Date Published: 2022-03-23

CRKT: Confidence In Hand

CRKT: Confidence In Hand

By Adelia Ladson

Who Is CRKT?

CRKT (Columbia River Knife and Tool) was founded in 1994. From day one, they put innovation and integrity first. They made a commitment to build knives and tools that would inspire and endure. The company works with leading knifemakers, inventors, and industrial designers in their product development. They work hard to carry out their creative designs to the highest quality standards possible, enabling you to own, use, and collect innovative production knives and tools. CRKT operates on a simple principle: that the greatest thing they can give their customers is “Confidence in Hand”.

Powerful Chopping Machines

And whether you’re simply camping or trying to survive, you absolutely should expect “confidence in hand.” Having an axe or tomahawk in your gear that has real chopping power is a necessity when you’re building a campfire or a home-fire. Applying modern engineering to centuries-old tool and weapon concepts, designers at CRKT have been building some of the finest custom tomahawks and axes that this country has ever seen.

Woods Nobo Tomahawk Axe

Designed by Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical in Chattanooga, Tenn., the Woods Nobo Tomahawk Axe is a traditionally-modeled, two-handed camp axe that will make your life easier when you’re off the grid. The head is hot-forged from one, solid block of 1055 high carbon steel and it has a hammer finish, guaranteeing that it’s rock-solid. It chops through wood like nobody’s business with both primary and secondary edge bevels that are flat-ground. Straight from Tennessee, hickory wood was used to craft the thick wooden handle, which is sealed with a lacquer coat for durability. Whether you’re splitting wood or building a shelter, the Nobo Tomahawk Axe is up to the challenge.

Woods Chogan Tomahawk

Also designed by Ryan Johnson, the Woods Chogan Tomahawk was designed the same way as the Nobo, then, a hammer head was added, giving the head the traditional tomahawk look. The same premium materials were used to build it, too, giving you the thick, hickory handle that was cut from the hills of Tennessee and the solid 1055 high carbon steel head, which has a 50-55 HRC. The Chogan Tomahawk is excellent for pounding tent stakes or nails.

Berserker Axe

Really taking the leap into the concept of reengineering a centuries-old tool and weapon, CRKT put out the Viking inspired Berserker Axe. The long cutting edge of the bearded axe blade is a powerful companion for big-swing jobs, fine slicing, and everything in between. The axe head is forged of 1055 high carbon steel, providing durability and edge retention and it has a manganese phosphate coating. The utilitarian bearded edge is built for taking a big bite out of a sapling but choke up on the Tennessee hickory handle and the carbon steel blade readily slices a thick tomato for your cast iron creation. A battle cry in axe form. The traditional Viking-style Berserker Axe makes for an anything-but-typical camping companion.

Cimbri Camp Axe

With deep roots in 8th century weaponry, the Cimbri Camp Axe mimics lines, balance, and the heft of its Medieval counterpart. Veteran and designer Elmer Roush was perusing the weapons collection in the British Museum when he saw an ancient Frankish axe. Inspired by the flawless intersection of artful lines and powerful usability, he set out to create a modern camp and mission-ready version and name it after the Germanic people that challenged the ancient Roman Republic. The result was a hot-forged 1055 high carbon steel axe head coated with a black magnesium phosphate for corrosion-resistance and sculpted for a balanced swing and a deep bite. Paired with the ergonomic Tennessee hickory handle, the Cimbri Camp Axe is ready to do right by its heritage!

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