Dress for SHTF Success

Dress for SHTF Success

By Adelia Ladson

Why Do I Need SHTF Clothing?

Let’s face it, when SHTF happens, it’s going to be completely chaotic and, to some degree, it will breed a war zone environment. With that being said, I suggest adding some pieces to your clothing supplies that are “built for battle”. You never know what kind of environment you’ll ultimately end-up trying to survive in, even if you have a bug-out location or a shelter-in-place plan. Clothing pieces that are practical, durable and can serve dual-purposes are important to have.

German Military Camouflage Jacket

Having good rain gear to protect you from the wet and cold in case you’re in a tenuous shelter position is important and nobody knows how to protect themselves against wet and cold weather than the German military. The Camo Jacket is a military surplus coat that is made of 80 percent cotton and 20 percent polyester in a Flectarn camouflage pattern, and it has a drawstring hood. It also features a drawstring bottom and adjustable cuffs to keep help keep the elements out. The jacket has generously-sized, snap-closure breast pockets and spacious, zippered pockets at the waist. The advanced Flecktarn camouflage keeps you well-hidden in woodland environments, if necessary.

M48 Woodland Camo BDU Pants and Shirt

Adding M48 Woodland Camo BDU Pants and Shirts to your gear gives you something that you can wear that’s tough and durable when you’re bugging-out, if you’re hunting or if you’re hiding. When you shelter-in-place, they’re good if you’re foraging for supplies in places that you have to navigate through debris, so that you can preserve your other clothes. The BDUs are constructed of 65 percent polyester and 35 percent rip-stop cotton that’s comfortable for all day wear. Both the pants and shirt have plenty of spacious pockets that are secured with heavy-duty buttons, and each can be adjusted at the waist.

Army Training Belt

Another piece you need to add is a good belt that you can attach a holster, tools or small gear to. The Army Training Belt is a belt that will stand-up to everyday wear with its tough canvas construction and heavy-duty, non-reflective metal buckle that won’t slip. The end of the 46” overall length belt is reinforced with leather so that it will never fray.

Desert Scarf

Also known as a shemagh, a large scarf of some sort has been adopted and worn by militaries around the world, especially, in desert climates or areas with harsh weather conditions. A shemagh is an absolute must for your SHTF gear just for its sheer versatility. Not only is it good for protecting your head, face and shoulders from sand and sun but you can use it to cool down by wetting it and wearing around your neck. You can also use it as a makeshift picnic blanket or ground cover to sit on or spread out a meal on and you can use it to tie-up items in like a bag. For first aid purposes, you can use it as a sling, a makeshift bandage or as a splint wrap. If you need to find water in a survival situation, you can use the shemagh to filter sediment and debris from the water but remember, you still have to purify the water before drinking it. If you need a makeshift towel to dry off with, it’s got you covered, too. Our Desert Scarf, which comes in khaki and black or olive drab and black, is made of 100 percent woven cotton with a reversible design and a nice size at 40”x40”.

Mil-Tec USMC Combat Vest

If you’re moving around in a world that may end-up resembling a war zone, you need to have self-defense weapons and survival tools close at hand and easy to access at a moment’s notice. So, it really is a good idea to have a tactical-style vest that’s built specifically to serve as a holster, small gear organizer and ammo carrier. The adjustable Mil-Tec USMC Combat Vest is specifically made to carry regular rifle ammunition, a pistol and extra pistol ammunition. There are three ammo pouches with Velcro lids and drainage holes, on the right side of the vest and each is adjustable in height and width with wide elastic straps around the body of the pouch. On the right chest, there is a large horizontal pouch for storage of the small gear you need with you and on the left side of the vest, there is a universal pistol holster for short weapons that’s angled for easy access and draw with the right hand, fully adjustable and removable. There are also two inner mesh pockets with zipper and there are two D-rings over the shoulders for attachment of additional equipment. The rear mesh back has an internal pocket for insertion of a hydration bladder and the rear panel is fitted with sturdy horizontal strap loops, which allow for attachment of various pouches and accessories. The upper back of the vest also has a robust drag handle. The vest opens centrally with a sturdy zipper and buckles, and it also comes with a tactical belt mounted through a number of belt loops at the bottom. The tactical vest is made of durable polyester mesh, which provides perfect ventilation while a tough side adjustment straps allow the vest to closely contour to the body, and it comes in olive drab and black. Also, the vest can be adjusted in size over shoulders so that one size fits most.

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