Date Published: 2021-01-13

Are You Prepared For 2021?

Are You Prepared For 2021?

By Adelia Ladson

With an unprecedented year behind us and the new year starting out rocky, are you prepared for 2021? Do you have the survival gear you need for you and your family in case SHTF happens?

A step in the right direction is a SHTF Survival Gear Monthly Subscription Box. This subscription was specifically formed to provide people with a guaranteed source of high-quality readily available survival necessities. Each month members are conveniently mailed a box, effectively ending the need to search through the internet for the best survival gear ever again. There are three levels of subscription to choose from, with each level offering a monthly collection of gear worth well over the monthly subscription rate. The Basic subscription for $19.99 per month is valued at more than $50; the Pro subscription for $49.99 per month is valued at more than $80; and the Elite subscription for $89.99 per month is valued at more than $120. SHTF boxes are shipped out on the 15th of every month, making it quick and easy for customers to stock up on the survival essentials throughout the year.

There’s no guarantee that SHTF won’t happen tomorrow but you can guarantee that your family has food to survive when push comes to shove. Getting in touch with the earth and planting a garden is a great start. Take some space in your backyard to use but it doesn’t have to be a plot that takes up your entire backyard. You want to make it manageable and simple and you want to do it right now! Don’t wait because gardening is something that needs to be practiced and done through trial and error, so that you can adapt your garden plot to your family’s needs and growing environment. The ReadyWise Heirloom Vegetable Seed Bucket contains 39 different varieties of seeds that are individually packaged in radiation-resistant, resealable Mylar foil bags with a shelf-life of ten years. Some of the seeds included are asparagus, beets, rutabagas, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, a variety of beans, cabbage, cantaloupe, carrots, cauliflowers, celery, a variety of greens, cucumbers, eggplants, onions, okra, peas, peppers, jalapenos, pumpkins, radishes, a variety of squash, sweet corn, a variety of tomatoes, turnips and watermelons.

Having a source of energy to power electronic devices like phones, lights and radios is a necessity just in case you lose power, or you need to bug-out. The most reliable source of energy is the sun and that is why having a solar charger like the 12,000 mAh Folding Solar Charger and Power Bank is a must. It has six crystalline silicon solar panels, which are encased in a heavy-duty folding housing. It also features bright LED emergency lights and there are three USB ports including a micro-USB port. The powerful li-polymer battery can also be charged via the included USB cable.

Forewarned is forearmed! There’s no question about it. You are not prepared if you don’t have, at the very least, a weather radio in your home. Knowledge is power and fore-knowledge is protection. Protection for you and your family against any number of natural or civil disasters. If there is any kind of civil emergency, you need to be able to tune-in to the law enforcement and emergency channels because that is where you will hear real-time information about what’s going on. With the up-to-date information the Uniden Base and Mobile Scanner can provide, you can make important decisions ahead of time like whether to bug-out or to shelter-in-place. Ideal for beginners and veteran scanners alike, it monitors 300 channels at an impossibly fast 100 channels per second scanning speed! Its impressive frequency coverage includes bands on which you can listen to area law enforcement, EMS/ambulance, fire, amateur radio, public utilities and weather. Temporary lockout lets you temporarily withhold noisy channels from your scan, and Uniden’s own innovative “Close Call” RF capture technology instantly tunes your scanner to signals from nearby transmitters, resulting in increased local chatter. The Base and Mobile Scanner is excellent for home or on-the-go and includes three power options: an AC adapter, DC power cable and automotive power outlet plug.

One of the most important things to consider in the face of SHTF is: Are you prepared for a medical emergency? In an atmosphere where getting help from a hospital or medical professional may not be possible, you need to be able to take care of a medical emergency yourself. The Elite Pro II Trauma Bag gives you the tools that you need to do this. The sturdy bag contains a thorough set of professional first aid equipment with everything you need from a blood pressure kit and instant glucose to a stethoscope and scalpels. Not to mention the vast variety of bandages and dressings that it contains. The bag itself has a sturdy shoulder strap and top handle so that you can easily grab it and go.

Okay, back to feeding your family. If you have to bug-out quickly, obviously, your vegetable garden isn’t going to help. So, you need to be able to sustain your family with food until you get to your bug-out location. Depending on the situation, you don’t know how long it could take to get there. To me, the Wise Grab-And-Go 120 Servings Food Kit fits the bill for sustenance. Not only are the entrees delicious but they are also formulated to be completely nutritious, featuring low sodium and low trans-fat recipes. There is an assortment of meals, all sealed in four-serving Mylar pouches, giving them a 25-year shelf-life. Some of the meals included are lasagna, stroganoff, tortilla soup, chicken pot pie, chili macaroni, loaded baked potato casserole, tomato basil soup and Southwest rice and beans.

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