Date Published: 2020-12-02

Premium Leather Pistol Holsters

Premium Leather Pistol Holsters

By Adelia Ladson

Stylish and functional is the way to go when you’re looking for a pistol holster. Nothing’s more stylish or functional than premium handcrafted leather. From the Old West to WWII, these holsters have been relied on to have a weapon within easy reach at all times. So, don’t you think it’s about time that you trusted your weapon to one, too?

For those of you who want a holster with a vintage feel, our Western-style US Cavalry Pistol Holsters feature an embossed US medallion like what would have been found stamped on United States Cavalry gear. They have an expertly crafted, open bottom design, giving you an inside depth of 5” to hold your pistol in securely and they fit snugly to your body. The Inside the Waist Band Holster is perfectly suited to discreetly carry your pistol with its sturdy metal waistband clips, giving you quick and easy access to it. The outside the waist band version of the holster has slots to run your belt through for easy open carry.

Versacarry offer some of the most compact and comfortable holsters on the market. Taking the leather holster to a new level of form and function, these holsters are crafted in the USA. The Ranger Inside the Waist Band Holster has an extremely lightweight, minimalist design that has an ultra-plush, padded back and a soft interior to help protect the gun’s finish. It has a sturdy and secure belt clip for easy on/off convenience and completely discreet carry. The Rough Rider Outside the Waist Band Holster has a forward tilt design that makes it easy to draw and it has double-ply backing for comfort and support, fitting snug to the body. Both of these holsters are made of vegetable-tanned water buffalo leather that is bonded to a closed cell foam for comfort and sewn with industrial grade, bonded nylon thread. They’re compatible with most firearms optics and designed for use with a standard 1 1/2” wide belt that’s designed for carry. The Ranger Holster and Rough Rider Holster are available in sizes for compact and full-size handguns, for 1911 style handguns and for sub-compact handguns.

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