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Convert It With A Micro Roni Conversion Kit

Date Published: 2020-10-21

By Adelia Ladson Got a Glock? You can take it to a new level of awesomeness with a Micro Roni Conversion Kit! These high-quality, fast assembly kits will help you turn your pistol into the ultimate submachine gun. No pisto... read more

Bipods Improve Aim

Date Published: 2020-10-14

By Adelia Ladson If you don’t already have one, then no question you need a bipod to add to your shooting gear because it will improve your aim. It doesn’t matter where or what you’re hunting. We have premium quality bipod... read more

Made In The USA

Date Published: 2020-10-07

By Adelia Ladson Buying American-made products helps support our businesses born right here in the USA and we believe in doing that, so we always make sure to stock them on our shelves. We have a variety of Made in the USA... read more

Campsite Cooking Made Easy

Date Published: 2020-09-30

By Adelia Ladson Getting out and enjoying the Great Outdoors is something we enjoy here at CHKADELS.com, so we understand exactly what you need to do that! We know that having gear that you can absolutely count on is a nec... read more

Bring It Into Focus With Premium Optics

Date Published: 2020-09-23

By Adelia Ladson We take our inventory of Optics very seriously because we know that when you outfit your firearm, you’re looking for reliable performance every time you go out. Having the right scope can make the differen... read more

Camouflage Makes It Disappear

Date Published: 2020-09-16

By Adelia Ladson Have you ever jokingly said, “I wish I could just disappear”? Well, we’ve got you covered! (Pun definitely intended!) We’ve got a variety of items perfect for making both you and your gear disappear. Cove... read more

Conceal Your Weapons At Home

Date Published: 2020-09-09

By Adelia Ladson When a home is burglarized, you better believe that the first things that are going to be stolen are firearms. Of course, you can make it harder for them by locking your weapons up in a gun case or safe bu... read more

Let’s Go Fishing

Date Published: 2020-09-02

By Adelia Ladson One of America’s great past-times is fishing. I mean, most people have gone fishing at least once in their lives. Grandparents take their grandchildren. Fathers take their sons. It’s an American tradition.... read more

Camping Accessories

Date Published: 2020-08-26

By Adelia Ladson Along with your tent, you know the basics of what you need when you go camping. You need light sources like flashlights and lanterns, you need cooking and washing gear and you, of course, need a first aid ... read more

Knowledge Is Power

Date Published: 2020-08-19

By Adelia Ladson Arm yourself with knowledge! Knowledge is one of the most important tools to have in a dire situation and the ultimate key to survival. We have a selection of Survival Books And Guides that covers a wide s... read more

Military Surplus: Old Is New Again

Date Published: 2020-08-12

By Adelia Ladson Armed Forces, whether United States or other, offer a great opportunity that many folks overlook – great, readily available survival gear. If you think about it, soldiers are the experts when it comes to s... read more

Get Body Armor Before It’s Banned

Date Published: 2020-08-05

By Adelia Ladson With the way things are going in the world today, now is definitely the time to equip yourself with body armor but don’t wait too long because it may not be legally available to you in the future. There is... read more

Got A Killer Instinct?

Date Published: 2020-07-29

By Adelia Ladson I’ll go ahead and put this out here right now. I prefer a crossbow over a gun. To me, there’s something infinitely more elegant to a crossbow. It is quiet, which makes it a great stealth weapon, and this i... read more

Have What You Need In Your BOL

Date Published: 2020-07-22

By Adelia Ladson Okay, you have hour Bug-Out-Location (BOL) secured so that your family has a safe place to evacuate to and live after SHTF. It will be remote away from the madness of the metropolitan areas where "sheeple"... read more

Are You Prepared For A Medical Emergency?

Date Published: 2020-07-15

By Adelia Ladson When faced with an injury, stay calm, assess the injury needs and what tools are available to administer first aid treatment. You do have the right tools, don’t you? A calm and in control first aid provide... read more

Top Five Survival Knives

Date Published: 2020-07-08

By Adelia Ladson A Survival Knife is the most important piece of gear in any outdoorsman’s backpack, hunting gear or fishing tackle. It is also essential for every survival kit and bugout bag. The best survival knives have... read more

Now’s The Time To Stock-Up

Date Published: 2020-07-01

By Adelia Ladson Ammunition is something you need to make sure that you have plenty of before it becomes an absolute necessity in your life. You never know what the future could hold and it’s better to be safe than sorry. ... read more

Independence Day: Protect Your Freedoms

Date Published: 2020-06-24

By Adelia Ladson The Founding Fathers fought for our independence and our right to be the Greatest Nation in the world! They made sure that “We the People” were given civil liberties and freedoms when they formed our natio... read more

Feeding Your Family After SHTF

Date Published: 2020-06-17

By Adelia Ladson As you know, there are no guarantees about future events. There is no guarantee that SHTF won’t happen tomorrow. These are things beyond your control. What is not beyond your control is that you can guaran... read more

Get Your Dad Something He Can Actually Use!

Date Published: 2020-06-10

By Adelia Ladson Does your Dad ever wear those ties or shirts you got him for Father’s Day over the years? What about that engraved pen set that sits on his desk? Your Dad doesn’t really, really want that stuff. So, this y... read more

Pack Your Bug-Out Bag

Date Published: 2020-06-03

By Adelia Ladson One of the most important things you can have in your home is a Bug-Out Bag. Times are uncertain and you never know what tomorrow will bring. For those of you who might not know, a bug-out bag is basically... read more

Hurricane Season Is Here

Date Published: 2020-05-27

By Adelia Ladson Hurricane Season starts on June 1st every year and it always has the possibility of bringing unimaginable devastation to cities in the path of one of these monster storms. Our CH Kadels family is just as c... read more

Trailblazer For All Your Outdoors Gear

Date Published: 2020-05-20

By Adelia Ladson When it comes to outdoors and survival gear, you just can’t trust your life to any old brand that you find online. If you’re taking gear out into the wild, you have to be able to count on it doing the job ... read more

Build And Shoot! No FFL Required!

Date Published: 2020-05-13

By Adelia Ladson If you really want to feel a sense of accomplishment, there’s nothing like building your own gun. The satisfaction of knowing that you have a firearm that you can trust because you built it yourself and th... read more

NEBO Will Light Up Your Life

Date Published: 2020-05-06

By Adelia Ladson One of the most important tools that you have in your home, your camping gear, on your boat or in your bug-out bag is a flashlight and, bottom line, it needs to work when you need it. So, that being said, ... read more

Ready For An Auto Emergency This Summer?

Date Published: 2020-04-29

By Adelia Ladson It's no joke when you're broken down on the side of the road in the heat of summer. Even more so, if you live in the Southwest, where being stranded in your vehicle on a desert road could quickly turn into... read more

The Power Of The Sun Is Yours

Date Published: 2020-04-22

By Adelia Ladson We depend on electricity way too much and we take for granted that it will always be available to us. Our entire lives are built around it but there may come a day, whether through a natural disaster or a ... read more

Forewarned Is Forearmed

Date Published: 2020-04-15

By Adelia Ladson There’s no question about it. You are not prepared if you don’t have, at the very least, a weather radio in your home. Knowledge is power and fore-knowledge is protection. Protection for you and your famil... read more

Take Your Family Camping With Intense Gear

Date Published: 2020-04-08

By Adelia Ladson When you take your family out camping, make sure you have only the best gear available. That may sound like a no-brainer, but I’ve heard nightmare camping stories from my friends because they decided to us... read more

How To Snare Small Game

Date Published: 2016-04-04

By Adelia Ladson Snares are probably the simplest trap to make and require only thin wire or cord. The basic concept is that the animal is caught in a noose. The idea is that your intended prey will run head-first into the n... read more

Are You Food Independent?

Date Published: 2016-03-29

By Adelia Ladson As you know, there are no guarantees about future events. There is no guarantee that SHTF won’t happen tomorrow. These are things beyond your control. What is not beyond your control is that you can guarante... read more

Three Primitive Skills You Should Know

Date Published: 2016-03-10

By Adelia Ladson If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times, “You need to be prepared.” Being prepared, though, doesn’t stop at collecting supplies. A good prep encompasses acquiring knowledge and learning skills, t... read more

How To Cook Food Using Only The Sun

Date Published: 2016-02-22

Cooking a hot meal in 20 minutes without a stove or grill sounds impossible right? Well, now there is a way for that to happen, it is called the GoSun Solar Oven Sport. With this invention you can now have a hot cooked meal f... read more

You're Not As Ready As You Think You Are

Date Published: 2016-02-11

By Adelia Ladson You have been faithfully stocking supplies, learning survival skills and forming your SHTF plan. You feel good about what you’ve done to prepare for a major disaster but beware because “the Devil is in the d... read more

How To Prepare For The Zika Virus Outbreak

Date Published: 2016-02-09

By Adelia Ladson In light of the Zika Virus outbreak in South America, I wanted to find out exactly what it was because viruses have a nasty way of traveling to the United States from other countries. Remember the Ebola Vir... read more

When SHTF, Where Will You Go?

Date Published: 2016-02-02

By Adelia Ladson I know that many of you have your bug-out bags packed and ready but do you know where you’re going? I hope that you do have a plan in place because the moment you step out of your front door, after SHTF, sur... read more

What Kind Of Prepper Are You?

Date Published: 2016-01-29

By Adelia Ladson The word "Prepper" has been used as a catch-all term for a group of people who believe in being prepared for disasters or cataclysmic events they may happen. These events include anything from hurricanes... read more

It's Winter! Are You Prepared For An Automobile Emergency?

Date Published: 2016-01-22

By Adelia Ladson Winter is no picnic when you have to drive in the snow and ice. Commutes to and from work can be frustrating and downright nerve-wracking when the drive is from one city to another. Lots of folks do it every... read more

What You Need To Survive In A Major City After SHTF

Date Published: 2016-01-15

By Adelia Ladson Lots of folks have their SHTF plans in place and the main component is bugging-out to a rural area, where the inhabitants are few and mostly four-legged. Let me put a thought out there. If everyone tries to... read more

Uncommon Places To Hide Guns And Ammo

Date Published: 2016-01-07

By Adelia Ladson So, here we go folks. In light of what’s going on in Washington right now, you need to start thinking about hanging on to your guns a little tighter. Government can be fickle on what stands it takes and ther... read more

Ten Prepper Resolutions For The New Year

Date Published: 2016-01-01

By Adelia Ladson At the start of the New Year, I have taken the time to evaluate my life and, especially, my readiness for the worst. I realized that there are some things that I need to worry about and work on over the comi... read more

Five Items You Should've Had In Your First Aid Kit

Date Published: 2015-12-22

By Adelia Ladson I grew up with a First Aid Kit. It seems an odd statement to make but it’s true. There was a First Aid Kit in our home always and it was always stocked with everything we needed to fit the area we were livin... read more

Ten Reasons That You Absolutely Need A Multi-Tool

Date Published: 2015-12-16

By Adelia Ladson There’s nothing more dead useful than a Multi-tool. When you think of the bang for your buck that you’re getting in one item, it just can’t be beat. It’s like having a complete toolbox in your pocket, glove ... read more

What To Do If It Rains For 40 Days And 40 Nights

Date Published: 2015-12-08

By Adelia Ladson When natural disasters occur, they can be very devastating but they can be survived as long as you’re prepared with supplies and armed with knowledge. While looking on the internet, I came across pictures... read more

Twas The Night Before A Prepper Christmas

Date Published: 2015-11-30

By Adelia Ladson (with apologies to Clement Moore) ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the ‘stead not a creature was stirring for fear he’d be shot dead. The bug-out bags were hung by the chimney with care bec... read more

Three Simple Lighting Systems For SHTF

Date Published: 2015-11-27

By Adelia Ladson I don’t know about you but I will definitely not be left in the dark when SHTF happens. I am fully prepared to be able to keep things bright when night falls. In the meantime, I’m also prepared for natural... read more

How To Avoid Perimeter Alarms When Scavenging Survivor Camps

Date Published: 2015-11-24

By Adelia Ladson Okay when SHTF happens, it’s every man for himself. You do what you have to do to survive. This means possibly having to scavenge from other survivors if your supplies run low or are destroyed in the initi... read more

The Prepper Twelve Days Of Christmas

Date Published: 2015-11-18

On the First Day of Christmas my Prepper gave to me: a SHTF ready ATV. On the Second Day of Christmas my Prepper gave to me: two AK47s. On the Third Day of Christmas my Prepper gave to me: three e... read more

Our Top Picks For Turkey Frying Fails

Date Published: 2015-11-10

By Adelia Ladson Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It’s a time to be with family and contemplate the things you’re thankful for. You know, one of the things I’m thankful for are all those folks who attempt to fry th... read more

The Top Five Grossest Things You Can Eat To Survive

Date Published: 2015-11-04

By Adelia Ladson Here are the top five grossest items you can eat to survive and they aren’t listed in any particular order because everyone has their own opinions of which is the grossest. Earthworms are squirmy packa... read more

How To Prevent A Bear Attack

Date Published: 2015-10-18

Bears aren't out to looking for us. Typically, confrontations with them are accidental. Bears aren't out to looking for us. Typically, confrontations with them are accidental. By Adelia Ladson Statistically getting atta... read more

Turn A Flare Gun Into A Real Gun

Date Published: 2015-09-30

By Adelia Ladson Sub-Caliber Devices are handy little items that will convert a 26.5mm flare gun into a Title I Firearm. Let me repeat: A 26.5mm flare gun – not the plastic flare gun that is most commonly used today as a si... read more

Four Methods For Catching Small Prey

Date Published: 2015-09-22

By Adelia Ladson So, you’re stranded out in the wild, you’ve chosen to live off the land or Zombies have invaded your grocery store. What do you do now? Well, you need to be able to catch your own food. And if you’re short o... read more

The Correct Way To Read A Compass

Date Published: 2015-09-22

By Adelia Ladson I had a cousin who got lost in the woods with a compass when he was a kid. Some of you may be thinking that he wasn’t very smart but you’re wrong. He is not alone because the simple fact is that there are ma... read more

The Difference Between Preppers And Survivalists

Date Published: 2015-09-15

By Adelia Ladson There’s a lot of folks out there who use the words “Prepper” and “Survivalist” interchangeably because they don’t know that there is a difference. Now, I don’t really blame them because both groups have so... read more

What To Pack When You Camp

Date Published: 2015-08-31

By Adelia Ladson I have to laugh when I hear the word “glamping” because, for me, the whole point is to be out in nature and to focus on the simple things in life. I go hiking and camping to get away from the complexities of... read more

How To Find Safe Drinking Water

Date Published: 2015-08-20

By Adelia Ladson When you’re out in the wilderness, either by choice or chance, the one thing that will take you out without question is dehydration. You may get snake bit or you may fall and break your leg but you will die... read more

The History Of Trench Knives

Date Published: 2015-08-20

By Adelia Ladson Trench knives, also called knuckle knives, were created to use in close quarters combat, during W.W.I, when the fighting was taking places primarily in the trenches. They became important weapons in a style ... read more

A Beginner's Guide To Edible And Medicinal Plants

Date Published: 2015-08-20

By Adelia Ladson Here at CH Kadels, we're always looking for ways to give our customers valuable information they can use. To do this, we make sure that we always stock a variety of books and manuals. Today, I want to talk ab... read more

Bug-Out Bag Essentials

Date Published: 2015-08-19

By Adelia Ladson One of the most important things you can have in your home is a Bug-Out Bag. Times are uncertain and you never know what tomorrow will bring. For those of you who might not know, a bug-out bag is basically a... read more

Starting A Fire Without Matches

Date Published: 2015-08-13

By Adelia Ladson One day, you could be in a situation where you need to start a fire but don’t have the conventional means to do it like matches or a Zippo. And it could be for any reason, from the most mundane (You’re barbec... read more

Be Hurricane Ready

Date Published: 2015-08-12

By Adelia Ladson Our family here at CH Kadels is always looking for ways to help keep your families safe and always prepared for any situation. We know how important your family’s safety is and it’s just as important to us,... read more

Welcome To CH Kadels

Date Published: 2015-08-05

By Adelia Ladson Welcome to CH Kadels, where you’ll find one of the best collections of survival, hunting and camping gear imaginable. Our products are of the highest quality because we know that you are counting on them and... read more

Slingshot: The Ultimate Survival Weapon

Date Published: 2015-08-04

The Wrist Rocket has withstood the test of time. By Adelia Ladson A slingshot, if used properly, can be the ultimate survival weapon. It can be used for hunting, fishing, self-defense and, in a pinch, you never kno... read more

Survival Uses For Paracord

Date Published: 2015-08-03

This is a view of the inside of paracord. By Adelia Ladson I don’t think there is an aisle in our warehouse that doesn’t have paracord in some form or fashion on its shelves. And, folks, we have a lot of aisles an... read more

How To Hunt With A Spear

Date Published:

Straight off the bat, the spear has been man’s best friend for centuries! Well, maybe the spear and man’s canine companion. However, man has used the spear for as long as half a million years. Earliest usage of the spear can ... read more