Date Published: 2020-06-24

Independence Day: Protect Your Freedoms

Independence Day: Protect Your Freedoms

By Adelia Ladson

The Founding Fathers fought for our independence and our right to be the Greatest Nation in the world! They made sure that “We the People” were given civil liberties and freedoms when they formed our nation. Here, at CH Kadels, we always have a variety of products that promote and celebrate those freedoms. Sometimes, folks need to be reminded of those civil liberties. Here are some of our customer favorites!

Every year, Kissing Crane releases a collectible trapper pocket knife to mark Independence Day and celebrate American Pride. This year, the Kissing Cane 2020 Fourth of July Trapper’s razor-sharp, stainless steel blades feature Uncle Sam and the Founding Fathers with the message, “We Declare Our Independence”. The handsome genuine bone handle is done in red, white and blue panels, separated by brass bands and accented with white stars and stripes. Brass-plated pins, bolsters and the classic Kissing Crane cast shield complete this exquisite design and each one is laser serialized on the bolster. If you haven’t started your collection of Kissing Crane Trappers yet, this is an excellent one to start out with!

The Second Protects the First Cap is a great way to voice your opinion on the First and Second Amendments! The black, six-panel baseball-style hat features high-quality embroidery, in bright yellow and white, on the bill and the front of the hat. The words, "The Second protects the First", along with the Gadsden Flag rattlesnake, will let people know where you stand! Like all of the caps we have, it’s made of 100% light cotton twill and has an adjustable velcro closure on the back so that one size fits all. Now, the extra touch that I really like on this cap is that the front edge of the brim is lined in bright yellow and has “Don’t Tread On Me” in black, front and center.

Make no apologies about your love of God and country with our Patriotic Tin Sign! This eye-catching placard conveys an in-your-face message of unapologetic patriotism and it’s the perfect wall piece for proud Americans of all stripes. It leaves no question of how you feel about the military, law enforcement, Christmas and other issues. The vintage-look sign has a corrosion-resistant tin construction, as well as, advanced, fade resistant printing that allows for posting it outdoors. If you’re absolutely sick of the phrase, “politically correct”, like I am, then you’ll absolutely love this sign!

There’s no better way to remind folks the reason why you can carry and shoot your rifle than the Proveil Victory Rifle Skin, which encases it in the ultimate symbol of freedom – the American Flag! The water-resistant, high-performance vinyl conforms to any shape and leaves no residue behind when it’s removed. The non-permanent, non-reflective finish wraps your stock, forend, receiver and barrel in the vintage-look American Flag design and fits any rifle with a barrel length up to 29”. But what I really, really like is that this rifle skin is made by GunSkins, right here, in the USA.

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