Date Published: 2020-08-26

Camping Accessories

Camping Accessories

By Adelia Ladson

Along with your tent, you know the basics of what you need when you go camping. You need light sources like flashlights and lanterns, you need cooking and washing gear and you, of course, need a first aid kit. These are just some basic camping essentials. Now, here are some essentials that you most likely haven’t thought about.

The BugOut Multi-Function Folding Entrenchment Tool has functions and features that you absolutely need in your camping gear, all in one compact tool. Starting from the top, it has a stainless steel shovel head that features a saw, knife, hook knife, cleaver/ruler, wrenches and a bottle opener. The break down, textured handle is made of heavy-duty aluminum and each of the three sections houses a tool including both a flat head and Phillips screwdriver, a saw with a cord cutter and unscrewing the pommel reveals the fire striker/emergency whistle. The pommel also features a compass set into it and lanyard holes provide another carry option. The length can be adjusted for need by using either one, two or all three of the sections. The BugOut Multi-Function Folding Entrenchment Tool comes housed in a durable nylon pouch with a belt loop and adjustable strap. There are endless reasons that you need to add this multi-function tool to your camping equipment!

There’s no better way to organize your gear around the campsite and to get it up off the ground than the Trailblazer Camp Gear Suspension Rope. Having gear off the ground also keeps critters from getting to it. The 71” overall gear suspension rope is strong and durable polypropylene ribbon with integrated hanging loops and a number of strong and durable stainless steel S carabiners, all with a stainless steel gate on each end, come with it. This clever combination allows you to quickly put your hands on the things that you need right when you need them.

What happens when you get out to the campsite and you find a rip in your tent or it tears when you’re setting it up or just sometime during your trip? If you have the Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl Kit, no worries! This sewing awl kit is a must-have accessory for your camping gear. It’s perfect for making minor repairs to heavy duty materials like canvas and leather, making it useful for fast repairs to tents, awnings, bags and even shoes. This kit includes the Speedy Stitcher sewing awl, a bobbin wound with 14 yards of waxed coarse thread, four needles and a 180-yd tube of additional thread. You never know when you might need a fast repair and having the tool to make that repair is essential.

Building a campfire that’s going to last for awhile takes more fuel than just small sticks that you pick up off the ground. Adding the Trailblazer Multi-Purpose Folding Saw to your gear allows you to easily secure larger branches to feed your fire. It is one of the handiest folding saws around, featuring a 5” stainless steel blade with razor-sharp, shark-tooth-style serrations that will saw through just about any light job. A built-in safety release button ensures safety and the durable TPU handle features a TPR grip for a safe, slip-free hold when you’re using the saw. Since it folds down to a nice, compact size, it’s easy to just drop in your camping gear.

Also, when you’re building a campfire, your life will be so much easier if you have a starting tinder that you can completely count on to light. The Never Fail Fire Starters will ignite even after being submerged in water! Using them is quick and easy and they are non-toxic and odorless. They’re also great for starting your barbeque, bonfire and fireplace.

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