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Welcome To The CH Kadels Blog. We are your online source for all of your must-have survival and camping gear including backpacks, fire starters, tents, sleeping bags, camping tools and emergency food. So, here, we'll give you lots of great "how-to" information to get you started whether you're going camping or looking to bug-out. Enjoy the Blog!

How To Find Safe Drinking Water

Date Published: 2015-08-20

By Adelia Ladson When you’re out in the wilderness, either by choice or chance, the one thing that will take you out without question is dehydration. You may get snake bit or you may fall and break your leg but you will die... read more

The History Of Trench Knives

Date Published: 2015-08-20

By Adelia Ladson Trench knives, also called knuckle knives, were created to use in close quarters combat, during W.W.I, when the fighting was taking places primarily in the trenches. They became important weapons in a style ... read more

A Beginner's Guide To Edible And Medicinal Plants

Date Published: 2015-08-20

By Adelia Ladson Here at CH Kadels, we're always looking for ways to give our customers valuable information they can use. To do this, we make sure that we always stock a variety of books and manuals. Today, I want to talk ab... read more

Bug-Out Bag Essentials

Date Published: 2015-08-19

By Adelia Ladson One of the most important things you can have in your home is a Bug-Out Bag. Times are uncertain and you never know what tomorrow will bring. For those of you who might not know, a bug-out bag is basically a... read more

Starting A Fire Without Matches

Date Published: 2015-08-13

By Adelia Ladson One day, you could be in a situation where you need to start a fire but don’t have the conventional means to do it like matches or a Zippo. And it could be for any reason, from the most mundane (You’re barbec... read more

Be Hurricane Ready

Date Published: 2015-08-12

By Adelia Ladson Our family here at CH Kadels is always looking for ways to help keep your families safe and always prepared for any situation. We know how important your family’s safety is and it’s just as important to us,... read more

Welcome To CH Kadels

Date Published: 2015-08-05

By Adelia Ladson Welcome to CH Kadels, where you’ll find one of the best collections of survival, hunting and camping gear imaginable. Our products are of the highest quality because we know that you are counting on them and... read more

Slingshot: The Ultimate Survival Weapon

Date Published: 2015-08-04

The Wrist Rocket has withstood the test of time. By Adelia Ladson A slingshot, if used properly, can be the ultimate survival weapon. It can be used for hunting, fishing, self-defense and, in a pinch, you never kno... read more

Survival Uses For Paracord

Date Published: 2015-08-03

This is a view of the inside of paracord. By Adelia Ladson I don’t think there is an aisle in our warehouse that doesn’t have paracord in some form or fashion on its shelves. And, folks, we have a lot of aisles an... read more

How To Hunt With A Spear

Date Published:

Straight off the bat, the spear has been man’s best friend for centuries! Well, maybe the spear and man’s canine companion. However, man has used the spear for as long as half a million years. Earliest usage of the spear can ... read more

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