Date Published: 2015-12-16

Ten Reasons That You Absolutely Need A Multi-Tool

Schrade Multi-tool
Schrade Multi-tool
By Adelia Ladson

There’s nothing more dead useful than a Multi-tool. When you think of the bang for your buck that you’re getting in one item, it just can’t be beat. It’s like having a complete toolbox in your pocket, glove box or camping gear in one, compact form. From the Needlenose pliers and screwdrivers to the scissors and file, you have something for every situation. But, just in case you were still wondering, here are ten reasons that you need to have a Multi-tool.

1. You’re at a campsite that has a water spigot and it doesn’t want to turn on because the handle is frozen. You use the pliers to give you more leverage. This way, you’ll keep from hurting your hand when you are forcing it to turn.

Gerber Diesel Black Multi-tool This Gerber Diesel has it all!
Gerber Diesel Black Multi-tool This Gerber Diesel has it all.
2. You are informed by someone that one of your brake lights is out when you’re getting out of your car at lunch. You just run up to the auto store and get a new bulb to change it out immediately. You can use your multi-tool’s screwdriver to take the cover off your light.

3. You get in a fender-bender with a utility pole which you just backed into, causing one side of your bumper to fall off. You have paracord in your glove box, so, you just cut a length with the tool’s knife blade and use it to tie up your bumper.

4. You realize after you’ve hit the trail that you forgot to clip those toenails and now the sharp edge of your big toe nail is digging into the toe next to it. Stop right now, take off that boot and use the multi-tool’s file to fix the problem. Just a few passes back and forth to file that edge down and you’re good to go.

Schrade Tough ToolThe Schrade Tough Tool has 21 functions.
Schrade Tough Tool The Schrade Tough Tool has 21 functions.
5. You just bought one of those fancy air fresheners for your vehicle and, of course, the thing comes in one of those awful hard plastic packages. You just whip out your multi-tool and use the scissors to cut it open with no problem. So much better than risk stabbing yourself with your knife while trying to get into it.

6. You told your son that if he threw that football toward the house again, he was gonna get it. You pull out your multi-tool and use the saw to cut a good-sized switch to show him that you mean business.

7. You’re out fishing on the pond and catch a nice-sized catfish for dinner. Before you drop that sucker in your cooler, you take care of those spines first with your multi-tool’s wire cutters and you’re wife won’t have to worry about them when you get home.

Gerber Mini Multi-toolYou can get a Mini Multi-tool that’s 2 1/2” closed.
Gerber Mini Multi-tool You can get a Mini Multi-tool that’s 2 1/2” closed.
8. You really don’t need an explanation for this but having a bottle opener on you, that is not hanging from your keys, is really much better.

9. You’re sitting outside on your back porch and realize the chair you’re sitting in is a little wobbly. Instead of having to go inside and get your flat head out of your tool box, you just pull out your handy multi-tool and tighten it up immediately.

10. You are out shopping and one of your charms just falls off your charm bracelet. You take your multi-tool out of your purse and use the needlenose pliers to reattach the charm with no problem.

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