Date Published: 2021-11-10

Tactical Flashlights Are Combat Ready

Tactical Flashlights Are Combat Ready

By Adelia Ladson

What’s A Tactical Flashlight?

These aren’t your run of the mill home flashlights, which are basically a plastic or metal tube that you shove D-cell batteries into. Tactical flashlights are lighting tools that are designed with emergency and combat use in mind. They offer survival and self-defense features that you won’t find in that flashlight rolling around in a kitchen drawer or in your bedside table. You better believe that my bedside table contains a tactical flashlight.

Tactical Flashlight Features

To be combat ready, a tactical flashlight has to give you more than a beam of light. Now, when I say combat ready, that means everything from military and law enforcement purposes to home security and self-defense purposes. Features to look for are an SOS or flashing mode, a long-lasting rechargeable battery, tactical edges and a water-resistant construction. Below are the reasons that these features are so important.

SOS/Flashing Mode

In a survival or emergency situation like being stranded on your roof in a flood or along side the road at night, it’s imperative to have a super bright signaling device. You can find tactical flashlights that actually flash out the SOS pattern but getting one that simply has a flashing mode can be effective, too. The lights are generally going to be LEDs or COBS, which are high-powered.

Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery

The worst thing that can happen with a flashlight is that you turn it on, and the batteries are dead when you need it the most. The advantage of having a tactical flashlight is that they typically come with a rechargeable battery that will hold a charge for much longer than standard alkaline batteries and can be kept charged and ready-to-go at all times. Many will offer a power bank option so that you can charge up a cell phone in an emergency.

Tactical Edges

When it comes to self-defense, a flashlight with tactical edges give you a fighting advantage. They are sharp edges or crenellations around the diameter of the light end of the tube that boosts the tactical flashlight’s effectiveness when used as a striking weapon. You can also find tactical edges that act as the electrodes of a stun gun flashlight model.

Water-Resistant Construction

Inclement weather makes an emergency or survival situation doubly worse. Whether it’s raining or snowing, a good tactical flashlight will continue to work as expected. This is where a weather-resistant construction is an absolute necessity. A tactical flashlight is only combat ready if it can stand-up to any environment or weather condition.

My Recommendations

After taking a look at our inventory of tactical flashlights, I’ve put together a list that offers a variety of model designs and features. As always, when you’re looking for gear, assess what you need the flashlight for and where you’ll be using it the most.

NEBO Redline Select Flashlight And Power Bank

Like I said above, you can get tactical flashlights that also act as a power bank to charge your cell phone, in a pinch. The NEBO Redline Select Flashlight is the first on my list because it’s the one I keep in my vehicle’s emergency bag. It has a 1,000-lumen LED light and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will also act as the power bank. The Smart Select Dial allows you to easily control the five light modes, which include high, medium, low, strobe and green stealth light. The anodized, aircraft-grade aluminum housing is water and impact-resistant with a tactical edge and a powerful magnetic base. The flashlight also has a 4X adjustable beam and a steel belt clip. The battery can be charged via the included USB cable and a battery charging indicator lets you know when it’s charged. The rechargeable flashlight and power bank is 6 1/4” when compacted and is 6 3/4” when fully extended

Night Watchman Stun Gun Flashlight

I love a tactical tool that has a dual purpose that gives you two pieces of gear that will only take up one spot in your bag. The Night Watchman Stun Gun Flashlight puts two million volts of intense shock power in your hand that’s more than enough to incapacitate an assailant. If your job takes you through dark alleys or buildings, the 380-lumen LED flashlight will illuminate every dark corner. The ultra-bright beam can also serve as a second self-defense option, temporarily blinding and disorienting an attacker. Included in the design of the black, anodized aluminum housing is a safety switch to prevent accidents. The stun gun flashlight can be charged with the included wall charger and a wrist lanyard is included, as well.

Trailblazer Angle Head Flashlight

Using a tried and true military design, Trailblazer gives you a tactical flashlight that’s worked for soldiers out in the field for decades. The Angle Head Flashlight won’t add much extra weight to your gear as the case is constructed of hard plastic, which also makes it tough and water-resistant. Twenty times stronger than a standard flashlight, the high-tensity LED light is ideal for reading a map or inspecting hard-to-see electrical components out in the field. It also comes with a variety of colored filters for the light that you can use for different situations.

NEBO Slyde King Flashlight

I had to include another NEBO in my recommendations because, when it comes to tactical flashlights, this brand has some of the best on the market. The Slyde King Flashlight is another dual purpose tool, offering both a 2,000-lumen flashlight with a 4X adjustable zoom and a 500-lumen COB work light, which is concealed inside the flashlight case. Extremely versatile, the flashlight has several light modes including high beam, low beam, high work light, low work light, red COB high, red COB low and red COB flashing. Each of the light modes is dimmable with the programmable memory. The water-resistant case is impact-resistant, anodized air-craft grade aluminum with a rubberized grip, a magnetic base and tactical edges. The internal, rechargeable Li-ion battery can be charged via the included USB charging cable and an indicator lets you know when it’s done.

Umarex Exude Flashlight With Mount

What I like about the Umarex Exude Flashlight is that it comes with a mount so that it can be easily mounted on your rifle. This tactical flashlight is specifically designed for ranges within 100 yards to give you better coverage in closer terrain with no rings, dark spots or spill. The natural wavelength of the 1,050-lumen light won’t spook game and the CREE XLamp XM-L2 LED chip provides maximum output to illuminate animal or human predators. The black, grippy body is 1,000-G shockproof and IPX4 water-resistant. The tactical flashlight is powered by two lithium CR123A batteries (included) and it has a simple, bell-turn focus. A 1” base, 30mm base and a fully adjustable mount are included in the package, along with, a red lens filter, a green lens filter, an M2 Allen wrench and an M4 Allen wrench.

Black Legion Special Force Pocket Knife

I’ve included the Black Legion Special Force Pocket Knife in my recommendations because it has a built-in LED light that unfolds from the handle. The extremely grippy, aluminum handle also features a seatbelt cutter and a glass-breaker spike. The Cr13 stainless steel clip point blade has partial serrations and can be quickly deployed using either a thumbstud or a flipper to activate the assisted opening mechanism. The 4 1/2” closed, all-black, non-reflective tactical pocket knife and tactical flashlight combo is your go-to when you’re out on a mission!

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