Date Published: 2020-05-20

Trailblazer For All Your Outdoors Gear


By Adelia Ladson

When it comes to outdoors and survival gear, you just can’t trust your life to any old brand that you find online. If you’re taking gear out into the wild, you have to be able to count on it doing the job you’re depending on it to do. Folks, Trailblazer is the only way to go! Their superior line of merchandise begins with premium materials that allow them to build exceptional products for exceptional people like you. Add Trailblazer to your gear today!

With so many products offered by this brand, you have a variety of options to choose from for the outdoors gear that you need but I am going to give you just a few examples of some great tools you may want to add to your gear. Starting with just an essential tool to have on you wherever you go, the Multi-Tool With Bit Set is a personal favorite of mine. If you don’t add any other tool to your survival, bug-out, vehicle or camping gear this year, this is the one you absolutely have to add! Not only are you getting the traditional multi-tool features, but you are also getting an integrated screwdriver and a three-bit set in one, clever design. Just think of the situations that you’ve been in where you really, really needed a screwdriver. On one end of the handle, there is a magnetic hex slot to attach a bit and turn it, effectively, into a screwdriver and, folding out from the aluminum handle, two Phillips head bits and a flat head bit are stored securely on a tray. The traditional tools included in the pliers/cutters design are a partially serrated blade and a file with an integrated bottle opener, made of strong, 3Cr13 stainless steel.

Trailblazer always gives you product options that are compact and lightweight, so that they actually fit in your backpack or survival gear without adding too much weight. The Wood Burning Camp Stove is so unbelievably handy that you’ll find yourself using it all the time, especially, when you’re out trekking and camping on your own. Ultralight and compact, the camp stove folds flat in seconds to fit into just about any pocket in your camping gear and only weighs 5oz. That, however, doesn’t mean that it’s wimpy! It has a rust-resistant, premium stainless steel construction that creates a stable platform for your cookware and a stainless steel tray is included to hold a solid fuel cube. The beauty of this tough little stove is that you have an unlimited fuel source because you can cook a meal using twigs, branches and leaves, as well as, the solid fuel cubes.

Trailblazer’s Wire Survival Pocket Saw is a great example of one of the quality camping and survival tools you can find under this brand. It packs serious sawing power in an incredibly compact, lightweight package that hardly takes up any room in your camping or survival gear. As with all of Trailblazer’s tools, it’s made of tough stainless steel, giving it an impressive 105-lb breaking strain. The handy pocket saw easily cuts through wood, bone, ice, plastic and other dense, demanding materials that you may need to cut through in a variety of outdoors scenarios. It’s also great for cutting small limbs and debris around the home or farm, eliminating the need to haul around bulky, heavy chainsaws and tree saws. Seriously consider getting a couple of these wire pocket saws, so that you can have one for your camping gear or bug-out bag and one for your tool shed or garage.

And speaking of the garage, I’ve always kept a blanket in the back of my vehicle for emergency situations and for just picnicking and attending outdoor concerts. By far, the best blanket I’ve ever invested in is Trailblazer’s Buffalo Plaid Wool Blanket. It’s nice and thick, making it perfect to bundle up in when it’s cold and comfortable when you’re sitting on the ground. There’s really nothing like wool because it’s the only natural fiber which retains its insulating abilities even while wet. This blanket is 80% wool and 5’x 7’, giving you plenty of room to spread out on or cover up with, plus, the traditional Buffalo Plaid pattern just looks great. This is exactly what an outdoor adventure blanket should be! Take it with you when you go camping, boating or hiking and, then, just keep it stored it in your vehicle.

Trailblazer is committed to offering quality products for those who have a genuine passion for the outdoors because the folks at Trailblazer have that passion themselves. When you’re buying gear, isn’t it reassuring to know that the products are actually utilized and field tested, personally, by the people who make them. I’m sold!

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