Date Published: 2021-06-30

M48 Is Your Go-To For Tactical Tools

M48 Is Your Go-To For Tactical Tools

By Adelia Ladson

What Is M48?

Offering a range of weapons and tools built for battle, the M48 line by United Cutlery is the absolute in tactical perfection. Using the concept “Gear to get the job done. No matter how dirty.” as a driving force, United Cutlery has put out a line of products that actually works in the real world. United Cutlery’s goal, with its M48 line, is to offer a range of weapons and tools that really are built for battle and can back you up whatever the real world throws at you. To do that, they make sure that the highest quality materials are used so that every blade and handle will take a beating for years without damage. We don’t want to take a fixed blade or tomahawk axe out and have it fall apart in our hands right when we need it the most! So, we sure don’t expect our customers to put up with that. And that’s why we always count on United Cutlery to stock our inventory with items that we ourselves will take out and use with confidence that they’re up to the task at hand. No toys here!

What Type of Products Does M48 They Have?

Every year the M48 line is expanded with innovative designs. You can expect to find a range of bladed weapons and tools for every mission and every job. And the beauty of it is that M48 products work so well together that, when you buy them, you are really building an armory of tactical tools that’s ready for anything! I’ve divided the products that I want to highlight from M48 into tactical knives, breaching tools, discreet self-defense, survival tools and other bladed tools.

Tactical Knives

Whether you’re in the military on a covert operation or on a family camping trip, you need a knife that you can count on to perform in all conditions. M48’s selection of knives include fixed blades and pocket knives, giving you a large selection to choose from, assuring you of finding a knife that exactly meets your needs.

Falcon Karambit Knife

United Cutlery is really taking their talent for reimagining tried and true ancient weapon designs into modern, tactical weapons to a new level with its M48 Falcon Karambit Knife. It’s a phenomenal karambit that, believe me, is the perfect back-up weapon on your belt! When you hold it in your hand, it fits comfortably in your palm and truthfully, I really did feel like it was an extension of my hand. And that’s exactly what you want with a karambit because that’s what it was meant to be when it was first used in Southeast Asia by the peasant class. The Falcon Karambit Knife’s curved blade is crafted of 2Cr13 stainless steel with the two-tone black oxide coating and satin finish, which have become defining characteristics of an M48 brand blade. The injection-molded, nylon handle scales are extremely grippy, even if your palm is sweaty, which in certain environments and situations is inevitable. So, no worries about slippage when you’re using this karambit! Then, as a second line of defense, the traditional open-ring pommel has a penetrating point.

Warthawg Pocket Knife

The key feature that you really need to appreciate with this pocket knife is that M48 used D2 tool steel to craft the blade. This means that you’re getting a blade that’s extremely wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The Warthawg Pocket Knife is everything that you’re looking for in a workhorse everyday carry, especially, if your every day is a tactical mission. This knife has a massive blade with notching on the spine and a black oxide-coated and bead-blasted finish, which makes it almost indestructible. An ultra-smooth ball bearing system allows for effortless, one-handed opening using the blade spur which protrudes through the backside of the handle. When you need access to the blade quickly, this is an invaluable feature! The tough, injection molded nylon handle has a textured, finger-grooved grip and jimping on the back end to assure you of complete control in any situation. This workhorse pocket knife also has a tough stainless steel pocket clip to keep it close at hand.

Tactical Kukri Knife

The Tactical Kukri Knife epitomizes M48’s knack for developing bold, modern weaponry based on classic, time-tested designs. A kukri is the ultimate field machete, easily cutting and chopping through brush and thick vegetation when you need to clear a path. The M48 kukri’s curved blade is cast from stainless steel and honed to a razor’s edge so that it’s ready to go right out of the box. The rugged TPR handle is contoured and textured for a comfortable, slip-free grip, which is an absolute necessity when hacking your way through wet environments. A tough knife deserves equally tough protection, and accordingly, the kukri comes with a heavy-duty Vortec sheath, which was specifically designed to fit it like a glove. If you don’t yet own an awesome M48 knife, this is definitely a great place to start! The M48 Tactical Kukri is a must-have for survivalists, tactical personnel, outdoorsmen or anyone who appreciates fine craftsmanship and extreme performance.

Breaching Tools

When you need sheer power in your hand to break-through an obstacle, you need a breaching tool that is not going to breakdown on the job. M48 has an offering of hard-hitting tools with both hammer and axe heads to get you through almost any barrier.

Double-Headed War Hammer

The Double-Headed War Hammer is what you want to be holding in your hands when things get ugly. There’s not much that can stand-up to this bad boy! It has a vicious premium stainless steel double-head with a black oxide coating on each of its faces, increasing its wear-resistance. The hammer head features a skull crusher at its top and five penetrating points on each of its square-shaped heads. The handle is constructed of an almost indestructible injection molded nylon with a fiber fill and has a lanyard hole. What I really like is that grooves are designed into the handle, specifically, so that you can wrap paracord around it, giving you another tactical tool at your disposal. The 17” overall, double-headed war hammer has a tough TPR cover to protect the head with a removable nylon belt loop for carry.

Infantry Tomahawk

Now, this one got me really excited when I laid hands on it because the original M48 tomahawk has always been a favorite of mine. I watched our guys take the updated Infantry Tomahawk out and put it through its paces against a junk car. We’re talking, metal and glass, no problem! What I like about it is that the cast stainless steel head has a slightly slimmer profile so that the piercing point has more length to it. Also, instead of just a ridged grip, the injection-molded nylon handle is heavily textured, assuring you that it won’t slip in your hands. The 15 3/4” overall tomahawk slips into a tough, Vortec and nylon blade sheath, which features a belt frog design for ease of carry. If you don’t add this to your tactical gear, you’ll be kicking yourself because this is legitimately a beast in the field!

Double-Bladed Tomahawk

Why settle for one blade when you can have two? The monster Double-Bladed Tomahawk delivers in a big way and has become a rising star in the M48 lineup. The cast stainless steel head is thick, hefty and built for durability and hard use, making it perfect for breaching. Each of the massive blades is razor-sharp and the head has a black oxide coating for wear-resistance. The virtually indestructible handle is made of nylon, reinforced with. The reinforced M48 nylon blade sheath allows you to carry the Double-Bladed Tomahawk right on your belt, safely and comfortably.

Discreet Self-Defense

Having personal protection on you when you’re going into a dicey situation, or a sketchy environment is a necessity to guarantee that you have a fighting chance. M48 has a variety of discreet self-defense weapons that are easily concealable and suitable for just about anyone.

Tactical Sword Cane

Powerful and capable, M48’s Tactical Sword Cane is sheer, sleek perfection in a discreet self-defense weapon. Starting at the top, you have a hammer head handle that was cast of solid, stainless steel and finished with a black oxide coating. This handle will pack quite a punch when fending of an assailant. Under the handle is a nylon fiber grip with ridges that make it easy to pull the handle free from the nylon fiber shaft. Housed within the shaft, as your second line of defense, is a razor-sharp, 17” high carbon steel, black-coated blade. The tactical sword cane also has a slip-free toe and is 37” in overall length.

Stinger Urban Dagger

Knowing that the Stinger Urban Dagger is hanging discreetly at your side in its Vortec shoulder sheath is peace of mind that’s invaluable. It features a rock-solid, cast stainless steel construction with a razor-sharp edge and a point that will effortlessly pierce practically anything. Further making it concealable is the anodized, non-reflective black coating and the rubberized, textured handle provides a sure grip so you can wield the stinger confidently. It also makes a great throwing weapon.

Fang Push Dagger

A push dagger has always been an effective and reliable self-defense weapon. However, M48’s Fang Push Dagger takes discreet protection to a new level. It has a cast stainless steel blade with a black oxide coating and two razor-sharp blades. The penetrating blade features double finger choils for more leverage when using. The finger-grooved, push handle is crafted of tough TPR and is heavily ridged for a secure and slip-free grip in any situation. The 7 3/8” overall push dagger can be carried and protected in an injection molded Vortec sheath that can be discreetly hidden using the steel boot clip.

Survival Tools

M48 understands that when it comes to survival situations, you need tools in your hand to perform essential survival tasks like building a fire, construction a shelter or securing food. You’ll find spears, axes and other survival tools that are ready to face the wilderness or the urban war zone.

Entrenchment Tool With Axe

So much more than a “shovel!” The Entrenchment Tool With Axe is a multi-talented field tool that cuts, chops, saws, digs and even fends off attackers! Built to withstand vigorous use in punishing conditions, it features a cast stainless steel head that’s been tempered for strength and flexibility and black oxide coated for exceptional corrosion resistance. Each edge is uniquely shaped and sharpened for maximum cutting versatility. There’s concave beveling on one side for incredible chopping power and serrations are on the opposite edge to make quick work of sawing jobs, plus, the edges go down to a penetrating point. Like the head, the tactical shovel’s grooved, slip-free handle is virtually indestructible, made of advanced glass-fiber-reinforced nylon. The M48 Entrenchment Tool is perfect for camping and other outdoor activities, light chopping or even emergency self-defense!

Talon Survival Spear

Since time out of mind, a spear has been used for hunting, as a weapon and as an all-purpose survival tool. The Talon Survival Spear measures in at a whopping 44 1/8” from end to end and features a razor-sharp, cast stainless steel blade that is nearly half an inch thick! This makes the 8” blade powerful and durable, making it more than capable of heavy use. The 30 percent fiberglass reinforced nylon shaft has strategically placed grooves and ridges to provide a secure grip. Practical applications abound with this massive spear, including uses such as breaching, prying, and impaling practically anything.

Kommando 80-LB Crossbow

The Kommando 80-LB Crossbow is a great little, pistol-sized crossbow system that makes a great addition to your survival tools and won’t take up much space in your gear. It’s self-cocking, making it easy to use even though it has an 80-lb draw weight. It also features adjustable sights so that when your bolts fly, they’ll hit the mark. The three aluminum, steel-tipped bolts will streak at more than 160 fps. In a survival situation, this crossbow pistol can be used for hunting or self-defense.

Other Bladed Tools

Always innovative and taking pride in offering never before seen designs, M48 continues to produce bladed items that are both unique and functional. Whether bringing a traditional weapon into the Modern Era or inventing a completely new design, you can guarantee M48 will do it better than anyone else!

Cyclone Dagger

I couldn’t give you a complete spectrum of United Cutlery’s M48 line without including the patented Cyclone Dagger. A spiraling masterpiece of design, the cast stainless steel blade has a 48 Rockwell Hardness. The three twisting cutting edges come down to an incredibly sharp piercing point that’s no joke. Seriously, I’ve seen it puncture a hole in a car door with next to no effort! One of the things that makes it effortless to use as a puncturing tool is the heavily textured, glass-fiber-reinforced nylon handle that gives you a slip-free grip. The dagger also has a hefty, steel skull-crusher pommel that does significant damage as a bludgeoning tool and glass-breaker. The blade slides into its custom Vortec belt sheath that fits like a glove, allowing you to have it conveniently at your side. Trust me, you’ve never seen anything that compares to the M48 Cyclone Dagger!

Tactical Kama

Traditional kamas were widely used among Filipino farmers as a sickle-like harvesting implement for reaping agricultural crops. M48’s Tactical Kama was built for reaping havoc! Once again, M48 takes a traditional bladed tool design and creates an innovative new design suitable for tactical use. The kama has a cast stainless steel blade honed to a razor’s edge and it curves down to a piercing point. M48’s standard fiberglass reinforced handle, with its deeply ridged grip, offers strong support to the blade and optimal performance in the field. The 15 1/2” overall M48 Tactical Kama comes with a tough nylon blade sheath. With this innovative design and the reliability of M48, this tactical kama can’t be beat!

Conflict Cleaver

M48 is the expert in designing and crafting tools that will see you through a mission, whether you’re at home or on foreign shores, and the Conflict Cleaver definitely fits the bill! Yeah, this beast is the real deal. Cast from stainless steel with a black oxide coating, the impressive 3 3/4”x 6 1/4” blade has thru-holes so that it’s much lighter than it looks. The full-tang blade has thumb-notches on the spine, and it extends into a karambit-style, open-ring pommel with fighting spurs. Attached to the tang, with heavy-duty screws, are injection-molded nylon and fiber handle scales that have a precisely ridged, EDM surface finish, which lines up with the ridges at the top of the blade. The 11 1/4” overall knife also comes with a specifically designed, heavy-duty Vortec belt sheath. The M48 Conflict Cleaver is a must-have for survivalists, tactical personnel or anyone who appreciates fine craftsmanship and extreme performance.

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