• What is a sub-caliber device?
    It is an insert that will convert a 26.5mm flare gun into a Title I Firearm. It absolutely has to be an all-metal flare gun and not the plastic guns used more commonly today. A 26.5mm flare gun can be found through military surplus dealers.
  • How do they work?
    Just insert the sub-caliber device into the gun’s barrel and rotate the device to the best position for you. The barrel of the device is offset to allow the firing pin to engage the cartridge. Insert the appropriate ammo for the device that you’re using into the chamber of the sub-caliber device and close the barrel of the flare gun. Make sure that the locking mechanism is secured. After it is fired, open the flare gun and remove the spent cartridge casing with your fingers or a knife blade, if necessary.
  • What calibers can I shoot?
    We have sub-caliber devices to modify a 26.5mm flare gun to shoot .38, 45LC/.410 or .22LR ammo.
  • What is the benefit of having sub-caliber devices?
    With a sub-caliber device, you have the flexibility to use the best ammo for the situation without having to own more than one gun – whether you need a 38 Special or a 45 Long Colt. All you need to own are the sub-caliber devices for the ammunition you want to fire.
  • What about the legality of them?
    The ATF has determined that sub-caliber devices are legal to use in a flare gun and each of our inserts comes with a BATF letter. However, check your own state and local laws because they don’t always agree with federal laws. Once, the flare gun has been adapted to fire ammo, it becomes a Title I Firearm and should be treated as such.