-to-access compartments are a variety of sizes and styles of bandages, including BleedStop bandages, and adhesive tape rolls, instant ice packs, AfterBite wipes and pain relievers. You’ll also find EMT shears, latex gloves, tweezers and safety pins. The kit has not so common medical trauma supplies like a blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, a scalpel, stainless steel hemostats and sterile sponges. Finally, the Elite Tactical Trauma Kit has an EFA First Aid Book in case you need a reference guide.

M48 Rescue Yellow Tomahawk Axe

Having a fireman-style axe in your home emergency gear is invaluable. From earthquake and tornado to house fire and personal crisis, there are things that could occur where you need to breach a door or wall to get to someone who’s trapped. The M48 Rescue Yellow Tomahawk Axe has a wide, upswept 2Cr13 cast stainless steel blade with a piercing spike on the back end. The axe head is supported by a sturdy fiberglass, nylon reinforced handle. The Rescue Tomahawk Axe is surprisingly lightweight and compact, making it easy to store anywhere on your property.

Reusable Splint Set

Accidents at home like falls from a roof, tree or down a set of stairs happen. What do you do before you get the victim to a medical facility if they’ve broken an arm or a leg? What about all the accidents that occur like slamming a finger in a door or spraining a finger from catching a baseball in the backyard? The Reusable Splint Set has different sizes of splints so that you are ready for any medical situation that requires a limb to be immobilized. The set includes two small finger splints, a medium splint (19 3/5”x 4 3/10”) and a large splint (39 3/10”x 4 3/10”). All of the pieces of the set fit neatly in a tough nylon bag with a zipper and a belt loop. This set is also great to add to your vehicle emergency bag or camping gear.

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