Date Published: 2022-04-13

Primitive Camping Gear Essentials

Primitive Camping Gear Essentials

By Adelia Ladson

If you’ve never actually been primitive camping before, there are things that you need above and beyond a tent and sleeping bags. These are essentials that will make a primitive camping trip successful and enjoyable. When you have all the gear that you need when you’re out there, all you have to do is worry about making memories.

What Is Primitive Camping?

Primitive camping, also called backcountry camping, is where you carry in all of your equipment to set-up your campsite in a location that has no amenities like running water, electricity or bathroom facilities. You can obtain a permit to do this in a state forest or a state park. It’s a fantastic way to experience nature without the distractions of a busy campground.

Basic Campsite Tools

Basic campsite tools include items that you’ll use to set-up your campsite and maintain it while you’re there. The best choice of tools are ones that are multi-functional and are compact since they will need to go into your backpack.

BugOut Multi-Function Folding Entrenchment Tool

The BugOut Multi-Function Folding Entrenchment Tool is packed with functions and features that you need in your gear. Starting from the top, it has a stainless steel shovel head that features a saw, knife, hook knife, cleaver/ruler, wrenches and a bottle opener. The break down, textured handle is made of heavy-duty aluminum and each of the three sections houses a tool including both a flat head and Phillips screwdriver, and a saw with a cord cutter. The pommel has a compass set into it and an integrated fire striker and emergency whistle. When broken down, the tool completely fits in a durable nylon pouch that has a belt loop.

Trailblazer Multi-Purpose Folding Saw

A must-have for cutting up small branches for kindling to build your campfire with, the Trailblazer Multi-Purpose Folding Saw will also saw through just about any light job. The stainless steel blade is 5” overall, giving you plenty of sawing real estate and the TPU handle has a TPR slip-free grip. Best of all, this saw folds to a compact 6 1/4" closed length, making it very easy to pack in your gear.

Green Luminous Paracord

Especially useful for tent ropes so that you won’t trip over them at night, the glow-in-the-dark Green Luminous 9-Strand Paracord is a beast with an extra-strong, tensile strength of 650 lbs. The ultimate multi-function tool, there are an endless number of uses for a hank of paracord from securing a tarp to use as fishing line.

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Camp Kitchen Tools

Setting up your campsite’s kitchen will be the next thing that you do after pitching your tent. This will be the area where you build your cooking fire or set-up your camp-stove and prepare your meals. It’s also where you’ll keep your drinking and cooking water.

BugOut Arc Lighter And Flashlight

First and foremost you need a reliable way to start your fire and an easy method is preferable to a primitive method. The BugOut Arc Lighter And Flashlight is a plasma lighter that’s both wind and water-proof, featuring a sealed O-ring and locking clasp cover that assures it will work even after it’s been soaked in water. Powered by a lithium polymer battery, it can be recharged with the included USB cable and can be fully-charged in two hours. It also features a super bright flashlight with two modes of lighting including normal and flash mode.

Never Fail Fire Starters

Never Fail Fire Starters will assist you in getting your campfire and cooking fire going quickly and will ignite ever after getting wet. They’re non-toxic and odorless and come in a pack of 12.

Kelly Kettle Base Camp Kit

As far as camping stoves go, I really like the Kelly Kettle Base Camp Kit since all of the items in the kit fit neatly within the kettle itself. It’s the perfect companion to the ready-to-eat meals you’ll take when you’re primitive camping. The Base Camp Kettle boils approximately 54 ozs of water at a time, which is about nine, 6-oz mugs for coffee, tea or hot cocoa and more than enough to reconstitute your meals. It will bring water to a boil within a matter of minutes, and it has a green whistle to let you know when it’s done. The kettle uses natural fuel like twigs and dry grass and also solid fuel cubes. Included with the stainless steel kettle is a cook set, a pot support, two stainless steel camping cups, two stainless steel camping plates, a large hobo stove and a storage bag.

Trailblazer Solid Fuel Cubes

Use the Trailblazer Solid Fuel Cubes with your Kelly Kettle Kit as a smokeless and odorless alternative to twigs and dry grass. Each high-quality fuel cube generates up to 1,400 degrees of intense heat, providing about 10 minutes of useable burn time per cube. They work in any wood burning camp stove.

Trailblazer Three-Piece Lexan Dining Utensil Set

You also need, to go with your cooking gear, the Trailblazer Three-Piece Lexan Dining Utensil Set. It includes a fork, spoon and knife, all made with tough, corrosion-proof Lexan that’s easy-to-clean and extraordinarily lightweight. They're easy to keep and store together on the included carabiner and each utensil is approximately 6” long.

Swiss Military 20-Liter Water Bag

If you’re primitive camping, generally, your water source is going to be a river, lake or some other body of water. Having the Swiss Military 20-Liter Water Bag will let you easily get the unfiltered water to your campsite. It has handles on both ends so you can fold it to carry it and a twist spout for easy pouring when it’s hung by a handle.

Membrane Solutions Three-Liter Gravity Water Filter Bag

Once you get your unfiltered water to your camp kitchen, the Membrane Solutions Three-Liter Gravity Water Filter Bag will assure that it’s safe to use to cook with and drink. Just pour water in the top of the bag, hang it up and clean water comes out of the bottom, with gravity doing all the work. There is a three-stage filtration system in the filter straw that also improves the taste of the water. It will filter up to 5,000 liters of contaminated water and the straw is connected to the three-liter gravity bag by a 29 1/2” silicone connection tube with a check valve. Aside from using the filter straw and gravity bag together, you can also put the straw directly into the water source and drink through it or you can connect the filter straw to a beverage bottle with the included multipurpose adapter. The Membrane Solutions Three-Liter Gravity Water Filter Bag comes with a carabiner with a tree strap for hanging.

UST Flexware Sink

Washing dishes at the campsite won’t be a problem when you bring the UST Flexware Sink along on the trip. Featuring a collapsible, TPR body, it takes up minimal space and stores easily when not in use. The sink holds up to 16 liters of water to make quick work of your dishes and cookware after a meal. It has dual carrying handles so it can also be used as a basket.

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For Your Tent

Once you’ve pitched your tent, there are things you can add to weather-proof it more and to make it cozier. This is especially important if you’re expecting nights to be a little cooler than days or if a rain-shower pops-up. Ultimately, your tent is your shelter from the elements, so you need to make sure it’s effective at doing just that.

Intense Bivy Tarp

Although your tent is made of water-resistant material, it’s always good to add an extra layer of protection from a downpour, if your tent doesn’t come with a rainfly. The Intense Bivy Tarp can be rigged up over your tent if inclement weather is expected. It’s made of water-resistant 210T polyester with a camouflage pattern and is approximately 7 1/2’x 4 1/2’. You can also use the bivy tarp to pitch over your camp kitchen for shade or to shelter it from rain if your tent already has a rainfly. A drawstring carry pouch is included to store the tarp and also included are four pieces of rope and a couple of tent pegs.

Trailblazer Double-Sided Mattress

To put another layer of comfort between you and the ground when you sleep, put a Trailblazer Double-Sided Mattress under your sleeping bag. It will also insulate you from the cold ground, which can quickly suck the heat out of your overnight. The mattress has a thermal reflective side and a padded EVA foam side. It rolls up compactly with elastic straps and buckles so that it can be attached to your backpack.

Trailblazer Water-Resistant Camping Blanket

You need to have a good blanket just in case you’re colder than you expected in your sleeping bag at night. It can also be spread out on the floor of your tent for insulation and comfort when you’re just hanging out in your tent and to sit on or wrap-up in when you’re sitting around your campfire. The Trailblazer Water-Resistant Camping Blanket has soft polar fleece on one side and 250D ripstop polyester on the other side. The fleece keeps you snug and toasty, while the polyester wicks away moisture.

Seam Grip Waterproof Sealant

The last thing that you need to add in relation to your tent is Seam Grip Waterproof Sealant. It’s a flexible repair adhesive that can patch up holes in all types of fabric including vinyl, nylon and canvas. So, take this clear glue along and be ready if your tent rips or leaks. Before you set-out on your camping trip, you can use it on the seams of your tent as a permanent waterproof sealant.

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Miscellaneous Essential Gear

There are a few more essential items that you need to add to round-out your primitive camping gear. They’re important to making your trip a well-prepared enterprise and even keep you safe.

Trailblazer 10,000 mAh Folding Solar Charger And Power Bank

The Trailblazer 10,000 mAh Folding Solar Charger And Power Bank is a must-have to carry with you when you’re going camping. This will assure that your cell phone stays charged so that you can be reached during your trip or call for help if needed. It can also power a radio or any other electronic you deem necessary to have. The power bank has a powerful Li-polymer battery that can be charged via the included USB cable and by the four crystalline silicon solar panels. The unit has three USB ports including a micro-USB port and a LED light that can be used as a flashlight.

Nebo Z-Bug Lantern

You need a good camping lantern, for when the sun goes down, that you can use both inside and outside of your tent. I personally prefer the Nebo Z-Bug Lantern because not only is it an incredibly bright light, but it also acts as a bug-zapper. Camping isn’t very fun when you’re being eaten alive. The lantern is equipped with bug-attracting NUV LEDs and a 360-degree bug-zapping electric grid. The electric grid has a protective cover, and the included sweeper makes removing bug remains easy. There are three lantern modes and one spotlight mode, and the handle easily adjusts to conveniently serve both lighting modes. The lantern is powered by three AA batteries, which are included.

Kaito Voyager Solar Radio

You absolutely need a radio that receives the NOAA channels so that you’ll be forewarned of any weather developments and be able to prepare accordingly or to cut your trip short, if necessary. I like the Kaito Voyager Solar Radio because it’s packed with functions and offers five different methods of powering its built-in rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack. It receives seven pre-programmed NOAA weather stations and a wide range of broadcasting including AM, FM and shortwave. It also has the NOAA Alert function, which allows you to receive emergency broadcasts in the event of any severe weather conditions in your area. The multi-functional radio can also charge a variety of electronics through a USB port, and it can be used as a five-LED adjustable reading lamp, LED flashlight and a SOS emergency light. It can be powered by the dynamo hand crank, a USB cable, a 180-degree adjustable solar panel, three AA batteries (not included) or an AC adapter (not included).

Adventure Backpacker Medical Kit

I want to leave you with one of the most important thing that you need to take with you on your trip. You have to have a quality first aid kit. The Adventure Backpacker Medical Kit equips you with enough first aid supplies for two people for four days and most likely more unless you’re ridiculously accident-prone. The hospital-quality contents are in a compact, water-resistant bag that has an external kit map for fast reference to all of the kit’s contents and the Easy Care First Aid System, which organizes contents by injury into clearly-labeled pockets. From bandages and moleskin for common injuries to a trauma pad and irrigation syringe for larger wounds, the bag has camping essentials and trauma supplies to prepare you for whatever happens. Inside, you’ll also find medications to manage fever, pain, allergies, and stomach aches.

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