What Do You Know About Wool Blankets?

What Do You Know About Wool Blankets?

By Adelia Ladson

A wool blanket is one of the most underestimated survival or emergency tools. With a tried and true history that goes back thousands of years, you just can't go wrong having a wool blanket in your survival gear, vehicle emergency bag, winter camping gear and medical emergency kit. Here's why!

What Makes Wool So Special?

The very specific properties of wool make it well-suited for any environment or weather, far better than any other textile. The individual fibers are crimped, giving them more bulk than other material and allowing them to hold air. This unique characteristic impedes heat transfer either in or out so that wool acts as a temperature regulator. A wool blanket is great insulation from the heat of the desert or the cold of the mountains.

Another characteristic of wool is that it ignites at a higher temperature than other fabrics and has a lower rate of flame spread and a lower heat combustion. This has made it the number one material for hotel and airplane carpet and for the uniforms worn by firefighters.

Finally, wool is the only natural fiber that will insulate you even when it's wet, since it can absorb almost one-third of its own weight in water. Wool blankets have been issued to the world's soldier since time out of mind.

Situations That Need A Wool Blanket

There are so many situations that you could find yourself in where you need a wool blanket on hand. There are times when keeping you or someone else warm and dry could be a matter of life or death.

Roadside Emergency

If you're stranded on the side of the road in your vehicle, you need to keep warm until you're rescued. The temperature in an automobile can drop quickly on the heater is turned off to conserve the battery and fuel or if the battery engine is dead. A wool blanket provides that extra warmth needed. If there's an automobile accident, a wool blanket can assist in treating shock in a victim before emergency personnel arrives. A wool blanket also makes a good picnic blanket to have in your vehicle.

Winter Camping

Having a wool blanket for everyone in your camping party when you're out in colder temperatures is ideal. Not only will it provide the extra warmth at night, but it's perfect for wrapping up in when sitting around the campfire. If you have an emergency where someone needs to be carried out of your camping site to receive medical attention, you can use a wool blanket to put together a makeshift stretcher.


In a bug-out situation, you can't afford for you or a family member to get pneumonia or get sick because of being cold and wet. Getting to your bug-out location may be more challenging than you thought, and you may have to be out in the elements longer than you expected whatever they may be. Every bug-out bag should contain a wool blanket for protection against them.

What You Need

A large, heavy-weight wool blanket is what you need for your survival and emergency gear. Our wool blankets are thick and warm 80% wool with a size of 64"x 84". Add the Trailblazer Shoulder Strap Blanket Carrier so that you can carry and keep it stored neatly.

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