Date Published: 2021-06-09

The Appeal of Black Powder Firearms

The Appeal of Black Powder Firearms

By Adelia Ladson

What Is A Black Powder Firearm?

A black powder firearm, also referred to as a muzzleloader, have continued to gain in popularity with sportsmen and hunters. Essentially, it uses the same technology as used in the earliest guns. The muzzle is loaded with a bullet or shot, black powder and wadding, then, packed down with a ramrod. Next, a primer charge is place in the primary pan or a percussion cap is placed on the nipple and the gun is ready to fire.

Why Do People Buy Black Powder Firearms

Aside, from them being fun to shoot, a black powder gun also gives you control over how much powder you’re using and how your bullets are made, since you can cast and use your own. This makes them cheaper to shoot than a modern firearm, plus, a muzzleloader is not legally considered a firearm by the federal government. Bottom line, no FFL is required to purchase a black powder gun. However, your own state’s laws should be considered. Also, a number of states have muzzleloader seasons, which extends the hunting season for hunters who shoot both types of firearms. The ammunition travels at a slower velocity so your hunting range is 100 yards or less, forcing you to be a better marksman. Muzzleloader hunters take pride in taking down their game, since it relies on their own personal skills in stalking and tracking instead of falling back on the effectiveness of an expensive firearm.

Our Recommendations

We have a selection of black powder guns that are accurate and beautifully detailed, working replicas of historical pistols. We have muzzleloader rifles perfect for hunting and we also carry kits which have everything you need to shoot including the ammo. The only thing you would need to purchase separately is the powder and primer, which can be found at your local firearms supply store.

Traditions Firearms BuckStalker Rifle Redi-Pak

I want to start off, here, with the Traditions Firearms BuckStalker Rifle Redi-Pak, as it’s one of the all-inclusive kits that we have and it’s specifically for hunting. With everything you need to start hunting inside the package, the .50 caliber black powder rifle offers great value and convenience for both black powder veterans and muzzleloader novices. At just six pounds, the BuckStalker Rifle is lightweight and maneuverable, making it versatile enough for shots in dense brush, long shots across fields, and everything in between. It has a 24” blued barrel on which a 3-9x40 duplex scope is mounted, increasing its value as a hunting rifle. It’s also equipped with the Accelerator Breech Plug, which removes by hand in three turns, requires no tools, and allows you to fire both loose and pelletized powder. Traditions Firearms’ Speed Load System provides for easy loading and the Dual Safety System makes this one of the safest guns on the market. The BuckStalker Black Powder Rifle Redi-Pak includes a ball starter, loading/cleaning jag, ball/patch puller, cleaning patches, bullets, fast loaders, 209 capper, breech plug and nipple thread lube, bore solvent, and even a “how-to” video. The only thing isn’t doesn’t include is the primer and powder.

1851 Navy Deluxe Engraved Pistol

We have several replica 1851 Navy pistols in our black powder gun collection. It was a very popular revolver for its time, adopted by both the US and British militaries. It received its name from the depiction, on its cylinder, of the Texas Navy’s victory over the Mexican fleet in 1843. The 1851 Navy Deluxe Engraved Pistol, however, is my favorite model in our collection. The working reproduction piece has incredible detail, making it a must-have for the historical firearms collector. The .36 caliber muzzleloader has a decoratively engraved, casehardened steel frame and a 7 1/2” blued barrel, which is complemented by a sleek faux ivory grip with brass accents and a brass trigger.

Traditions Firearms Kentucky Rifle Kit

For you DIYers out there, I’ve included the Traditions Firearms Kentucky Rifle Kit. One of the best ways possible to get a real hands-on muzzleloading experience is to build it yourself! The kit allows you to easily build a replica Kentucky black powder rifle using easy-to-follow instructions guiding you through the building process to a finished product. Traditions Firearms preassembles each kit at the factory to ensure proper fit and ease of assembly once you get it and put the parts together. The seven-pound, .50 caliber rifle has a wooden stock with a 33 1/2” octagonal steel barrel with brass fixed blade sights. The trigger guard and backstrap are also brass, and the rifle has a percussion ignition. There is no greater feeling of accomplishment than knowing you built the rifle that you enjoy shooting so much!

1851 Navy Pepperbox Pistol

To me, this is really one of our most unique black powder replicas. The 1851 Navy Pepperbox Pistol is a .36 caliber that shoots directly out of the six-shot cylinder. That’s right! There’s no barrel on this pistol. The first Pepperbox revolvers originated in the 1500s, using matchlock mechanisms and, in the late 1800s, with the advent of pin-fire cartridges, the pepperbox regained popularity because it was small and concealable. The black powder pistol has a 3” steel cylinder set into a casehardened steel frame with walnut wood grips and a brass backstrap and trigger guard. “Don’t let its size fool you,” as they say. The 1581 Navy Pepperbox Pistol can hold its own.

Traditions Firearms Trapper Flintlock Pistol

Another beautifully crafted historical replica, the Traditions Firearms Trapper Flintlock Pistol is so accurately detailed that it looks like a genuine antique. Early mountain men and traders carried this type of black powder pistol as a reliable back-up weapon to stake their lives on in a desperate situation. It has a primitive-style, adjustable rear sight and double-set triggers that allow you to predictably put your shots on target. The 9 3/4” octagonal, blued barrel is set on a select hardwood stock, which has a brass trigger guard and brass accents. The muzzleloader is .50 caliber and has a flint-lock ignition. Believe me, this beauty is fun to shoot!

Traditions Firearms Mini Old Ironsides Cannon

Oaky, here’s your bonus buy! I just had to include this here. If you want an awesome black powder experience that’s fun for the whole family, the Mini Old Ironsides Cannon is an absolute must-have! Offering working artillery in miniature, Traditions Firearms gives you a fully-operational cannon that’s a replica of the historical deck guns of the USS Constitution. It has an authentically-styled, hardwood Naval carriage and a 9” smooth-bore barrel expertly crafted out of nickel. Accurate in scale and detail, the .50 caliber black powder, mini cannon shoots a .490 diameter round ball and comes ready to display or shoot. All you need to provide is the black powder and the shot.

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