Military Surplus: Old Is New Again

Military Surplus: Old Is New Again

By Adelia Ladson

Armed Forces, whether United States or other, offer a great opportunity that many folks overlook – great, readily available survival gear. If you think about it, soldiers are the experts when it comes to survival in SHTF situations. When things get rough, it’s all about the gear you have at your disposal that will keep you alive. Here are some Military Surplus items we carry that you might consider adding to your survival cache.

One of the skills the military is the most proficient at is hiding. Its development and use of camouflage is second to none. Adding camouflage to your survival gear is a must because hiding and concealment may be important after SHTF. Our Czech Military Camo Netting is 12’x 12’, giving you plenty of material to make large objects virtually invisible. It’s perfect for camouflaging a vehicle, tent or underground entrance. NATO approved, the rugged military material will last a lifetime.

Adding personal protection gear to your survival cache is also a good idea because a post SHTF environment will most likely be unstable, requiring protective equipment. Of course, the first consideration should be protective headgear and military surplus helmets are perfect. We have secured a few of these helmets that have been combat-tested. Our NATO Kevlar Helmet was issued to Polish troops that were fighting with NATO forces in Afghanistan. Since this helmet is made of Kevlar, it’s stronger and more resilient than the steel helmets that are out there, yet it’s also far lighter and more comfortable. It has an adjustable inner liner and four-point chinstrap, ensuring a secure fit. These helmets are in great condition with only cosmetic defects. Aside from having a helmet for your survival gear, you just might find other uses for it. If it’s good enough for a soldier on the front lines, rest assured it’ll withstand the most punishing use you can dish out!

We are constantly scouring our resources for different types of military surplus items that we think can be repurposed for survival and this is my favorite by far. It’s an Italian Fire-Resistant Blanket that is in like new condition and is 60”x 40” in overall size. The tan fabric blend, which includes the flame-resistant modacrylic fibers, also makes it nice and warm just like a wool blanket. This is another one of those surplus finds that can be used right now. Take it to a campfire cookout, to a beach bonfire or drop it in your car for emergencies.

One of the most important additions to your SHTF gear is a gas mask. The reasons that you may need one are just too numerous to list as are the consequences of not having one if you need it. The like new M10 Gas Mask that we carry gives you full-face coverage with dual eye-openings for a clear view and adjustable rubber straps for a secure fit. It helps protect the face, eyes and respiratory system against chemicals and biological warfare agents that are used in the form of gases, vapors and aerosols. There’s no way to predict when having a gas mask is the difference between life and death.

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