Stocking Stuffers For Campers

Stocking Stuffers For Campers

By Adelia Ladson

CH Kadels is the perfect place to complete your holiday shopping for the avid camper in your life. Add some great stocking stuffers to their main gift and give them some small essentials to add to their camping gear. Here are ten popular small gear products that would make any camper happy if they found them in their stocking this year!

UCO Nine-Hour Candles

UCO spent countless hours developing its Nine-Hour Candles. The wax formula and wick size were specially engineered so that they don't melt down prematurely. These made-in-the-USA candles really will burn strongly for nine full hours. They make an excellent addition to camping gear as a back-up light source and to save battery power in flashlights and lanterns.

Brass Match Case

Not only a practical addition to camping gear, the Brass Match Case is also attractive with its vintage look. The case has a solid brass construction with a rubber, O-ring-sealed lid that pulls out. The lid has an integrated compass and there is crosshatching on the case to give you a secure grip when opening it. A wrist lanyard is also attached so that it can be attached to you or your gear. The Brass Match Case will keep your matches safe and dry whatever the weather so that you can always start your campfire.

Trailblazer D-Ring Locking Carabiner Set

There are almost endless possibilities of use for carabiners that make them a handy stocking stuffer for a camper. The Trailblazer D-Ring Locking Carabiner Set gives you six of them. Each of the versatile tools is made of corrosion-resistant, lightweight aero-grade aluminum with a screw-lock to securely lock the gate. Carabiners can be used to attach gear to belt loops and backpacks, to connect cords and to pitch tents.

UV Tooblite

Drop a couple of UV Tooblites in your loved one's stocking to light-up their tent at night and they'll thank you! These light sources will never let them down because they last for years and work in any temperature. The lightweight, waterproof Tooblite is a high-performance, rechargeable glow stick made of non-toxic materials. The difference between it and the regular old glow sticks is that it recharges over and over again by absorbing energy from any light source. The reusable and reliable light will stay lit all night long, gradually fading over a 12-hour period of time. Under a high intensity flashlight, it will recharge in a few seconds, in sunlight it will recharge in one minute and ambient light will recharge it in 5 to 10 minutes. There are so many uses for UV Tooblites at a campsite.

BugOut Arc Lighter And Flashlight

There's a lot of value packed into this stocking stuffer gift. The BugOut Arc Lighter has a super bright, integrated flashlight that offers both a normal and a flashing mode. The plasma arc lighter will ignite in any weather, as it's wind and water-proof, and it has an automatic protection mode that turns it off after seven seconds. The flashlight and lighter are powered by a lithium polymer battery that can be recharged with an included USB cable, charging fully in two hours. It has a pocket-sized, aluminum alloy body that's lightweight with an O-ring-sealed, locking clasp cover, assuring that the lighter will work even after it's been soaked in water.

Fishing Rod Pen And Full Reel

If you're looking for a unique stocking stuffer, the Fishing Rod Pen is it. It's a telescoping fishing rod that's neatly contained in a realistic-looking ink pen case and it expands out to a full 39" in length. The rod is made of aluminum alloy and fiberglass. Included with the rod is a full-sized reel, which is also made of aluminum alloy and is already pre-loaded with fishing line. The compact Fishing Rod Pen and Reel is easy to just drop in your camping gear.

Trailblazer Four-Mode Headlamp

Weighing-in at less than 12 ozs, the Trailblazer Four-Mode Headlamp is one of the lightest on the market, making it comfortable to wear. Campers will find it especially useful when "nature calls" in the middle of the night and they have to leave their tent. The headlamp's four settings include low, medium, high and emergency strobe, powered by two rechargeable, lithium batteries. Once it's fully charged, the advanced design of the CREE LED light system enables the battery to last three times longer than other headlamps. It's made of aluminum alloy and rubber with a movable light design, and it charges with a USB cable.

KA-BAR Tactical Spork

Your camper will appreciate the fact that the Tactical Spork they find in their stocking is from the legendary KA-BAR company. Made of tough, food and water approved Grilamid, the camp dining utensil will last forever. Not only is it a fork and spoon combination but, hidden inside of the handle is a serrated knife, too.

Nebo Torchy Rechargeable Flashlight

Any camper who finds the Nebo Torchy Rechargeable Flashlight in their stocking is going to be thrilled. At 2 3/5” and 1,000 lumens, small never seemed so big or so bright! The must-have flashlight offers four lighting modes that include high, medium, low and strobe. In addition, there's a Turbo mode of 1,000 lumens for 30 seconds that will reach up to 130 meters. The water and impact-resistant body is made of anodized, aircraft-grade aluminum with a powerful magnetic base. The base doubles as the magnetic charging port for the included USB MagCable. The flashlight also comes with a removable clip that lets you carry it handsfree. The rechargeable Nebo Torchy Rechargeable Flashlight, inch for inch, is the brightest flashlight in the world!

Compass And Wooden Box

Alright, the Compass And Wooden Box may not necessarily be for a camper's stocking but I had to include it because it really does make a great gift item. The high-quality, display piece is also an actual working compass that can be used for navigation and slope-angle measurements. The magnetic compass is polished brass with a mirror on the inside lid. the box that the compass sits in is a rich, premium wood, accented with brass corner brackets and it features a brass anchor on the hinged lid.

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