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Binary Triggers

Binary Triggers, also known as echo triggers, fires one round on trigger pull and one round on trigger release. The rate of fire with a binary trigger can be as high as 1,200 rounds per minute with a seasoned user. Most people cannot distinguish the difference between full auto and binary trigger fire, because they are both very high rates of fire. We offer Binary Triggers that can be added easily at home without the help of a gunsmith. Adding a binary trigger to your gun is the closest thing you can have to a fully automatic AR-15 without a tax stamp and special paperwork. One of our biggest questions we are asked is "Is it legal to convert an AR-15 to full automatic?" Our answer is always, "no." But you can add a binary trigger, which is pretty darn close. We are confident that you're only complaint about buying a binary trigger will be the amount of money you spend on ammo.

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