Date Published: 2020-11-04

The M48 Cyclone Series

The M48 Cyclone Series

By Adelia Ladson

When you’re trying to survive, no other brand has your back like United Cutlery’s M48 line! Offering a range of weapons and tools built for battle, it is the absolute in tactical perfection. Crafted with top-grade materials and custom designs, United Cutlery has put out a line of products that absolutely works in the real world. The M48 Cyclone Series is unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

The original M48 Cyclone is the incredible tactical fixed blade that started it all. United Cutlery’s geniuses crafted a cast stainless steel blade into a spiraling masterpiece of design, using temperatures up to 1,030 degrees, which gives it a 48HC. The three spiraling cutting edges come down to an incredibly sharp piercing point. As with all M48 knives, the glass-fiber-reinforced nylon handle gives you a strong and secure grip. The Cyclone also features a solid stainless steel hand guard and skull crusher pommel. The blade slides into a custom Vortec belt sheath that fits like a glove and is virtually indestructible.

Then, always ahead of the curve, they took a step further, taking the Cylone to a new level of fiercness with the Cardinal Sin Cyclone Spear It measures in at a whopping 48” from end to end and has the iconic three spiraling cutting edges, coming down to an incredibly sharp piercing point, that made the Cyclone so sought after. With a red and black, cast stainless steel blade this powerful and a glass-fiber reinforced nylon handle this tough, the spear was built for durability and strong use. Practical applications abound with the massive spear, including uses like breaching, prying, and impaling practically anything.

With the continued popularity of the Cyclone, United Cutlery wanted to keep giving their customers more wicked spiraling blades to add to their collections. So, meet the Cyclone Boot Knife. Just like its “big brother,” the cast stainless steel blade has been crafted into a tri-edged triumph with a 48HC. It also has the M48 glass-fiber-reinforced nylon handle and features a solid stainless steel hand guard and skull crusher pommel. Add the M48 Cyclone Boot Knife to the M48 Cyclone Dagger Knife to make an awesome duo!

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