Date Published: 2022-08-10

EDC Organizers For All Of Your Stuff

EDC Organizers For All Of Your Stuff

By Adelia Ladson

When you’re out and about, whether working or recreating or running errands, you just can’t carry everything that you need in your hands or pocket. Our everyday carry items number a lot more than they used to. First, you need your smart phone, which definitely won’t fit in your pocket. Its accessories are one of the reasons that you have more stuff to carry around. It requires its charging cable and charging block and possibly a power bank, since we all know that no smart phone will hold a charge throughout the entire day. Of course, you need your wallet, keys and your sunglasses, depending on the weather. Those are just the basics as I’m pretty sure you carry a few more things around like a pocket knife, chapstick and maybe an ink pen.

What To Look For

When shopping for an EDC organizer, first and foremost, look for a bag that’s going to last a lifetime. This may seem like a no-brainer but from personal experience, I’ve seen bags fail on that account. A zipper that breaks or a strap that pulls loose can be very aggravating. Then, think about what you’re going to carry and look for an EDC organizer that has a pocket to put each item in, plus, extra room if you need to add more, based on your daily activities and the time of year. You might need it for those hat and gloves in the winter or for sunblock in the summer. For everyday carry, my construction materials are going to be a heavy-duty canvas and nylon webbing straps. You just can’t beat that military construction combination for being tough and sturdy.

My Recommendations From M48 OPS

Listed from small to large, I have included my four favorite bags from M48 OPS, which offers the choicest built-to-last bags on the market. They’re made from the military-grade materials that I trust to stand-up to daily abuse, and they might just last longer than you do!

M48 OPS Tactical Waist Bag With Phone Case

The M48 OPS Tactical Waist Bag With Phone Case allows you to carry your mobile phone and other small EDC must-haves both securely and readily accessible. The small bag has MOLLE webbing on one side of it with snap belt straps so that it’s conveniently situated at your side when your phone rings. Unlike those plastic phone belt mounts, it won’t break easily and drop your phone to the ground. The other side has the phone pocket with a quick-release buckle strap to secure it in the pocket. The bag itself has two zippered pockets, each with an interior pocket, one mesh and one with a metal keyring carabiner clip. At 7 1/4”x 4 3/4”, the Tactical Waist Bag and Phone Case is compact enough to comfortably wear at your waist.

M48 OPS Tactical Tool Bag

What I like about the M48 OPS Tactical Tool Bag is that there are multiple pockets sized for just about any EDC item and the two handles on the top make it easy to just grab it and go. The spacious main compartment has a variety of slots to secure your gear. On the front of the bag are two small pockets and one large, zippered pocket with an identification window. There’s a drop-down compartment on the rear that has pen/flashlight slots, card holders and a removable, expandable snap closure pouch for extra storage. The completely organized tool bag is also MOLLE compatible. Its 11 1/4”x 8”x 6 3/4” dimensions, make the EDC organizer just the right size for all of your daily essentials.

M48 OPS Rover Sling Bag

An EDC organizer that’s a great bag, especially, when your job requires you to be in and out of your vehicle visiting customers or jobsites, the M48 OPS Rover Sling Bag is also lightweight and compact. You can sling it across your chest and the padded shoulder strap makes it comfortable to carry all day. The heavy-duty, nylon webbing strap has TPU quick-release buckles in case you need to drop the bag quickly. The bag’s main compartment has two inner pockets, and it is secured with a zippered flap top that has a zippered, mesh pocket on the inside and a zippered pocket on the outside, which has an inner pocket, as well. The flap top also features Velcro and elastic bungee cord with an ABS spring stop cord lock. On the front of the bag is a large, zippered pocket with an inner pocket, another shallow zippered pocket and an even smaller zippered pocket at the bottom. On the back of the bag is a zippered compartment and another pocket secured with Velcro and a snap. There’s padding on the back of the bag and MOLLE webbing on each side and on the bottom.

BugOut Sling Bag Day Pack

The BugOut Sling Bag Day Pack has a vintage-look that’s visually appealing but what’s more appealing is how much space you have to get your EDCs organized. The 600D Oxford polyester is water-resistant and the adjustable nylon webbing shoulder strap is wear-resistant. It has a deep, zippered main compartment with three pen slots, a zippered mesh pocket and a long zippered pocket. On the front of the day pack is a snap-closure pocket on top that’s perfect for your cell phone. A nice-sized, zippered pocket is at the bottom of the bag, and it has a smaller zippered pocket on its outside, secured with a flap that has a quick-release buckle on a bright yellow webbing strap. On the back of the pack is a shallow zippered pocket, that gives you a secure place for your small valuables. There are stenciled-look military specs in yellow to give it the vintage military-look.

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