Automatic Reel Fishing Yo Yo Automatic Reel Fishing Yo Yo Automatic Reel Fishing Yo Yo
  • Automatic Reel Fishing Yo Yo
  • Automatic Reel Fishing Yo Yo
  • Automatic Reel Fishing Yo Yo

Automatic Reel Fishing Yo Yo

2 or more only $5.00 each!

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  • Hang it over the water and let it do the work
  • Automatically reels in fish to surface of water
  • 60-lb test nylon fishing line
  • Stainless steel spring
  • Just add a hook and bait

This automatic fishing reel is simple and easy to use! With a stainless steel spring and 60-lb test nylon line, this Yo-Yo catches and holds automatically. Just add hook and bait, then hang on a branch over water and place bait in water.

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Customer Reviews | Average Rating: 4.52 out of 5
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Customer Reviews

Feb 06, 2016
(5 out of 5)
Automatic Reel Fishing Yo Yo

Fabulous for your bug out bag


Duane T Bell
Apr 19, 2015
(5 out of 5)
YoYo reel

Very effective little reel.Great for the bug out bag. Suggest using a strong string when attaching to tree limb, the reel will hold up to a good size fish


Chase Wingard
Mar 17, 2015
(1 out of 5)
Not Practical

I tried to carefully pull the line out a bit to see if it would retract, and it never went back to its original position. Possible user error.


Oct 03, 2014
(5 out of 5)
yo yo

first check your state laws on these. some states don't allow them ie texas and several others. great little product though and have used these things most of my life and caught tons of catfish on them. if have to set them high either unwind some line from it OR use a split shot set on the line to keep the fish in the water cause they will pull the fish out and kill it.


Aug 01, 2014
(5 out of 5)
good old days

Better built than the ones I bought 30-40 years ago. may wind up buying more, but id laws restrict number of lines you can have in the water and you must be watching them at all times.


John (Broadside)
Jul 02, 2014
(4 out of 5)
Great Camping Tool

Just got the 2 i ordered in the mail yesterday, i cant wait to use them on a camping trip with some friends. it seems to be well made and light weight as well as takes up very little space in my pack. if they catch any fish on the first time, ill see about getting my survival group to order some.


Steven robnett
Apr 21, 2014
(5 out of 5)

Exactly what i needed and surpassed my expectations weether you fish, hunt, or need it any other purposes you can find for it to do it will do the job a must have


Chris E.
Apr 15, 2014
(5 out of 5)

GREAT fun!


Mar 18, 2014
(4 out of 5)
the Ronco for B.O.B.

Just set it and forget it! Ok don't actually forget it but it gives you time to pitch the tent or grab some more firewood while you wait. Can also be used for trapping! See youtube videos on it and buy 2 or 3! On a side note, these are lighter than hauling food. Save yourself some back stress and get these for camping or bugging out. Are you really going to remember a fishing pole?


Jan 07, 2014
(5 out of 5)
Very Nice

First item I bought from the website and I love it! overall, it's a very nice product and great company!


Jun 21, 2013
(4 out of 5)

I purchased the yo-yos for family and friends. They have all expressed great interest in them. Now time to buy for myself.


John Brown
May 22, 2013
(5 out of 5)
A must have

This's just what I needed in my bugout bag, I intent to buy a dozen more, for gifts to friends, Thanks BudK


Dan Clark
Apr 04, 2013
(5 out of 5)
Works Great

Works great, excellent product


Mar 22, 2013
(5 out of 5)
good 2 have

Had some of these as a kid , not tested these 2 i bought, i just put one in wives and my bug out bags.


Feb 27, 2013
(4 out of 5)

Works good, A little smaller then I expected but works.


Feb 12, 2013
(4 out of 5)
Yo-Yo reel

Great item to carry in your pack!


Jim Bailey
Feb 06, 2013
(4 out of 5)
Neat Product

A bou8ght this for an addition to my emergency equipment and haven't actually used it yet. I'll try it the next time I go fishing but it appears to be highly workable. I noticed that a lot of reviews addressed snag problems so I guess I'll try using a bobber. I just hope a striper or sturgeon doesn't decide to take the bait or it will be "Goodbye Fishing Yo Yo." LOL


Jan 28, 2013
(5 out of 5)
They seem silly but they work

They seem silly but they work, I have 5 of them, tried them out in different areas. They work best in running water in standing water they tend to get snaged on bottom. I only left them for 4 hours as a test and was pleased.


Aug 21, 2012
(5 out of 5)
fishing yo yo

Great little yo-yo. Smaller than I expected but that's cool because I can carry more than one at a time adding very little weight to my pack. Problem is they are illegal to use here in Oklahoma and most other states but you can bet that in a survival situation I wont be worried about a game warden. If the line hangs up just cut the line and replace it (very easily done) don't snatch the heck out of it.


jc jackson
Jun 14, 2012
(5 out of 5)
great tactical accesory

this thing is great i used it yesterday and caught a fish used it again and caught a snag jerked and jerked until i finally broke it i destroyed the spring but i have to say that it was a amazing reel


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Automatic Reel Fishing Yo Yo
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