Date Published: 2022-04-27

Officially Licensed USMC Knives Are Marine Tough

Officially Licensed USMC Knives Are Marine Tough

By Adelia Ladson

United Cutlery And USMC

Partnering with the United States Marine Corps, an industry legend, United Cutlery, has produced a line of knives officially licensed and approved by the USMC. Since the Corps’ martial arts program incorporates edged weapons into its training regimen, the partnership with one of the most innovative knife producers in the industry made perfect sense. The company set out to craft a line of knives that would embody the spirit of this formidable fighting force.

Marine Tough

A history of perseverance and fortitude in the face of the most hostile environments on the planet is what defines the Marine Corps. This history has given rise to the ideal of being “Marine Tough.” Using this ideal as inspiration, United Cutlery has designed and executed knives worthy of the “Marine Tough” label. Each knife has been designed with real life, practical applications in mind, making them tools that can be used to “improvise, adapt and overcome”. Blades are made of the highest quality steel and honed to a razor-sharp edge and handles are crafted of premium materials assuring that they’re tough and durable.

“Oorah!” For These Knives

With so many choices available in the USMC line, you won’t have any trouble finding one that will work for you whether in country or at home. I’ve chosen a few stand-outs that have been given great reviews online and are a good representation of what the line has to offer.

Marine Force Recon Bowie Knife

The Marine Force Recon Bowie Knife is one of my favorites because there are a lot of features packed into its design. The massive, sawback bowie knife has an 11 1/2”, anodized stainless steel blade with a corrosion-resistant coating and it also has partial serrations. The over-molded rubber handle grip gives you a comfortable, secure grip and the oversized metal guard prevents your hand from slipping to the sharp blade. It comes with a nylon belt sheath for storage and carry.

USMC Combat Fighter Knife

When you’re talking about survival knives, you have to start with a classic and you can’t get more classic than the Combat Fighter Knife. This fixed blade knife has the genuine stacked leather handle just like the knives traditionally carried by Marines in battle. The massive stainless steel clip point blade has a heat-treated, non-reflective finish, making it a rock solid cutting and chopping tool, which is what you’re looking for in a survival knife. Bookending the slip-free handle, are a cast handguard and pommel, which makes a pretty decent hammer for minor jobs, in a pinch. A tried and true design that’s been battle-tested is what you’re getting with the USMC Combat Fighter Knife.

Field Axe

You can’t get a better recommendation for a field axe than one that is officially licensed by the United States Marine Corps. The Field Axe is a compact tool, coming in at 11 1/4” in overall length. It’s smaller size, however, doesn’t mean that you’re getting less chopping power! It has a thick, stainless steel head with a stonewashed finish and a 3 1/2” blade on the front, which narrows down to an edged point on the back end. The handle is a solid ABS that is wrapped in black paracord, extending into a wrist lanyard. Three heavy-duty screws secure the handle to the axe head and the head snaps securely into a TPU belt sheath for easy carry. The USMC Field Axe can tackle either chopping or penetrating tasks, giving you a versatile, must-have tactical tool.

Trench Folding Knuckle Knife

Using a design that was trusted in the trenches for decades, United Cutlery added the Trench Folding Knuckle Knife to their USMC line. It has the historical knuckle-buster handle, which gives you a secure grip in your fist and each of the finger loops has a point for extra punching power. The TPU handle also features a glassbreaker pommel. The blade is a non-reflective, black stainless steel and it features the Marine logo laser-etched in white. It can be quickly deployed with an assisted opening mechanism. The pocket knife has a sturdy stainless steel pocket clip for carry.

Beachhead Assisted Opening Pocket Knife

From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli, you can take the Beachhead Assisted Opening Pocket Knife with you anywhere. It has a stonewashed stainless steel blade that has partial serrations and etched artwork. The rich brown wooden handle has “USMC” etched into the wood along with the Marines logo. The handle has a stonewashed stainless steel bolster and a glassbreaker. The classic looking assisted opening pocket knife has a pocket clip with a “USMC” cut-out.

Ceremonial Saber Sword

Known for their sharp dress uniforms and the ceremonial swords that go with them, Marines dominate the parade field. The USMC line would not be complete without the Ceremonial Saber Sword, which pays tribute to the traditional parade field swords. The hilt is polished stainless steel with a TPU grip with wire wrap and a basket handguard with decorative metalwork and a tassel. The sharp stainless steel blade is embossed with USMC themed artwork, which includes “United States Marines”, and it can be sheathed in its matching scabbard of black faux leather and polished stainless steel. The USMC Ceremonial Saber Sword looks great displayed in your home or at the office.

Blackout Combat Double-Edged Sword

A “USMC” inset is positioned in the handle, reminding all who see it that the Blackout Combat Double-Edged Sword is engineered to be “Marine Tough”. It has a black, razor-sharp, AUS-6 stainless steel blade that’s double-edged with partial serrations below the guard. The black handle has green bands and an injection-molded, rubberized construction that’s textured for a slip-free grip. The black, steel pommel of the tactical sword has a glassbreaker. The sword can be carried in a heavy-duty nylon belt sheath.

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