Date Published: 2023-04-12

Glow Light Sticks Make Great Unconventional Light Sources

Glow Light Sticks Make Great Unconventional Light Sources

By Adelia Ladson

It's always good to have unconventional means to provide light, as a back-up, in your camping gear. If for some reason, your flashlight or camping lantern stops working, you don't want to be without a light source at night. The best options as a back-up are glow light sticks since they don't need batteries and won't cause a fire if they tip over. There are a few options available out there.

Trailblazer Glow Sticks

Trailblazer Glow Sticks are your classic style light stick with the addition of a hanging hook. This gives you a variety of options to carry and attach them wherever light is needed. Hang them in your tent, on a lanyard around your neck or attach them to your backpack and gear. Each 4" light stick gives off a bright, green light when it's activated, and it also has a lanyard hole.

UV Tooblite Rechargeable Glow Stick

Putting it leagues ahead of the traditional glow light stick, the UV Tooblite Rechargeable Glow Stick can be used over and over again. So, this is my personal choice as not only a back-up light, but as an additional light for the campsite. It makes a great nightlight for your tent. It will stay illuminated all night long and then recharge during the day by absorbing energy from any light source. The 6 1/4" light stick is non-toxic, lasts forever and works in any temperature. A Tooblite will last for about 12 hours, gradually fading over the time period. You need a light source that never, ever lets you down, and the UV Tooblite is it!

BugOut Mini Glow Sticks

You may wonder why I'm including the BugOut Mini Glow Sticks and how they could possibly be useful as a back-up light source. It's not a back-up light that I use them for. Just like the Tooblite, I use them as additional light. They're perfect for marking the tent ropes and stakes, your latrine's location, hanging gear and anything else you don't want to stumble over in the dark. Each mini light stick gives off a green glow, when activated, and they come in a package of 50.

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