Date Published: 2020-07-29

Got A Killer Instinct?

Got A Killer Instinct?

By Adelia Ladson

I’ll go ahead and put this out here right now. I prefer a crossbow over a gun. To me, there’s something infinitely more elegant to a crossbow. It is quiet, which makes it a great stealth weapon, and this is definitely my preference over a gun’s loud report. Also, to me, it’s less cumbersome to use than a compound bow. So, for all of you crossbow lovers out there, here are some incredible crossbows from Killer Instinct!

Taking the same attitude that they live by in the field and applying it to their crossbows, the designers at Killer Instinct are relentless in their pursuit of excellence so that you can be in yours. What you want in a crossbow is speed, accuracy and durability and that is exactly what you’re getting when you choose one of these.

The Ripper 415 is the wicked child among crossbows! It’s the “maddest of the mad” when it comes to fast crossbows. Many hunters say, “speed kills” and that point is tough to argue. The Ripper drives bolts at a heart-pounding 415 feet per second and 149 foot-pounds of kinetic energy, making it more than capable of knocking down the biggest and strongest game! Pair that power with a rugged aluminum shooting rail for extreme “sub-1-inch” accuracy at 80 yards and beyond and you have one serious weapon. The narrow, lean and lightweight balanced body has a fully adjustable stock and forearm grip, along with custom rubber shock absorbers, giving you the ultimate in performance and comfort. The proven 3 1/2-lb KillerTech Trigger is consistent and crisp to aide in long range accuracy and the draw weight is 200 lbs. Amp up your attitude and arsenal with the Ripper 415!

Another exceptional crossbow in the 415 fps range is the Burner 415, which gives you sheer, raw power to take aim with, while still offering both accuracy and control. The six-position AR-style buttstock shortens the crossbow’s overall length for smaller framed hunters but extends comfortably to fit a variety of medium to taller shooters, as well. The Micro-Lite aluminum barrel, in a Realtree Edge finish, eliminates excess weight, while still producing dead-on accuracy and dependability. Its X-Lok adjustable foregrip and easy-to-handle narrow frame produces a balanced and compact shooting machine. Finished off with a 3 1/2 lb KillerTech trigger for consistent accuracy shot-after-shot and the 141 foot-pounds of generated kinetic energy, the Burner 415 is sure to produce deadly results!

Offering you a combination of hard-hitting 405 fps and complete agility, the Boss 405 illustrates the tack driving accuracy that Killer Instinct is known for. It, too, has the Micro-Lite aluminum barrel and it’s done in a Chaos AE Camo finish. Smaller framed hunters will find it comfortable with its six-position AR-style buttstock and adjustable X-Lok foregrip, combined with a 3 1/2-lb KillerTech trigger and a 220-lb draw weight. Then, add to it the noise-reducing, integrated Dead Silent Kit and the Boss 405 is sure to produce consistent accuracy for consistent take-downs.

Now, here’s the cherry on top! Each of the crossbows above comes with the compact, slim-line design LUMIX 4x32 IR-W scope, which is the perfect companion accessory. It will extend your shooting range with multiple aiming points on the reticle that have rheostat brightness illumination in red or blue for low-light settings.

Last but not least and emerging at the top of the food chain, the Speed 425 produces an unstoppable amount of energy by inflicting an insane 425 fps, 156 foot-pounds of kinetic energy on what’s in your crosshairs. If you thought the Ripper had mad speed, this crossbow will really blow you away! The electrifying speed is controlled with sniper precision from the Killer Instinct LUMIX Speed Ring Scope. With the easy-to-use Speed Ring adjustment, it instantly matches the 20-100-yard reticle to be sighted-in to the speed of the crossbow and provides HD clarity in low-light conditions when game is on the move. This setup, paired with the enhanced aluminum barrel already known for nock breaking accuracy, puts this bow into an elite category of precision accuracy. The AR-style buttstock features five-position adjustability for max performance and custom fit, and it comes with an interchangeable pistol grip. With its high-energy and accuracy driven frame, the Speed 425 promises to maximize your success in the woods!

So that you can shoot it right out of the box, Killer Instinct has included with each of the crossbows a package that’s worthy of your trust in the field. You’ll get three HYPR bolts with field points, Dead Silent string suppressors, a quiver, rope cocker and a stick of rail lube. Hunt Fearless!

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