Date Published: 2020-07-15

Are You Prepared For A Medical Emergency?

Are You Prepared For A Medical Emergency?

By Adelia Ladson

When faced with an injury, stay calm, assess the injury needs and what tools are available to administer first aid treatment. You do have the right tools, don’t you? A calm and in control first aid provider allows for a calm patient or one who can be calmed down, so that there are no hindrances to administering first aid. And the key to being a calm and in control first aid provider is having the confidence in knowing that you are prepared for a medical emergency with the right tools.

When camping, hiking or participating in any outdoors activity that is away from immediate medical assistance, not bringing a first aid kit is just plain stupid. There should never be a time when adequate first aid tools are not available to you, even in your vehicle. We have several first aid kits to choose from in varying sizes but the one I really like is the Elite Master Camping First Aid Kit. It has a vast collection of first aid supplies and the bag folds out completely, offering multiple pockets with a clear view of the contents inside. Along with the basic first aid gear like bandages, tweezers and ice packs, it also has Bleedstop bandages, scalpels and a suture set. Not to mention, EMT shears, an irrigation syringe, hemostats, sponges, a pen light and even a tongue depressor. I wasn’t kidding when I said the collection of supplies was vast. It’s basically an ambulance in a bag.

Since, profuse bleeding can be one of the most dangerous medical emergencies to face and time is definitely not on your side, having a kit that is specifically designed for the purpose is invaluable. The Advance Trauma Bleeding Control Kit has all of the necessary tools needed to control significant bleeding even when an artery has been cut. The beauty of this kit is that the trauma supplies are sealed in a plastic pouch that can be easily dropped into your gear or added to your existing first aid kit. Included you’ll find a combat tourniquet, 4” pressure bandage, compress gauze, a pair of trauma shears and an emergency blanket.

The most common medical emergency that you may encounter is either a break or a sprain. We have a great little set that’s an absolute must-have to add to your first aid gear. The Reusable Splint Set contains different sizes of splints ready to immobilize any limb or digit including a medium, large and two finger-sized splints. All of the pieces of the set fit neatly in a zippered nylon bag with a belt loop for easy carry or attachment.

When you’re looking to beef up your existing first aid kit, a smart choice is the Elite Stainless Steel Surgical Set. Especially, when you consider that a medical emergency requiring more than some antiseptic and an adhesive bandage needs to be prepared for in case a time comes where a doctor or hospital is no longer an option. The set includes stainless steel straight and curved hemostats, scissors, a needle probe, tweezers, scalpels, alcohol and iodine wipes, suture sets and a pen light. The surgical set also comes neatly stored in a tough, nylon pouch.

Remember, as a capable adult, there are basic life-saving measures, which can be taken when faced with an emergency and, as long as you have the right tools, you’ll be prepared for anything!

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