Date Published: 2020-10-14

Bipods Improve Aim

Bipods Improve Aim

By Adelia Ladson

If you don’t already have one, then no question you need a bipod to add to your shooting gear because it will improve your aim. It doesn’t matter where or what you’re hunting. We have premium quality bipods to give you that steady platform to make the shot.

Just a good, all-around bipod, the Universal Clamp Bipod can be quickly brought into action when support fire is required. Folding out of the way when not in use, it’s held open with a spring tension. The universal bipod clamps to virtually any barrel profile to add a simple, easy-to-install upgrade, reducing operator fatigue and permitting increased accuracy. The bipod is constructed of durable matte black aircraft grade aluminum with adjustable legs with a retract and collapse button.

What I like about the UTG Recon 360 TL Bipod is that you get a real custom feel when you use it. The fine-tunable tension adjustment lever applies the amount of tension to the panning function that you want. It allows for 360-degree panning and a 15-degree forward, rearward, left and right tilt. The aircraft grade aluminum bipod also features an adjustable 8” to 12” center height and a low-profile, offset Picatinny mount. The versatile, three-position folding legs have lockable leg extensions, which are outfitted with non-slip, rubberized foot pads.

Giving you the versatility to use it on different firearms with varying height clearance and mounting real estate, the UTG Recon Flex M-LOK Bipod makes a great addition to your shooting gear. It directly attaches to the M-LOK handguards at the three and nine o’clock positions, so that it’s quick and easy to mount. All it requires is the length of two M-LOK slots per leg and the center height is adjustable from 8” to 11”. The ergonomic, spring-loaded slide locking ring allows for quick and effortless deployment. The bipod features versatile, bidirectional legs that have five extendable Posi-lock positions and flexible in-between positions, lockable via a thumb wheel. This bipod also has non-slip, rubberized foot pads.

If you’re looking for a bipod that you can just drop in your bag and go, the Small Rifle Bipod is it. This smaller-sized, heavy-duty bipod is lightweight and designed to fit most small to medium-sized barrels. It’s spring loaded, so all you have to do is place it around the barrel and you have a dead rest. The 9” high, bipod is made of heavy-duty ABS and the legs lock together, for easy storage. It’s ready when you are!

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