Date Published: 2020-09-09

Conceal Your Weapons At Home

Conceal Your Weapons At Home

By Adelia Ladson

When a home is burglarized, you better believe that the first things that are going to be stolen are firearms. Of course, you can make it harder for them by locking your weapons up in a gun case or safe but given enough time and opportunity, a seasoned thief can still get at them. In the current environment, firearms are very valuable in the underground market, so they’re highly worth a thief’s effort.

We have some great options, where you can hide your guns in plain sight in places even a veteran thief would never suspect. Hiding them in plain sight also allows you to quickly lay hands on them if they’re needed.

At first glance, you see a finely crafted timepiece that is perfect for the mantle or a bookshelf, but pull open the magnetically latched, hinged front panel to reveal a secret compartment. The real, working Gun Concealment Mantle Clock can discreetly hold a medium sized handgun. Imagine being able to have your pistol within easy reach, if ever a situation calls for it. And, once again, it’s an attractive accent piece that will match almost any home décor.

Perfect for hiding your compact, the Small Faux Dictionary Safe looks and feels just like a real dictionary but opens to reveal a hidden inner compartment encased in tough steel with a concealed key lock. Just like many real dictionaries, “New American English Dictionary” is stamped in silver foil on the cover and spine. For an added element of authenticity, a publisher’s mark is also branded on the lower spine. It’s also perfect for securing small valuables like jewelry, car/house keys and important documents. The safe looks completely natural on a bookshelf, desk or anywhere you’d ordinarily find books. What customers have told us that they really like about it is that it does lock.

The In Plain Sight Shelf is a sleek looking shelf with a secret magnetic latch that opens a hidden compartment, featuring a hydraulic “soft-drop” opening. Inside, you’ll find a peg system that allows for organization and customization of the storage area for storing two handguns, flashlights and other valuables. It also features an automatic internal LED light that illuminates the storage compartment when the shelf is opened, allowing you to access it in total darkness. The shelf has an attractive, high-quality wooden construction, and with a choice of white or dark walnut, it will look perfect in any room of your home.

This next item isn’t exactly a “hide in plain sight” weapon concealment method but it’s quite effective. The Gun Concealment Magnum Magnet is designed to hold pistols or long guns with a maximum weight of 75 lbs, making it perfect to hang behind a door or in a closet. The extra-large magnet can hold multiple handguns or a long-gun in any orientation. It has a non-marring, soft touch over-molding and mounting screws and drywall anchors are included.

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