Date Published: 2023-01-04

Stock-Up On Emergency Essentials Canned Food

Stock-Up On Emergency Essentials Canned Food

By Adelia Ladson

What Is Emergency Essentials

Living up to its name, Emergency Essentials has provided the very essentials that people have been reaching for, during natural disasters, since 1987. The company offers real meat, vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes and staples that have the calories and nutrients essential to survival. Emergency Essentials is an expert in long-term storage, packaging, dehydration and freeze-drying technology. Cans with double oxygen absorbers ensure nutrition protection and food that is delicious tomorrow, as well as, in twenty-five years from now.


Any emergency food supply should be stocked with staples like butter, eggs and milk, which are key ingredients to a variety of meals.

Butter Powder

Emergency Essentials Butter Powder offers the rich flavor of real butter, perfect for smothering your corn in, pouring over your popcorn, spreading on bread and whatever else you use butter on. Just add water and it becomes a creamy spread for your table or for your recipes. The can contains an equivalent of 18 1/2 half-cup sticks of butter.

Whole Egg Powder

Eggs are an important ingredient in baking, cooking and other dry mix recipes. Emergency Essentials Whole Egg Powder allows you to mix 2 1/2 tablespoons of water with an equal amount of powder as a substitute for one large egg in recipes. With roughly 72 large eggs in each can, this is a good source of protein for your emergency food supply.

Non-Fat Dry Milk

Emergency Essentials' innovative drying method results in its Non-Fat Dry Milk tasting natural and creamy like milk should taste. No chalky aftertaste here! It's 100-percent real skim milk that is delicious when mixed up to drink, poured over cereal or when used in baking.


Vegetables provide a variety of vitamins that are essential for a healthy diet. Canned in the USA, you can count on Emergency Essentials vegetables to not only retain their nutrition but to be just as delicious as they were when fresh.

Potato Dices

The Emergency Essentials Potato Dices are a must-have for your food prep, providing fiber, carbohydrates and other nutrients. They can be used in casseroles, in stews and as a side dish, delicious whether mashed or baked. There's 22 servings in the 25-year shelf-life can.

Green Peas

When it comes to nutritional value, Emergency Essentials Green Peas gives you vitamins K, B1 and C among others. Just add warm water, let stand for 5 to 10 minutes, drain then heat and serve as a delicious side dish. They also make a great addition to soups, casseroles and stews. There are 18 total servings in the pest and waterproof can.

Sweet Corn

Emergency Essentials offers a Sweet Corn that's mouthwatering as a side dish or as a snack right out of the can. Use it in chowders, soups and casseroles, automatically increasing your meal's nutritional value and providing energy. The large can has 22 total servings of corn, which contain many nutrients including vitamin A, vitamin C and fiber.


Both as a healthy snack and a sweet ingredient in desserts, fruits are a must-have for your emergency food supply. Emergency Essentials has perfected the process of dehydrating fruit so that after rehydration, much of the original flavor, color, shape and texture are restored.

Strawberry Slices

The Strawberry Slices are a delicious source of vitamin C and a good source of fiber. In fact, they're so delicious that they may not make it to your emergency food storage. Go ahead and buy two cans! You're going to want to use them for desserts, salads, breakfasts, or anything else that requires fruit.


Just like the strawberries above, Emergency Essentials' Blueberries are a sweet snack with tons of health benefits. Eat them straight out of the can or rehydrate and use in cereal, muffins, granola and even cheesecake. There are 16 servings of the great natural sweeteners in each can.

Banana Slices

A great source of potassium, Emergency Essentials' Banana Slices make a great addition to cereal, pudding and other desserts. The naturally delicious, dehydrated slices also a great snack right out of the can. Expertly processed and packaged, the sweetness of the popular fruit will remain for years to come and there's 24 servings in each can. You just might want to buy two of these, too!


When it comes to your emergency food prep, you need a source of protein with a long shelf-life and that's going to be Emergency Essentials' canned meat. Unlike canned meats you've probably had in the past, you won't have to settle for tasteless beef or chicken.

Ground Beef

There's a reason that thousands of customers consider the Emergency Essentials Ground Beef the most important food in their emergency food supply. It's the king of complete proteins and the house seasoning gives it a simmer-in-its-own-juices succulence. Add hot water and you have fully cooked beef in just minutes that can be used a hundred different ways. The special freeze-drying process locks in flavor but doesn't damage the cellular structure of the beef. If Mother Nature made a perfect survival food, ground beef is it. Make delicious tacos, casseroles, burritos, meat pies, soups, stews, sandwiches, pasta sauces, chili, and much more.

Cooked White Chicken

Without a doubt chicken is one of the most widely popular meat choices for families. Packed with protein, the Emergency Essentials Cooked White Chicken is cut into approximately half an inch cubes. Use the delicious, freeze-dried chicken in pasta and stir-fry or soups and salads.

Cooked Beef Dices

Just like Emergency Essentials' ground beef, the brand's Cooked Beef Dices have been seasoned just right, cooked and then freeze-dried to lock in the color, texture, flavor and size of fresh beef. Rehydrate the bite-size pieces of beef and use them in soups, stews, stir-fry or use as a main dish.


A variety of grains should absolutely be added to your emergency food storage. They are a source of fiber and give substance to your meals, especially, breakfast.

Nine-Grain Cereal

Emergency Essentials has put together a wholesome blend of grains with its Nine-Grain Cereal, packaged so that you can enjoy a healthy breakfast now or years from now. It's a good source of protein for your diet and it pairs great with any of the dehydrated fruit above. The cereal cooks up in 10 to 15 minutes for a warm breakfast that's delicious and nutritious. The large can contains 45 total servings.

Quick Oats

The Quick Oats from Emergency Essentials can serve as a source of protein if meat is unavailable. Make them a satisfying breakfast staple and add them to cookies, cobblers or other baked goods. Oats can also help reduce cholesterol and are fast and easy to prepare for breakfast.

White Rice

A good source of thiamine and folate, eat Emergency Essentials White Rice as a side dish, put it in a casserole or use in recipes that call for rice. Just add water, bring to a boil and then reduce heat and cook until it's done. There are 47 total servings in the can giving you 141 grams of protein.

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